12 Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas, No Travel Required!

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Need bachelorette party ideas that don’t involve airplanes and passports? We’ve rounded up 12 of the most fun ideas we could think of. All of which can be hosted right in your hometown!

1) Pool Party

Who doesn’t love an amazing boozy pool party? Of course, you can skip the boozy part if that’s not your thing! Whether you picture yourself lying in the sun all day in a chaise lounge or splashing around in a gigantic unicorn floaty, having a pool party for your bachelorette party is a fun idea that will allow you to spend some relaxation time in the company of your closest friends!

We love that a pool party gives you room to play around with fun props too! Fun and vibrant pool inflatables also double as insta worthy props for photo ops. By the way, who can skip over the opportunity to sip their drink of choice out of a personalized stemless wine glasses from Etsy? It’s a definite must on the list of pool party accessories! Another idea we are kind of obsessed with for a pool party bachelorette is creating create a fun photo backdrop or selfie station! If you have plenty of deck space at the pool, hang a backdrop where all of your guests can gather to snap some fun photos of the day!

2) Cooking Classes

If you’re not really big on bachelorette party ideas that are heavily centered around drinking, this is a fun way to bond with your crew! Sushi rolling or pasta making, how amazing would it be to walk away from your bachelorette party with a brand new skill? Matching personalized aprons are not required but definitely adds a level of fun! If your bachelorette party is a small group of pals, you can easily blend into a cooking class at one of your local Sur La Table locations.

Hosting a larger size group for your bachelorette? You’ll want a more personalized experience. Booking a larger group will require obtaining rates from a local chef that currently offers courses and has the ability to accommodate the number of guests at your party, either in your home or at their own personal test kitchen. Get a final head count of who is planning on attending through your Guestie event. From there you and your wedding party can begin searching for a chef to accommodate your group and inquire about rates!

3) Retro Roller Skating

We’re not talking rollerblades, oh no! We’re talking about four-wheel quad skates, pompoms attached, neon laces, and all! A roller skating party is a great way to tap into the nostalgia of your childhood. But, if it’s been a while since you’ve strapped on a pair of skates it might also be a good for a laugh! Break out your tube socks, shimmery shorts, and belly bags because a a retro roller skating bachelorette party is one of the few ideas where you can go all out with the kitschy accessories! We recommend saving the cocktails for after your free skate, just in case. We don’t want any accidents!

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4) Yoga & Meditation

If your group of friends constantly has a difficult time arranging get-togethers because of busy conflicting schedules, a 90 minute yoga class is an amazing way to bring everyone together! Not everyone can run a marathon or compete in an Ironman so we’ll keep those off the list for now. But if you still want to include total body movement as part of your bachelorette experience you can definitely do that through Yoga!

Yoga is a great choice for accommodating guests of all movement levels. A yoga experience coupled with meditation, or a sound bath will feel more like a wellness retreat than a bachelorette party! You can have a private yoga instructor to teach a lesson at home. Or you can inquire with your favorite local yoga studio about renting out an entire class to accommodate your party. Once the yoga class has ended, your group can head out for acai bowls or smoothies.

5) Airbnb Staycations

80s-themed, 90s-themed, Disney-themed, “Friends” themed, Treehouses, Pirate Ships, and Mushroom Houses, we’ve seen some pretty awesome themed Airbnbs. If you’re lucky enough to have any of these fun but quirky themed Airbnbs in your hometown, or even just an Airbnb with an epic pool or patio, we highly recommend renting one of these for your bachelorette party! The cost of the Airbnb can be split amongst everyone who is planning to stay for the night. If you have a maid or man of honor, it’s best to let them handle organizing all the logistics. This will help avoid any fallout and keep things stress free on your end. Prior to renting out your Airbnb, be sure to check for terms & conditions about hosting a specific number of guests during your stay!

6) Viral Board & Booze Party

Have you seen this viral trend? It’s a fun way for everyone to be included! Also, if we’re being honest, it’s one of the more cost-efficient options on this list of fun bachelorette party ideas! The premise is that everyone gets a specific theme. You get to take creative liberties on deciding the themes! Your party can be themed by colors, countries; pretty much anything! You can even come up with a theme more cutesy and inventive related to your wedding. Like a “first date” food board or drinks themed around “the proposal”. Each guest has to bring a food, snack board or drink that matches their assigned theme. Super fun right?

Your invitees will have a blast before they even arrive because they’ll be picking out and preparing food ideas for their themed board. It’s an amazing way to pull the guests of your bachelorette party into the experience of the night by involving them in the the selection process with the curation of their board. They’ll also get to spend the night seeing how your other guests pulled their theme together! If you need a major dose of inspiration to get your guests on board with organizing this party, you can share links of your favorite viral booze & board parties from Instagram, within the message board of your Guestie event! They’ll love the idea as much as you!

