100+ Instagram Captions for Wedding Guests

Instagram Captions for Wedding Guests, Instagram Captions for Wedding, Guestie

100+ copy-and-paste Instagram captions for wedding guests! Getting ready to attend some fab weddings this coming year? As a savvy wedding guest, you’ll probably be posting on socials, so you’ll need some amazing captions to celebrate the happy couple. Getting married? You can totally adapt these captions for your own wedding day!

Romantic & Sweet

  1. Two souls become one, ready to celebrate [couple’s name]
  2. Today, two hearts become one [couple’s name]
  3. [couple’s name] decided on forever
  4. [couple’s name] what a picture-perfect day!
  5. [couple’s name] wishing you a lifetime of love & happiness, today, tomorrow, and forever
  6. [couple’s name] may your love for each other grow stronger with each passing day
  7. [couple’s name] wishing you a lifetime of love and laughter
  8. [couple’s name], A perfect match and a beautiful couple, can’t wait to celebrate you!
  9. [couple’s name] you were truly made for one another
  10. [couple’s name] today your fairytale comes true
  11. [couple’s name] today we get to watch you say “i do!”
  12. [couple’s name], A perfect match made in heaven
  13. [couple’s name], Today two hearts become one 
  14. [couple’s name], Two hearts that beat together as one
  15. [couple’s name] thanks for showing me what true love looks like
  16. [couple’s name] – The best thing about being married is knowing that you now have a friend for life
  17. [couple’s name] may your marriage be even more beautiful than your wedding day!
  18. [couple’s name] every love story is beautiful, but yours is one of my favorites!
  19. [couple’s name], today we all helped write the next page of your love story
  20. And two shall become one. All my love to [couple’s name] on their beautiful union

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Fun & Lighthearted

  1. I’m here for the cake!
  2. [couples name] – I’ll meet you on the dance floor
  3. [couples name] did a thing today!
  4. They put a ring on it
  5. [couples name], Let’s eat drink and be married!
  6. Did somebody say champagne?
  7. They tied the knot, it’s time for a shot!
  8. Cheers to the newlyweds!
  9. [couple’s name] – Married life looks good on you!
  10. [couple’s name], your greatest adventure starts now
  11. [couple’s name] you found your forever date, now let’s celebrate!
  12. [couple’s name] those rings make you look married!
  13. [couple’s name] – To love, laughter, and happily ever after.
  14. [couple name], you found your ride or die!
  15. Nothing fancy, just love
  16. [couple’s name] they said yes!
  17. They swiped right, and now it’s for life
  18. I forget their wedding hashtag, but I’ll never forget this day!
  19. And so, their adventure begins!
  20. To [couple name] for finding your lobster!

LGBTQ Weddings

  1. Love is love
  2. [couple’s name], together, you will find in one another, everything you’ve ever needed
  3. Celebrating the Misters!
  4. Two brides are better than one!
  5. “There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” – George Sand
  6. From engayged to married! Spending the night celebrating [couple’s name]
  7. [couple’s name], you leave a little glitter wherever you go!
  8. [couple’s name], together, you are unstoppable
  9. [couple’s name] “I see your true colors shining through”
  10. With joy & pride, two souls unite

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Heading to a wedding in the city of lights? Safe to say your nearlyweds are true romantics at heart! After all, who else would jet off to a city of love and lights to say I do? While you’re taking in your Café au Lait and morning croissant, copy & paste these 10 Instagram captions and you’ll be a favorite among the newlywed’s wedding guests!

  1. The city of lights has dazzled me as much as your love
  2. Paris is for lovers
  3. Here for [couple’s name] and also the croissants!
  4. Okay, but first Paris!
  5. “Paris is always a good idea”, but especially for [couple’s name] wedding!
  6. Paris, the most beautiful city in the world for [couple’s name] to tie the knot
  7. Destination: Paris! For: [couple’s name] wedding!
  8. The city of lights will never be as bright as your love [couple’s name]
  9. Is there a better place than the city of love for [couple’s name] wedding?
  10. Paris is as magical as your love [couple’s name]!


Weddings in Italy are a popular destination choice for modern couples looking for a weekend wedding experience. Whether you find yourself jetting off to the Amalfi Coast or Lake Como to celebrate your favorite nearlyweds, here are 10 wedding Instagram captions to use when sharing the behind-the-scenes on social media!

  1. Italy, Sei tutto per me! [translation: you’re everything to me!]
  2. Greetings from the most picturesque lake in the world! But, Lake Como has nothing on [couple’s name]
  3. Lake hair, don’t care [couple’s wedding hashtag]
  4. Nothing beats a sunset on the lake, celebrating [couple’s name] today
  5. On a dream trip to Italy to celebrate [couple’s name] magical day
  6. The Amalfi Coast is almost as vibrant as [couple’s name]
  7. Still daydreaming about this amazing day in Amalfi
  8. One of the most heavenly places on earth for [couple’s name] wedding!
  9. It’s a lemon-scented summer breeze kind of day in Positano [wedding hashtag]
  10. All lemon everything! Positano has my heart bursting and my glass full!

