15 Amazing Rehearsal Dinner Locations in Dallas

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Need a restaurant in Dallas to host your rehearsal dinner? We rounded up 15 of the most amazing dining experiences in Dallas, with private dining options, so you can plan an amazing rehearsal dinner experience for you & your guests!

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XOXO Dining Room

You know those amazing places you see on Instagram that have all the decor? Velour petal chairs, pink walls, murals, and ambiance in every corner? XOXO dining room is all that plus some! It is packed with vibrant and modern colors! It’s basically an up-leveled dining experience set among modern art. All in all, a gorgeous location in Dallas for your rehearsal dinner! There are 3 options for private dining at XOXO Dining Room.

The “Mr. Xo” room can seat up to 100 guests and provides the use of a large TV. “The Atrium”, an indoor/outdoor space in a garden-like setting that can seat up to 100 guests. Or when combined with the outdoor garden area can seat up to 250 guests. And finally “The Green Room”, which is a private room, with a bar, that can seat up to 40 guests. The dinner menu at XOXO Dining Room is modern classics. But the list of signature specialty drinks is where its at! For more information on booking one of their private dining options for your rehearsal dinner in Dallas, you can find them online at this link.

Ocean Prime

One thing is for sure, Dallas does not lack fabulous steak houses! When we put together this list of 15 rehearsal dinner locations in Dallas, we looked at steakhouses that could provide top-notch service in an unforgettable setting. Ocean Prime has extraordinary service! Including valet for your private rehearsal dinner. All wrapped up in a gorgeous restaurant that serves up fresh seafood & steak along with amazing cocktails. There are five options for private dining to host your rehearsal dinner at Oceaan Prime.

The Club Room can accommodate up to 16 guests. The Pearl Room can accommodate up to 30 guests. The Rose Room seats up to 36 guests. The Magnolia Room seats up to 40 guests. And finally, their Terrace can accommodate up to 120 guests. Each room (except The Terrace) comes with the use of a flat-screen TV. In case you want to share photos with your guests from all of your travels together! For more information on hosting your rehearsal dinner at Ocean Prime Dallas, you can find them online here. PS: Take a quick look at their dress code to make sure it’s the vibe you’re looking for at your rehearsal dinner!

Nobu Dallas

Yes, that Nobu! If you are big Bravolebrity fans like us, you’ve probably heard them name drop Nobu once or twice! Nobu is one of the premier restaurants, pretty much all over the world, for Japanese dining including sushi and cocktails. They have several different options for hosting your rehearsal dinner with them at their Dallas location. Room sizes range from accommodating 16 to 100 seated guests. So they’ve pretty much got you covered no matter the size of your guest list! Their private dining includes interactive stations such as your own personal sushi station. Seriously, we could talk about the fabulousness that is Nobu Dallas all day, but we’ll let you see the options for hosting your rehearsal dinner with them by clicking this link!

Electric Shuffle

This one is for our nearly weds who are looking for a more interactive rehearsal dinner experience in Dallas! Electric Shuffle is a wildly energetic vibe of visitors playing electric shuffleboard in-house. And yes, their private dining options also include a private electric shuffleboard or two! Electric Shuffle has 6 private dining room options for hosting your rehearsal dinner, and each one comes with at least two shuffleboards.

They can accommodate parties of 25 to 200 guests and you can view the full list of pricing and dining options here. The menu at electric shuffle is designed to enjoy while engaging in shuffleboard so you’ll find lots of pub classics like pizza, nachos, and wings. To download their event brochure or take a peak at the capacity of each of their private rooms, you can find them at this link!

Villa Azur Dallas

From shuffleboard to luxurious French food, isn’t Dallas amazing? Villa Azur is all about bringing the vibe of Southern France to your palette in Dallas. The focus at Villa Azur is the experience they provide their guests beginning with the greeting at the door through to tantalizing your senses with a fab dinner. To host your rehearsal dinner at the ultra-chic Villa Azur, there’s really only one option.

Exclusive use of their restaurant that can seat up to 150 guests for dinner, or a cocktail reception that can accommodate up to 250 guests standing. The dinner offerings at Villa Azur are decadent one of a kind experiences, including the famed Pâte À La Meule which is prepared tableside in a pecorino Romano wheel. You can find the information you need to host your rehearsal dinner at Villa Azur at this link.

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Meddlesome Moth

Dubbed Dallas’ first true gastropub, Meddlesome Moth is all about offering the world’s best beers with a menu of shareable-sized plates! Their dining options also cater to a wide variety of dietary preferences and restrictions including vegan, vegetarian, keto, or pescatarian! The vibe is relaxed and modern and the food lives up to it’s Sunday brunch hype. There are four unique options for hosting your rehearsal dinner at The Meddlesome Moth.

The first, a non-private option, is to reserve a table in their main dining room. Next is the Mansfield room which can seat a total of 14 guests for dinner or accommodate 25-30 guests for cocktails and mingling The third option is their outdoor Beer Garden which can seat 50 guests for dinner or accommodate 60 guests for cocktails and mingling. And the final option is the Patio, a popular hangout spot in Dallas! The Patio along with the rental of the Beer Garden can accommodate up to 100 guests for dinner, weather permitting of course. For a look at their seating options for your rehearsal dinner, you can find Meddlesome Moth online, here.

