10 Wedding Moments We’re Looking Forward to in 2022

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Pandemic weddings have been a real challenge. But 2022 is quickly approaching and as it does, we all get a little closer to post-pandemic normalcy. What are you looking forward to getting back to when COVID isn’t an issue and hand sanitizer isn’t our constant companion?  

Each day, the world moves closer to normal again. Wedding season is sure to be extra-joyful this coming year, with less restrictions and more celebrations. Now is a good time to pause and think about all of the things that we missed and can once again look forward to in the coming year.  

1. Parents Meeting In Person

A lot of us live far from our families, oftentimes moving to different parts of the world for work or school. With everything that’s been happening, it’s entirely possible that your parents have not met your fiance’s yet! Although virtual introductions have become a regular part of everyday life, there’s nothing like meeting in person, is there?

As wedding preparations kick into full swing, try to plan a fun meeting event to bring your families together. Meeting up in a beloved destination, planning a fun weekend in your city or hometown or making time the weekend of the wedding are all perfect options!  Although these major introductions can sometimes give us the jitters, they can begin the relationships that will span lifetimes. Start with a brief introduction if you’re really feeling stressed. Something like a wine tasting, mini golf or lunch date can ensure that things stay light and fun. Then you can build on this start with longer encounters and deeper conversation.  

2. Meeting With Your Wedding Planner

Digital meetings have been a necessity for the past few years, but restrictions are lifting everywhere and it’s time for wedding arrangements to start happening in person! If you’ve already found a wedding planner you click with, now might be a great time to invite them to meet in person at a beloved coffee shop or casual restaurant. Alternatively, if you’re still looking for the right planner or coordinator, face-to-face interviews can help you better judge whether you’ve found the right person or not. Trust your gut. A planner is someone you want to feel comfortable enough to confide in and someone that you’ll know will have your back when the big day arrives.

3. Touring Locations in Person

With more and more people getting vaccinated, virtual tours are moving back to in-person events. As you consider important decisions on places like your wedding ceremony locale, reception venue and destinations for bachelor and bachelorette parties, you’ll get to enjoy the fun of seeing these places live, in-person, rather than through a virtual tour or online photos. While you’re at it, make sure you’re taking pictures! Wherever you go, whether you’re with your spouse-to-be or your bridal party, pause to get a few selfies, or ask somebody to snap a few pictures for you. Looking back on all of these happy memories will be a joy for years to come! 

4. Traveling Without Restrictions 

Traveling has not been easy the past few years, but now that things are looking up, getting away for a little while is becoming more enjoyable. While many air travel companies are still requiring masks at the moment, restrictions are easing up a little. It’s becoming easier to plan a girl’s weekend to a trendy destination, or fly for your dream dress fitting at an exclusive wedding boutique. If you’re traveling by plane, make sure to check in with your airline and verify what their rules are before flying– nobody wants to be caught unaware at the airport. 

5. Hugging Without Asking

Who else has desperately missed hugging over the past two years? Hugs are one of the best ways for people to express how much they care for each other, and it’s been hard to see loved ones and not give them a big hug. As many of us have been fully vaccinated for a while now and boosters seem just around the corner for everyone, we can start enjoying physical contact with those we love again. Let your guests know, either through the program or with a cute sign, that hugging is not only welcome, but encouraged, as part of your wedding celebration! 

6. Planning a Destination Wedding

With travel becoming so much easier, why not try to combine a wedding and a vacation in one? Before the pandemic hit, destination weddings had been steadily gaining in popularity. Then, they became virtually non-existent. Today, as travel begins to pick up, we’re all looking forward to the moment we get whisked away by a happy couple to share in their day on some breathtaking island or beach resort. Just remember to provide enough of a heads-up. Consider the places you and your fiance love the most in the world, whether it’s Disney World, France or a Caribbean island. If you can provide your guestlist with an itinerary early, then you and your favorite people can all make your wedding into a grand celebration of love and togetherness that will be talked about for years to come.

7. Throwing Bigger Celebrations  

A wedding is so much more than just the wedding itself. Many people have engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and rehearsal dinners. In the past few years, many of these events have either been skipped over, or had to move to a digital format. Zoom meetings just aren’t the same, though, and it’s a relief to be able to throw these events face-to-face again. Make the most of it by inviting all of the people you want to celebrate with, and make sure that you’re having the party you want– these are meant to be some of the happiest days of your life, so make sure they fit your vision! 

8. Bachelorette Getaways 

The bride’s last hurrah before tying the knot is meant to be a party for her and her closest friends. This year, make your bachelorette getaway one to remember. Make arrangements with your bridal party to fly somewhere and celebrate in style! Nashville, TN has become a trendy bachelorette destination, alongside longtime favorites like Las Vegas and New York City. If you and your party love Disney, hit Orlando, FL or Los Angeles, CA for the park of your choice. 

9. International Honeymoons 

After the rush of a wedding, you get to escape with your new spouse and relax for a while. Enjoying each other’s company in a distant land is the perfect way to get some well deserved rest. Whether you want to visit Bali, Jamaica, or Italy’s Amalfi Coast, you’ll be able to travel safety. After such a difficult few years, find space in your budget for the romantic honeymoon getaway of your dreams! You’ll never forget this special time in your life and thankfully the option to travel around the globe is back!

10. Celebrating Your Day With Everyone

Many people who went ahead with 2020-21 weddings had to cut down their guestlists. They were forced to leave out family and friends they would have preferred to have at their wedding celebration. This year, it feels both possible and responsible to have your full guestlist in attendance. Make a point to visit with everyone present at your reception. Let them know how much their presence means to you. 

Guestie can help you start the celebration right this minute. Sign up, sync your guestlist and you can get your guests mingling with our digital party starter. Here they can browse guest profiles, start conversations on the event message board and even suggest songs for your wedding playlist. The best part? All this pre-wedding socializing will spark the vibe for your wedding day to create your spirited, connected, and memorable celebration. Just imagine you, your fiancé, and all of your guests excited and anticipating your big day. Think of the amazing energy greater connection will bring. 

2022 is going to be a year of celebrations, and your wedding will be part of it. You owe it to yourself to have the wedding of your dreams and now is the time to do it! 

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