10 Engagement Gifts for The Nearlyweds in Your Life

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Looking for fab engagement gifts for that newly engaged couple in your life? An invite to an engagement party doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to show up with a gift. But it’s always nice to let the couple know that you wish them well and are ready to celebrate with them! We rounded up 10 fab engagement gifts that are sure to be a hit with your favorite nearlyweds!

1) Engagement Photo Package

Being engaged should be more about celebrating the moment and less about a race to plan a wedding. Don’t you agree? One way for a nearlywed couple to soak up the tender moments of being newly engaged is with a fun engagement photo shoot! Engagement photos are so much more than just pretty pictures. They celebrate the milestone of being engaged, provide the couple with a fun bonding experience, and, major bonus, give them professional photos to use for their save-the-date cards and wedding stationery! Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get a little practice in front of the camera before the big day arrives.

2) A Fun Way to Stay Connected

It’s so rare that couples actually get to enjoy being engaged. From the moment they announce the big news, they’ll be inundated with questions about the wedding. When is the big day? Where are you thinking of having it? And on and on and on. From there it’ll be all about planning the wedding day of their dreams, which can easily become all-consuming. And, if we’re being honest crazy stressful.

When that happens its beyond difficult for couples to stay connected, focused, and fully soaking up the moment. We love ”A Year of Us: A Couple’s Journal: One Question a Day to Spark Fun & Meaningful Conversations”.  It’s a couple’s journal filled with fun daily questions for each person to fill out. It’s a fun way for couples to document their year of being engaged. It also helps them take talk of wedding planning off the table for a short amount of time each day!

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3) Cause They Care About 

Shop Dog Threads is a fantastic organization that makes clothes for dogs and people! Some of our fab couples know their fur baby will be part of the celebration from the moment they get engaged. If that sounds like your couple, you can pick something up for them or their dog at Shop Dog Threads. And yes they have matching fur baby/fur parent options! Beyond curating a cute gift idea for the nearlyweds, you’ll be happy to know that a portion of their profits go to animal rescues all over the country! Allowing you to give an engagement fit that will look good and spread good.

4) Pop The Bubbly

Is there any better way to celebrate life’s milestones than with a glass of bubbly? You’ll be hard-pressed to find a couple who can say no to a glass filled with Dom or Veuve! A bottle of fine champagne is a fab gift for a newly engaged couple. Even on a budget, you can find a fantastic bottle of champagne to give as a gift. If you’re not sure which way is up when it comes to champagne, don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations when you drop by the store. We’ll let you decide whether or not you’d like to include a box of gorgeous champagne glasses. But, one thing is for sure, if you’re delivering this gift to the nearlyweds at their engagement party, be clear that this bottle is for them to enjoy together, later!

5) Family Heirloom

You don’t have to wait until the shower, rehearsal dinner, or wedding day to pass on that heirloom in your family’s possession! There is no time like the present. And if your well-loved family heirloom is something amazing like grandma’s veil, a piece of jewelry, a pocket watch, or a quilt, why not pass it on to your family member now so they can have it on hand for the days ahead? Family heirlooms don’t need much explanation in the gifting department. But it would be amazing to pass on to the nearlyweds with a handwritten letter from a member of your family that details its origins and how much it means to gift it to them!

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6) Custom Holiday Ornament

Most couples get engaged over the holiday season, during the new year, or shortly after – right around Valentine’s Day. We say “most” because it doesn’t apply to each and every couple. But, if your nearlyweds got engaged over the holiday season, a fun personalized keepsake ornament is a fab engagement gift option! The couple will get to hang or place the ornament year after year as a reminder of their proposal story. Skip having their ornament customized with their wedding date (which may not even be confirmed!) and just go with their names and the year of their engagement. Custom ornaments can be found just about everywhere from Tiffany’s to Etsy. If you or a friend has some amazing calligraphy skills, hand letter the ornament instead to make it even more distinguished.

7) Dinner on You

Once wedding planning begins, the nearlyweds will be absolutely under siege with anything and everything wedding related. It’ll be so non-stop that they’ll wonder how they spent all their time before they began planning a wedding! A dinner out on the town, where the couple promises to spend time away from their phones and talk about anything other than wedding planning is just what they’ll need! If you already know their fave local spot, grab a gift card that will allow them to have dinner & drinks on you. Not sure where they love to dine? Ask around for the best local spots that are heavy on the vibes and top-notch in the delicious dining department! 

8) Ring Dish

Whether one nearlywed received a gorgeous new ring or both did, an adorable ring dish is an amazing way to mark the occasion! It’s not always easy to let that beloved ring out of your sight once you’ve felt the profound weight of its meaning. But having a cute ring dish makes it a little easier to slide it off your finger when doing the dishes, taking out the trash, or going for a run! 

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9) Pictures From the Past

Still in possession of those Instax photos from high school or those digital photos of your days at uni together? Print ‘em if you got ‘em! There’s something about an upcoming wedding that makes everyone crave a bit of nostalgia and reliving the good old days through photos of your past memories is a fun way to drum up even more excitement for the nearlyweds. Make sure you have copies for yourself before you gift them because you never know if they’ll make an appearance at the shower, bach parties, or on the day of the wedding!

10) Money

Yes, it’s ok to give money as an engagement gift! Aside from finding a beautifully meaningful card and stopping by the atm on your way to the engagement party, money is a quick and easy gift. Your nearlyweds will also be super appreciative of this gift. Especially if you know they will be planning this wedding on their own, hoping for an epic honeymoon, or shopping for their dream home!

If You Ask Us…..

Engagement gifts are by no means required. Typically when gifted, couples will be over the moon to receive anything at this stage of the game! However, if the nearlyweds are in your inner circle then you probably want to show them how happy you are for them. But maybe these 10 things aren’t “it” when it comes to shopping for the happy couple. Here are a few of our hard & fast rules to follow when it comes to finding the right engagement gift. 

Don’t Rush To Planning. Those joy-filled newlyweds will have plenty of time to plan their wedding. Don’t take away their moment by using it as an opportunity to skip right to wedding planning. Stay away from gifts like physical wedding planners and books. While you’re at it, don’t pass along any knowledge or recommendations, unless they ask! Let them be in the moment for now. There will be plenty of time for wedding planning in the days to come!

Skip the Temporary Gifts! All of those cutesy engagement gifts that say “Future Mrs.” or “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged?” are so fleeting. How long will they really be able to use those items before they get tossed to the side and forgotten? Opt instead for items you know will enhance the couple’s celebratory experience of being engaged!

Speak Their Love Language. If you know the couple well enough to shop for engagement gifts then you know what makes them tick. If their love language is quality time together then find a fab gift that enhances their time together. Leaning into their personalities & hobbies will help you to pick the right gift suited to their unique personalities!

We have to ask, which of these engagement gifts will you be picking up for the nearlyweds you adore?!

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