Le Bilboquet Dallas

Authentic French food in an up-scale cafe setting with white linens and wicker bistro chairs, Le Bilboquet Dallas has two unique options for your rehearsal dinner! If you wish to host your rehearsal dinner on-site, Le Bilboquet Dallas offers its “Garden Room” which is fully HVAC equipped but can also be opened up depending on the weather. This space is recommended for seating 20 to 50 guests. The second option for hosting your rehearsal dinner with Le Bilboquet Dallas is to have their chef come to your home and create a private dining experience at your leisure, for up to 30 guests! The fanciful menu at Le Bilboquet Dallas, which includes selections of caviar, incorporates fresh flavors of the season with expertly prepared poultry, seafood, and meats. For more information on hosting your rehearsal dinner on-site or in-house, you can find Le Bilboquet Dallas, online here.

Toro Toro Forth Worth

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love restaurants with their own vibrancy. Ones that bring food to life and make your rehearsal dinner a true culinary experience! Toro Toro in Forth Worth is South & Central American cuisine with flavor profiles that will make your taste buds sing! You’ll find things on their menu like antojitos (street snacks!) and gaucho grilled steaks, major YUM! One amazing fact about Toro Toro is that they are Forth Worth’s only open indoor fire grille pit. They also love to provide Tequila tastings or their Tequila goddess cart for their private events. Toro Toro has six unique, ambiance-filled private rooms to choose from for your rehearsal dinner. You can find the complete list, along with the number of guests each room can accommodate, at this link.

400 Gradi Dallas

400 Gradi adheres to the guidelines of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana! And they are kind of the authority when it comes to traditional Neapolitan pizza, so this is not your average slice and drink place! And here’s a fun fact to pass around to your guests if you decide to host your rehearsal dinner at 400 Gradi Dallas, they made the Guinness Book of World Records for the most varieties of cheese (154!) to top one pizza!

400 Gradi has a slew of awards and accolades for their Neopolitan pizza and they love celebrating events at their location in the heart of the Dallas arts district. Their private event room can comfortably accommodate up to 46 seated guests. Or serve 70 standing guests with a variety of food stations. To find out more, or to contact them directly to create a personalized menu out of their delicious Italian cuisine and selection of wines, you can find them at this link.

Roots Southern Table

Farm-to-table dining is not a trend at Roots Southern Table, it’s a way of life! Their Chef, Tiffany Derry grew up with the seasons. Celebrating the fresh flavors and canning and preserving the remainder for the months ahead. She believes that fried chicken can be the centerpiece of the table for any special occasion. Her restaurant celebrates southern food in a way that honors its Roots. Hence the name! Roots Southern Table has a few selections for hosting your rehearsal dinner on-site, with accommodations from 26-75 seated guests. You can find a list of their partial, or full-room buyouts at this link!

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Clay Pigeon

Memory-making meals prepared with fresh local ingredients from the changing seasons! Clay Pigeon is a “from scratch” kind of place wrapped up in a fine dining experience. The vibe at Clay Pigeon is refined and paired with eclectic elements like antique dressers and modern lighting. Clay Pigeon offers three distinct private dining options that can accommodate guests counts of 12 to 100. For your rehearsal dinner, they’ll work with you to custom-create a seasonal menu and wine pairing to enchant your guests and make the night(s) before your wedding an unforgettable one! For more information on their private dining options, you can find them here. Or, to take a look at their current menu, click this link. We’re ordering the pimento cheese croquettes, what about you?

Meso Maya

Nico Sanchez, the executive chef of Meso Maya started his culinary journey at the age of 9, assisting at a bakery in Mexico. His journey brought him to Vera Cruz where he learned about seafood, dried chilies, and making sauces from scratch. From there he moved on to Oaxaca, where he honed his tamale-making skills. He left Mexico to pursue the culinary world in Dallas, working his way through every restaurant scene the same way he learned in Mexico. Today, the food he prepares is unique, complex and full of fresh flavors. Meso Maya believes that a memorable event starts with food that delights in an atmosphere that inspires. Planning a rehearsal dinner at Meso Maya is an authentic Mexican dining experience in a lively enriching environment! To get in touch with Meso Maya about planning the details of your rehearsal dinner, you can contact them directly, at this link.

Felix Culpa Dallas

A mid-century modern setting accented by pop art that plates up contemporary American tapas-style dishes! Felix Culpa’s passion for service and their deep love of entering their guests runs as deep as the heart of Dallas. They are a beautifully unique location that serves “Cartier” boxed cake and “Marilyn Monroe” cotton candy! How much do you love that? Felix Culpa hosts private events of all shapes and sizes from dinner parties to full venue buyouts and of course, your rehearsal dinner. To book Felix Culpa for your rehearsal dinner in Dallas you can contact them at this link.

Lounge 31

Louge 31 is located upstairs from Bistro 31 and their belief in life is to eat more sushi and enjoy every moment. We can’t say that we disagree with them! Lounge 31 has a unique Mediterranean vibe to it with pops of bold blue in the decorative tiles and rattan seating. It’s a luxe lounge where dining, drinks, and entertainment takes center stage and we can’t say we’ve ever seen a more unique space before! It’s bright, and welcoming and invites conversation and a good time. Hosting your rehearsal dinner at Lounge 31 comes with the menu option of a plated dinner, passed hors d’oeuvres, or food stations where your guests can help themselves to seconds! For more information on room selections and accommodations, you can find Lounge 31’s private dining experience at this link.

Marie Gabrielle Restaurant

If you want to host more of a rehearsal brunch or lunch, Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens is the perfect place to make it happen! It’s a one-and-a-half-acre oasis of gorgeously manicured gardens in the Harwood District. The seating arrangements are gorgeously nestled amongst greenery and will make you feel like you are a world away while chatting up your guests at your rehearsal brunch. Look, we’re not saying you have to do this, but how fab would it be to have a garden dress code for your rehearsal brunch? Hats and gloves encouraged!  To take a look at the enhancement and splendor that is Marie Gabrielle Restaurant and Gardens, you can find them at this link.

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