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7) Throw Back Themes

The 80s, 90s, or beyond we’ll let you decide! Tapping into another era with a bachelorette party themed after a specific decade is guaranteed to bring the fun with a themed dress code, and heaps of props! You’ll have to decide where or who is hosting your decade party and relay the dress code to your guests. For a 1950s party, we love a “Grease” theme with poodle skirts or leather jackets. The 80s are all about high hair, and neon windbreakers. But the 90s have our hearts with fun grunge looks and Spice Girls impressions. Want to take this fun bachelorette party idea up a few notches? Organize a day ahead of the party where everyone can thrift together. Everyone will have a blast sourcing pieces for their look of the night, and watching it all come together!

Having foods specific to the era will also be key in creating an unforgettable bachelorette party experience! If you’re traveling back to the 1950s you can serve your guests cheeseburgers and Coke floats. For 80s-themed eats, you can serve up tater tot casserole with a side of ambrosia salad, and for fun takes on the 90s, well, you gotta have the Dunkaroos! 

8) Coastal Bougie Grandma Dinner

Ok, this one is for our foodies that also want to have a total coastal grandma moment. It’s that whole “pull your cardigan closed across your chest on the porch of your beach house” vibe. But with plenty of exquisite eats! Hire a private chef to come to you! Wheter it’s at your home, your Airbnb, or the home of any fab friend in your party that’s offered up their house, this bachelortte party is an ultimate Nancy Myers moment. Work with the chef to create a menu for the evening that will have your guests enjoying a fabulous four-course meal paired with wine selections.

You can build your “coastal chic” dress code into the theme of your party. It’s not the most raucous of bachelorette party ideas on the list, but never underestimate the experience of having a really wonderful dinner with friends! Some of the best memories and greatest conversations can come from those nights. And if you really want to lay into the whole coastal grandma vibe, you can finish off the night with a group viewing of “Somethings Gotta Give”!

9) Winery Tour

A little bit more refined than the aforementioned tater tot casserole, but equally as fun! And no, you don’t have to live by Napa Valley to enjoy a winery tour as a fun bachelorette party idea! Believe it or not, amazing wineries can be found in Texas, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Idaho, and Oregon. Wineries are wonderful locations to receive the red-carpet treatment for your bachelorette party! You can expect your visit to include a full guided tour, and plenty of snacks, and drinks made available to you and your guests. It’s an amazing way to drink responsibly without the noise and crowds of a club, while creating a more intimate setting for your bachelorette party. It also makes a perfect option for those of us that want to bring along our aunties & grandmas to our bachelorette parties!

10) Pub Crawl

Some of our friends like wine, and some like a cold draft from their favorite pub! If you’re looking for bachelorette party ideas that squeeze in multiple locations throughout your night, pub crawls are a crazy fun way to make it happen! You can scour Eventbrite for official pub crawl tours happening in your area, or you can organize your own pub crawl with the invitees of your bachelorette party through the message board of your Guestie event! If you really want to kick up this fun bachelorette party idea that doesn’t require any travel outside of scheduling an uber, you can play pub crawl bingo throughout the night. Have friends that are always a wealth of information? Ask them to create a scavenger hunt out of each stop listed on your pub crawl!

11) Backyard Glamping

This fun idea might take a few rentals to come together, but it can be done if you have the outdoor space! All the amenities of a home in a glamping environment? Sign us up, please! Glamping is a fun riff on camping but with all of the fun bougie “Gwenyth” amenities that you can muster for your space or your budget. You can make your backyard glamping experience a staycation with a sleep outdoors.

Or you can make it a fun outdoor party by hanging out in a tent or a yurt for a few hours! If you have the space to set up a campfire, you & your best pals can spend the night roasting marshmallows for s’mores made with rich dark chocolate! String up plenty of twinkle lights to make the backyard glow. And don’t forget to include fun little “welcome bags” as part of the amenities for your glampers.

12) Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

Have an amazing city “right in your backyard”? NYC, Miami, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Asheville, Nashville, and so many more that we couldn’t possibly name them all! Each and every city is rich with its own unique landscape, culture, and favorite eats recommended by locals. If you live in an amazing city or have one within driving distance, what are the absolute go-to spots?

You know, the ones that you always tell friends to check out when they are visiting from out of town! Why not spend your bachelorette party acting like a tourist and doing all of the things on your go to recommendation list? After all, when is the last time you actually took in those sights? Use your bachelorette party as an “excuse” to visit those attractions. Take the time to truly enjoy them without having to say “oh yeah that place is amazing but I haven’t been in while”!

Which of these 12 fun “no travel required” bachelorette party ideas are on high on your list of maybes?

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