10 Modern Winter Wedding Ideas to Up-Level Your Celebration

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Searching for Modern Winter Wedding Ideas to spice up your winter wedding with heaps of personality? We’ve compiled a list of our 10 favorite winter wedding ideas, and they are strictly for fun-loving couples only!

1) Start With a fun Theme

Want to choose a theme that plays into your winter wedding but a theme that is not actually the season? Totally allowed! Just because you’re getting married in the winter, it doesn’t mean that your whole entire theme has to revolve around winter. Start by pulling some of the aspects of the season that are near to you (the ones that made you pick this season to wed)! And leave the rest. You can have a boho winter wedding that incorporates rattan, twinkle lights, and flavors of the season. Or a fun vibrant winter wedding with bridesmaid’s dresses in shades of pink and orange that will have you living a sherbert daydream. Merge all of your favorite things together to create a theme and vibe that is uniquely yours and yours alone! And if you need a little help, feel free to pin the Boho Winter Wedding Inspo board below!

Boho Winter Wedding

2) Add Pops of Color to Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are notorious for all white everything. But who says you can’t add in pops of color to pull it all together? Whether you go “classic but elevated” with a more muted palette (like the one we’ve put together below)! Or a vibrant life-of-the-party palette, remember our sherbert bridesmaids dresses? We love the idea of mixing up a winter wedding by adding some color and vibrancy to bring it to life!

Adding pops of color to your winter wedding can come in the form of something impactful in your design space, like your linens and table settings. Or, something as small but noticeable as your stationery or the ribbon around your bouquet. It’ll all depend on your overall color palette and the vibe you want to achieve with the pops of colors you’re incorporating!

Winter Wedding Pops of Color

3) Bridal Party Bouquets for Your Winter Wedding

Not entirely crazy about throwing heaps of money at wedding florals because the flowers you’ve been dreaming of are out of season and would need to be shipped? We have a few amazing ideas!  If you do absolutely want to go with flowers but keep everything within your budget and vision, a simplistic bouquet of baby’s breath is amazing for a winter wedding!

Your bridal party also has the option of carrying a chic, fun clutch down the aisle. Stylish and convenient! If it feels like the look of the bridesmaid’s dresses with clutches is a bit more “night on the town” than a “fun unique winter wedding idea”, add an oversized floral pinned to the front of the clutch!

Baby's Breath Bouquets

Ok, want to be a rebel and ditch the idea of your bridal party carrying florals altogether? Whatever the reason; cost, allergies, aesthetics, or budget you’ve got options! The first non-floral option for your winter wedding party is warm fuzzy muffs! Your bridal party can keep their hands warm using a fun muff made of merino wool, sheepskin, or faux fur! 

Want to go the more sustainable, reusable route for your bridal party? They can carry lanterns when they walk down the aisle. Fun right? Just make sure if they are going to be lit then it’s by LED candle only. We don’t need hot wax flying everywhere as your bridal party makes their way to your ceremony.  The lanterns can later be placed around your wedding reception to enhance your decor.

4) Spice up Your Signature Drink

You do not have to have an open bar. You heard it here first! Signature drinks provide you with the option of offering your guests a beverage without the tab of an open bar. You’ll work with your caterer on deciding a budget for your signature cocktail, in the meantime, we wanted to provide you with a fun option for your winter wedding.

Your signature drink can be anything you want it to be. Especially if you’re not a fan of spiced egg nog or any other creamy seasonal drink that’s “spiced”. Your signature drink doesn’t have to check the mark of the seasonally themed box. That’s why it’s called a “signature” drink right? Want to add a little spice to your winter wedding signature cocktail? Jalapeno Margaritas and Smoky Spice Margaritas both make amazing choices for signature drinks! A jalapeno margarita is a classic lime margarita topped off with slices of fresh jalapeno. But a Smoky Spicy Margarita? Whole different thing! It’s made with orange juice, mango juice, lime juice, and chili powder!

