12+ Engagement Gifts Engaged Couples Will Adore

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A wedding engagement is a monumental moment in a couple’s life. This joyous time is absolutely worth celebrating. Gifting an engagement present can be a nice touch when attending an engagement party. But if you’re close to a couple you don’t need the excuse of a party to acknowledge the moment with a sweet and thoughtful gift. 

The beauty of an engagement present is that it is very personal and doesn’t come with some of the expectations that wedding gifts may. (No one is looking forward to their engagement presents completing their fine china dinnerware set) An engagement gift can offer the opportunity to be more thoughtful and creative. It’s all about personality and emotion rather than functionality. An engagement gift is also a wonderful opportunity to show the couple how much you care. There are no rules when it comes to engagement gift giving, so your options are limitless. This guide is a great place to start!

Engagement Gift Idea #1: Something to Make their Wedding Day More Memorable

No gift list for couples planning their wedding celebration would be complete without Guestie. This is one of those creative gifts that your friends will thank you for after their wedding. Guestie is a digital party starter that helps connect guests before the big day. With features such as a Guest Gallery, Wedding Message Boards and Digital Keepsake Guestbook, your couple will have a blast effortlessly getting all their guests introduced before their wedding day. This virtual ice breaker will make their wedding epicly fun and connected. And you can gift Guestie without any shipping or delivery to worry about, it’s all done virtually!

Engagement Gift Idea #2: Something Personal 

The Night Sky $55+

This art piece is a picture of what the night sky looked like on the day your couple got engaged. How romantic is that?! You just give them the date and the location and they send this gorgeous gift! This makes a great decor piece for any newly engaged couple. 

Engagement Picture Frame $27.95

A picture frame is a great engagement gift because it allows the couple to show off that special moment! This personalized frame comes with lots of different background options as well as different text colors. You can even add their names and the date they were engaged! 

Personalized Engagement Candle $23+

This unique gift is a great way to celebrate any engagement. You can personalize it with names, dates and even add a message to the couple. It is made with soy wax and comes in a variety of floral, fruity and woodsy smells. This is the perfect gift for couples who enjoy a cozy atmosphere. Plus you’ll get brownie points for knowing their favorite scents! 

Engagement Gift Idea #3: Something for the Future

A Customized Wedding Planner $40

If you know your friend is very type A and practical, there’s nothing better than buying them a customized wedding planner. It can even be a sort of scrapbook that they keep! This planner contains everything from seating charts to weekly planning layouts. It comes in many colors and has a beautiful, spiral bound spine. You can even get it undated if the couple hasn’t set a date yet. 

A Personalized Keepsake Box $49

This woodburned box offers a special place for couples to keep tickets, pictures and little trinkets that they collect on their adventures together. It comes in many different finishes and sizes and can be personalized on the top and bottom! This can be something that they fill up until the wedding day and look back on during the ceremony or honeymoon.

A Year of Us $10+

This journal is meant for couples to complete together. It has a daily question that both people fill out. A fun way for couples to document their year together, especially one as important as their wedding planning time. 

Engagement Gift Idea #4: Something Custom 

Watercolor Engagement Portrait $19+

This watercolor portrait is the perfect way to remember all the emotion of the engagement. The art is amazingly gorgeous and detailed and comes in many different size options. It is a digital file so you can get it professionally printed and then frame it yourself. Doing this gives you the opportunity to really put some love and care into the gift. It’s also helpful if you’re far away from the couple and don’t want to ship a large print, simply send them the digital file.

Custom Laser Engraved Photo Lamp $46

Did your friend have an amazing engagement photoshoot done? Why not commemorate that moment with a beautiful laser engraved lamp? This gift is perfect for anyone who is a techie or just likes custom items. It takes any photo and turns it into a 3D acrylic lamp. It even comes with a sturdy wood grain base. 

Custom Vinyl Lyrics Poster $14+

Every couple has ‘their’ song. It’s the song that makes them think of each other whenever it comes on. Well, this gorgeous poster turns that song into a piece of art they can own. You send them the lyrics and they create a custom poster that music lovers will adore having in their home. It comes in three sizes and can even include a personalized message

Engagement Gift Idea #5: Something that Supports a Cause They Care About 

S’Well bottles $25+

These bottles are great gifts for anyone who is passionate about eliminating plastic waste. They are sturdy bottles with great reviews and their company is working to make single use plastic a thing of the past. They even donated bottles to NYC highschool students to help reduce the use of single use plastic.  

100% Human Hoodie $19

How cute are matching couples’ hoodies? This hooded sweatshirt by Everlane is a great gift for anyone who is passionate about human rights and social justice. Some of the proceeds from the purchase of this hoodie are donated to the ACLU to help fight human rights violations. 

Anything from Shop Dog Threads

Shop Dog Threads is an amazing organization that makes clothes for dogs and people. Anyone would be happy to get a cute shirt for their dog, but this store allows you to get clothes that match your pet’s! Shop Dog Threads goes beyond creating cute outfits, however. 2% of all of their profits go to animal rescues all over the country! Their pet will be able to look good and DO good.

Now that you have some ideas, remember that it’s always the thought that means the most when it comes to engagement gifts. Approach it with love and thoughtfulness and you are sure to find something that will be a hit! 

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