10 Top Tier Items for Your Wedding Registry

Planning a wedding? Congrats! But WAIT–what should you put on your wedding registry? Your wedding registry list is arguably one of the most important parts of any wedding–I mean who doesn’t love free stuff? However, creating your wedding registry is literally one of the hardest things you have to do while wedding planning. That’s why we came up with this list to share with you! It’s the wedding registry list everyone wishes they had when they created theirs. So, copy and paste all of our ideas into your registry and get a move on! We really have made it THAT simple.  

Gold Flatware Set

When will gold not be perfectly on-trend? Never! This timeless gold flatware set is the perfect addition to fuel all your glam tablescape dreams. PS- It’s usually $140, but we snagged these for $99, and you can too. You’re welcome!

OXO Pop Container Set

On any given day, you can catch us dreaming about Khloe Kardashian’s pantry. The perfect rows of clear, organized containers are literally– No words. This set will give you pantry goals vibes, and we’re here for it! 

HitchSwitch Gift Card

If there’s anything on this list that truly just makes life so much easier, it’s HitchSwitch! They specialize in simplifying the name-change process down to just three steps. So, if you’ve been dreading this part of your wedding to-do list, this gift card will be a life-saver! 

Outdoor Fire Pit

Y’all, the outdoor living space is always forgotten on wedding registries, and we can’t figure out why!. Having a space where you can entertain outside extends the square footage of your home! Whether your outdoor space is large or small, this outdoor fire pit is gorgeous and fits just about anywhere! Hello, s’mores nights! 

3-Person Tent

Ok, so if you’re searching for rustic, outdoors-y vibes, you should definitely consider adding something that will help you and your partner enjoy those weekend camping trips. While you probably won’t be sharing your tent, we feel like the 2-person tents can feel a bit cramped. Our solution? A 3-person tent that feels a bit more roomy for you both, obviously! 


Make your life a little bit easier and your guests a LOT more comfortable at your wedding ceremony with Guestie! Guestie is not only a digital guest book, but also a space where your wedding guests can (virtually) meet before the wedding. Bonus: you can get to know your fiance’s side and be on a first name basis for the big day. Say goodbye to awkward convo’s at Table 10, and get ready for an amazing time! From song request capabilities to mass text updates and alerts leading up to and even on the day of your wedding, Guestie was truly designed with you and your guests in mind.   

Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Are y’all ready to take your cleaning obsession to the next level? Obviously we have the perfect thing to add to your wedding registry, if so: an amazing cordless vacuum! Trust us, this thing will help you hit that super clean high. This vacuum is immaculate. You’ll never want to put this thing down. 

Nespresso Vertuo Next Light & Aerocino 

If you’re still toting around that Keurig (or worse, Mr. Coffee) machine you got for your freshman college dorm room… first of all, yuck. Second of all, it’s time for an upgrade. This Nespresso machine is giving us elegant, but not stuffy, vibes while maintaining a small footprint on your counter. Plus, the Aerocino lets you create your very own PSL’s at home, all year long with a gorgeous, creamy foam finish! 

Caraway Cookware Set

First, if you haven’t heard of these, are you living under a rock? Second, yes they’re every bit as good as they promise to be! We’re obsessed with this ‘gram-worthy set that everyone loves. Not only are they free of toxic chemical coatings, but they come in some amazing colors. Go big or go home– add the entire set to your registry! Get ready for all your girlfriends to be mega-jealous of your kitchenware!

Napa Valley Dinner Train

Want to feel like you’ve stepped back in time? This Napa Valley Dinner train experience is the perfect date night getaway where the vibes are a *lot* more romantic than your standard restaurant date. Plus, your guests will love knowing they got to contribute to a super special evening for just the two of you! Honestly, we’re a little jealous…

We’re sure this comes as no surprise to you, but planning your wedding can be stressful, and we’re here to help wherever we can! Guestie can handle everything guest-related for your wedding, so if you want to give it a try, check out our free demo event!

Need more wedding planning tips, engagement gift ideas, or bachelorette party tips? We’ve got it all on the blog! If you’d like some aesthetic wedding planning inspiration, check out our Pinterest & if you’d like to keep up with us, give us a follow on Instagram!

Good luck with wedding planning, and remember you can add just about anything to your wedding registry!

Lots of love.

Images & Products:

Gold Flatware

Oxo Pop Set

HitchSwitch Gift Cards

Outdoor Fire Pit

Three Person Tent


Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Nespresso Machine and Aerocino

Caraway Cookware Set

Napa Valley Dinner Train

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