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Napa Valley

A dreamy wedding day is an indulgent way to spend sipping up Napa Valley. We hope your nearlyweds are getting married in a fabulous vineyard where you can sample all the wine. But, even if they opted for a non-vineyard wedding venue, you can’t beat the views and experience of attending a wedding day in Napa Valley. Here are 10 copy-and-paste Instagram captions for wedding guests who want to celebrate the newlyweds on socials!

  1. In Napa for [couple’s name] wedding, and of course, the wine!
  2. Sunsets, and vineyards, while [couple’s name] say I do!
  3. Making memories, one sip at a time in Napa
  4. Grapes, vines, taking it one sip at a time at [couple’s name] wedding
  5. You can find me in the vineyards for [couple’s name] wedding this weekend!
  6. “Napa Valley is a reminder that life is too short not to be enjoyed to the fullest.” – Robert Mondavi
  7. Where the sun meets the vines for beautiful wine! In Napa Valley celebrating [couple’s name]
  8. Meet me at the vineyard for [couple’s name]!
  9. Take me back to this moment in Napa, congrats again [couple’s name]
  10. I’ll have some cheese with that wine! In Napa for [couple’s name] best day ever!


Music city here we come! Nashville is full of honky tonks, cowboy boots, and a pulsing energy all its own. We hope you have a fab time in music city celebrating the newlyweds! If they haven’t already planned a pre or post-wedding event that involves taking in some local music, try to sneak into a honky tonk when you have a chance. In the meantime, here are 10 Instagram captions you can use as a wedding guest for a wedding in Nashville.

  1. [couple’s name], Nashville looks good on you!
  2. Whiskey, Honky Tonk’s, and [couple’s name] best day ever
  3. If lost, return me to Music City!
  4. Boots, hats, and celebrating [couple’s name] in Nashville
  5. Take me back to this moment in Nashville for [couple’s name] wedding
  6. Music and celebration in every corner for [couple’s name] best day ever!
  7. Howdy, Nashville! Ready to see [couple’s name] tie the knot
  8. #nasvhillebound for [couple’s name] wedding weekend!
  9. This night in Nashville is forever on my heart! Congrats again to [couple’s name]
  10. Dear Nashville, you were amazing. Congratulations to [couple’s name]

New York

The city that never sleeps, the big apple, the capital of the world. Historic buildings in a modern metropolis buzzing with foot traffic, NYC is a vibe all its own. If the city inspires you to write your own catchy, inspired, Instagram caption, then go for it! But, if you need a little inspiration you can swipe these 10 Instagram captions for wedding guests from below!

  1. [couples name], your smile shines brighter than NYC skyline
  2. [couple’s name] – tonight You shine as bright as the New York lights
  3. The most beautiful couple in the most beautiful city
  4. The lights in Times Square have got nothing on you two!
  5. [couple’s name] – big love for you in the Big Apple
  6. The city of dreams shines bright for [couplen’s name] tonight
  7. In the city that never sleeps, I’m ready to spend the night celebrating [couple’s name]
  8. A perfect day to celebrate [couple’s name] in NYC
  9. Where the bright lights & bustling streets set the mood for your romantic adventure
  10. NYC feels different with you two [couple’s name]!


The city of brotherly love is calling your name with a wedding invite! So you’re headed to a wedding in Philadelphia’s Main Line. A location rich with American history, that formerly served as epicenter of society. Maybe you’re headed to a black tie wedding, or maybe your nearlyweds are a bit more laid back. Either way, here are 10 fab Instagram captions you can use as a wedding guest to celebrate the newlyweds!

  1. [couple’s name], I’ll meet you in Philly!
  2. Here to celebrate [couple’s name], and for the late-night cheesesteaks!
  3. “All things considered, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.”- W.C. Fields
  4. Finally made it to Philly to celebrate [couple’s name]
  5. “Home is here in Philadelphia. I never like to be away too long.”- Grace Kelly
  6. Lost in the beauty of this city, a perfect setting for [couple’s name] wedding
  7. In the city of brotherly love for [couple’s name] wedding
  8. Here “in the city that loves you back” for [couple’s name] best day ever
  9. Some say Philly has it all. But I think it’s really the two of you who have it all, in each other
  10. Life, liberty, cheesesteak, and [couple’s name] wedding!

Those were over 100 of our favorite Instagram captions for wedding guests! If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, check out some of the most recent content on our blog.

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