100 Wedding Instagram Captions for Newlyweds

Need some amazing wedding-themed Instagram captions that you can copy & paste? We put together 100 wedding Instagram captions for newlyweds! From funny, to short and sweet, and romantic, there’s a little something in here for everyone. Need Instagram captions as a wedding guest? You’ll want to copy & paste these!

Funny Wedding Instagram Captions

A little humor always goes a long way. If you are the type of couple that loves nothing more than a good laugh, or even some snark, copy & paste these 20 funny wedding Instagram captions!

  1. Aisle be seeing you soon!
  2. All you need is love, 18 months of wedding planning and a open bar!
  3. Do these rings make us look married?
  4. I officially found my forever date, now let’s celebrate!
  5. If you’re here for the cake, don’t worry, so are we!
  6. Is this our wedding, or the pre-honeymoon celebration?
  7. Just follow the sound of the champagne cork!
  8. Love at first swipe
  9. You are my lobster
  10. He’s the Ross to my Rachel
  11. She’s the Rachel to my Ross
  12. Sip Sip Hooray! Today is the day
  13. The I do crew!
  14. The party don’t start ‘til we walk in
  15. ‘Till death do us party
  16. Was that the sound of a champagne cork?
  17. We can’t wait to meet you on the dance floor
  18. We swiped right, and now it’s for life
  19. We tied the knot, now it’s time for a shot, meet us at the bar!
  20. You are my ride-or-die!

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Simple Wedding Captions for Instagram

Maybe words aren’t your thing and you straight up hate writing. But, you still want to convey your happiness, we get it! These 40 wedding Instagram captions are short & sweet. Because not every love story has to be an epic novel.

  1. A forever kind of thing
  2. A forever kind of love
  3. A real-life love story
  4. All you need is love
  5. A lifetime of joy
  6. Cheers to the years
  7. Destination: honeymoon!
  8. Fairytales do come true
  9. I do!
  10. I can’t stop smiling
  11. I choose you
  12. It all begins today
  13. Imagine… me & you
  14. Just me & you
  15. Let’s make it forever
  16. Love is in the air
  17. My person
  18. My player 2
  19. My plus one
  20. Never letting go
  21. Newly-wed
  22. Our fairytale beginning
  23. So this is love
  24. The beginning of our forever
  25. The greatest day I’ve ever known
  26. The rest is history
  27. ‘Til death
  28. Today is only the beginning
  29. Today is the day
  30. Today is the greatest
  31. Two souls, united by love
  32. We said yes!
  33. We did
  34. We did a thing today!
  35. We put a ring on it
  36. What true love looks like
  37. With this ring
  38. We may now kiss!
  39. We tied the knot
  40. You are my everything

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Instagram Captions for Married Couples

These 40 Instagram captions range from fun and loving to sweet and romantic, in case you want to get a bit more lovey-dovey on Instagram!

  1. A crazy little thing called love
  2. A day we will never forget
  3. All because two people fell in love
  4. All of my smiles begin with you
  5. All the wedding day vibes
  6. And so, the adventure begins
  7. And we lived, happily ever after
  8. Cheers to the years ahead my love!
  9. Day one down, forever to go
  10. Doing life, side by side
  11. For all the days we’ll share
  12. Forever looks good on us
  13. Forevermore, that’s how we’ll stay
  14. For loving me, just the way I am
  15. I followed my heart and it led me to you
  16. I love you today, tomorrow, always
  17. It’s about damn time!
  18. Let’s eat drink and get married!
  19. Married life looks good on us
  20. My heart is so full
  21. My life, my love, my everything
  22. My love for you grows with each passing day
  23. Nothing can stop us now
  24. Nothing fancy, just a good old-fashioned love story!
  25. Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale
  26. Today, I married my best friend
  27. Today, I get to marry my best friend
  28. To love and be loved
  29. To love, laughter, and our happily ever after
  30. To love, honor and cherish, for the rest of my days
  31. To think, it all started out with a kiss
  32. That all-consuming, inconvenient, can’t-live-without-each-other kind of love
  33. The best thing I found on the internet!
  34. The fairytale I’ve always wanted
  35. Our greatest adventure begins today
  36. Popping into your feed with more shots from our wedding, sorry not sorry!
  37. Ready to start this marriage thing
  38. Wedding day photo dump!
  39. [He/She] put a ring on it
  40. You’re my happily ever after

That was our list of 100 wedding Instagram captions for newlyweds! If you need even more wedding day inspiration, check out the topics below.

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