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5) Pine Cone Escort Cards

Want a fun easy way to add that pop of “winter” to your wedding without going overboard? Take a cue from nature and use pine cones as your escort cards! If you’re into hiking and adventuring you can easily pick some up during your travels. Or, if you want to make it fun, ask the littles in your family to take up a collection of pine cones for you to use. It’s a great way to involve your flower girl or ring bearer in the wedding planning process! From there, once you’ve received your list of confirmed guests you can start creating little tags to tie around the pinecones. If you have amazing handwriting, hand calligraphed tags are the way to go. But, if legible handwriting is not your strong suit, you can print them at home or at a local print shop!

Pine Cone Escort

6) Have Your First Look in the Snow

If you can brave the snow for your first look, it’ll be totally worth it! Having a first look on your wedding day is amazing on so many levels. First, you and your partner have a private moment with each other to soak it all in before your ceremony. Second, it allows for more time after your ceremony because it cuts down on the amount of time spent taking portraits. And, lastly, the joy you experience in that moment of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day is truly unforgettable. Add in a winter wonderland with heaps of snow (depending on where your wedding is!) and your first look just went from unforgettable to unforgettably fabulous.

First Look in Snow

7) Dress up your Photobooth Backdrop

Hiring a photo booth for your winter wedding? Your photo booth company will offer you a backdrop to match the color palette or theme of your wedding day. However, we like to think of this as an opportunity to make things a little bit more playful, and a whole lot more you! The photo booth is already a spot at your wedding where guests will get goofy with props and hop in front of the camera with the awesome people they’ve met through your Guestie Event.

But who needs a plain old solid color backdrop when you can accent it with a balloon arch? You can go for a full arch like the one depicted below that we are obsessed with. Or, if you are trying to make those last-minute add-ons a bit more affordable, you can talk to a local balloon artist about a half arch or an “accent piece”. All equally fabulous, and attainable for any size wedding budget!

8) Winter Wedding Cake

No need for a light and fruity flavor for your winter wedding cake! Winter weddings are the time to go all in with dessert! Decadent, creamy, or fudgy. If you’ve ever dreamed of a rich chocolatey wedding cake, winter is definitely the time to make your dream come true. The falling temperatures and crisp air go amazing with some good old fashion indulgent comfort food!

If want to add a dash of winter flavor to your rich chocolately wedding cake, you can customize it with flavors of hazelnut, nutmeg, cinnamon, or even white chocolate mouse filling! Yum right?! Don’t have the budget or the need for a ginormous wedding cake? Work with your baker to create an array of cupcakes in your chosen flavor!

9) Custom Neon Sign

Lush florals wrapped in neon lights? Say no more! Another modern winter wedding idea we love is hanging a custom neon sign at your reception. The dark dreary cold season all but demands warm lighting so neon signs are practically required at your winter wedding! The amazing part about ordering a custom neon sign is that you can buy them online practically anywhere, they come in at an affordable price, and you can hang them in your newlywed home!

Neon lights also make a great photo op if you’re thinking of creating lounge-style seating within your reception space. The only tough decision you’ll be met with is what you want your neon sign to say. Whether it beams all night with the phrase “Til Death” or your newlywed name “The Smiths est 2023”, it’s a great way to let your unique personality show at your winter wedding! 

10) Winter Wedding Exit Indoors

If your winter wedding is leaving you stumped for ideas on how to have an epic wedding exit, we’ve got one for you! They’re called cold sparklers and they are 100% safe for indoor use! But, as always, check with your venue for any restrictions first. With cold sparklers there is no heat so the sparks are nonflammable, making it the perfect option for a winter wedding exit, inside!

Cold sparklers will need to be added to your entertainment package and will be controlled by your DJ on a timeline that matches your vision. You’ll have to decide when you want to make your grand exit in order to coordinate your guests, cold sparklers, and any music you’ve chosen. Make sure your photographer is on board, because did you really have an epic wedding exit if it wasn’t captured!? We think not!

Now that we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite modern winter wedding ideas for you we also wanted to share our favorite winter wedding ideas that are a bit more “holly/jolly” and “merry and bright”! While you’re here check out this post for 8 Winter Wedding Ideas for a Magical Wedding Day Experience!

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