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The only digital platform that promotes meaningful connections between party guests before the event to make celebrations more fun for everyone.

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We're All Friends Here

We believe that every night to remember starts with the perfect crew. With seamless guest list management, easy digital introductions, and delightful guest icebreakers, we make it easy to connect your social circles so you can make the most of every moment.

A bustling dance floor is just the start. When you start the party with Guestie, you give the gift of authentic connection and extraordinary memories to your guests, and yourself!

It should be fun to have fun. So we make it that way, for hosts and guests alike.

Keen on Connection

As the digital best friend to every party host, planner, and attendee, we’re passionate about connecting human beings. Loved ones make it easy to see the beauty in life, so we invite our users to celebrate meaningful connection on their big day, and every day.

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