15 Fabulous Rehearsal Dinner Locations in Seattle

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Planning a rehearsal dinner in Seattle? We’ve rounded up 15 of the most amazing local restaurants with private dining options so you & your guests can have a fab rehearsal dinner experience!

Canlis Restaurant

We’re starting this list off in a big way with Canlis Restaurant! An upscale dining experience with a gorgeous private space to host your rehearsal dinner. The private space at Canlis is on the main level. It features a fireplace with floor-to-ceiling window views of Lake Union & the Cascade Mountains!

For a cocktail reception in their private space, Canlis is able to accommodate 25-110 guests. For a seated dinner Canlis is able to accommodate 25-80 guests. In addition to the insane wrap-around views of Lake Union, you & your guests will have access to a full-service bar and the ambiance of a baby grand piano. And yes, it’s really as amazing as it sounds! To see a full-price list for hosting your rehearsal dinner at Canlis Restaurant, you can find more information online here.

Four Seasons Seattle

We absolutely love this option for nearly weds who have guests coming in from out of town! The Four Seasons Seattle has a restaurant inside their hotel. Making it super easy for your out-of-town guests to stay on-site. All they have to do is take the elevator down to your rehearsal dinner! Fab right?

The menu features fresh unique flavors and the atmosphere is surprisingly laid back. Making it easy for your guests to finally take their conversions from your Guestie event to IRL! If you really love the idea of a fresh menu that plays into the vibe of Seattle, you can opt to dine on the catch of the day along with craft beer or sparkling cocktails! Four Seasons Seattle has two private dining options within The Goldfinch Tavern. For more information on hosting your rehearsal dinner at The Four Seasons Seattle, you can find their private dining here.

Staple & Fancy

This spot has the whole Seattle vibe to it! Its laid-back meets industrial with one amazing menu. Staple & Fancy is all about innovative Italian-inspired food made from fresh seasonal ingredients. They also have an extensive wine list to pair with pretty much anything that you decide to put on the menu for your rehearsal dinner!

The private dining option at Staple & Fancy is their Cellar Room. Located below the restaurant, the Cellar Room can accommodate up to 18 guests for a seated dinner. Your guests will all be gathered around the long family-style table as they dig into overflowing bowls of delicious rigatoni topped with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano! You can book Staple & Fancy’s private dining room online, at this link.

Ballard Pizza Company

Look, we’ll never say no to a slice! Pizza is an amazing option to keep the tone of your rehearsal dinner fun, vibrant, and focused on the experience of everyone coming together! Your guests will be passing slices to each other across the table while bantering back and forth about the big day ahead!

Ballard Pizza Company offers a private dining option in the back of their restaurant. And it is absolute perfection for a Seattle pizza party rehearsal dinner. Their private dining room can accommodate up to 30 seated guests. They also offer the use of their screen & projector in their private dining room. You know, in case you are both big sports fans and don’t want to miss the game. Or you can hook it up for you & your guests to battle it out with video games during your rehearsal dinner. Fun right? PS: add the arugula salad to your rehearsal dinner menu, you won’t regret it!

The Wonder Market

If you’re hosting a large-size guest list for your rehearsal dinner, The Wonder Market has two amazing options. The first is their East Hall which can accommodate 40-80 seated guests for dinner. The second option is to rent out the entire first floor of the Wonder Building. Which can comfortably accommodate up to 400 guests! The menu for private dining at the normally bustling array of choices at the Wonder Market consists of appetizers, light bites, and their renowned Wonder burgers!

They offer a vegetarian option as well as a chicken option for any of your non-meat-eating guests. But, if you ask us, the best part about hosting your rehearsal dinner at The Wonder Market is the built-in amenities! It includes access to their AV system, as well as a microphone for any speeches or toasts. Your guests will also be able to play ping pong, corn hole, and giant Jenga! For more information on making The Wonder Market the place to host your rehearsal dinner in Seattle, you can view their entire menu, and those fun games, at this link.

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Tavolàta Belltown Mezzanine

Pasta, pasta, pasta! Spaghetti, linguine, rigatoni and tonnarelli, Tavolàta Belltown will not disappoint! Your guests will be passing around family-style pasta in big bowls paired with a curated selection of wines and fun conversation. There are two options for hosting your rehearsal dinner at Tavolàta Belltown.

First is their semi-private dining on the intimate mezzanine of the restaurant, which can accommodate up to 30 guests for a seated dinner. The second is to buy out the entire restaurant, which can comfortably seat up to 100 guests for dinner. Tavolàta has vegan and gluten-free options on the menu allowing you to freely serve up heaps of pasta to your guests with no worries! For a full menu and wine list, you can find Tavolàta, online here!

RockCreek Seafood & Spirits

Can you plan a rehearsal dinner in Seattle without looking at some amazing seafood options? We think not! RockCreek’s seafood options range from local Northwest offerings of crab, oysters, and mussels to tropical fish like Kona Kampachi or Hawaiian Ono.

Their fresh ingredients arrive daily and the focus of their food is to create dishes with pronounced flavors, taking their inspiration from all over the world. RockCreek Seafood & Spirits offers a private dining space tucked away at the end of their loft. It’s family-style seating that will have you and your guests feeling like you stopped for dinner at your favorite aunt’s home. It’s a cozy and charming space that will have you reaching a second Oyster shooter topped with “bloody” vodka! For more information, you can find RockCreek Seafood & Spirits online here!

The Victor Tavern – South Lake Union, Seattle

Traditional American-style menu with fun fusion items will greet you at Victor Tavern – South Lake Union, Seattle! Think jalapeño burgers, polenta fries, and Vic’s famous snack mix! It’s a chill vibe in a modern urban tavern, the kind of place where friends meet for a quick drink after work.

Victor Tavern has two options for hosting your rehearsal dinner in a private setting. The first is their banquet room and the second is their game room. Both options can accommodate from 6-80 seated guests for dinner and are just a hop and skip away from their open-air patio and outdoor shuffleboard! The facade of the Victor Tavern has a fun bright lights kind of vibe to it, perfect for a pre-wedding photoshoot if your wedding photographer will be on hand! For more information on hosting your Seattle rehearsal dinner at The Victor Tavern, you can click here to view their menu or fill out their contact form.

Aerlume Seattle

Views of the bay by a warm fire paired with a menu that includes fresh flavors of the season, Aerlume is the view, the food, and the experience, all rolled into one! The private dining rooms at Aerlume are glass enclosed so you and your guests will have views of the Puget Sound or Olympic Mountains while celebrating your nearly wed status! There are a few different options for your rehearsal dinner at Aerlume, depending on your guest count.

For parties of up to 16 guests, you can sit at the interior fire table. For parties of up to 14 guests, you can get a front-row seat to the kitchen at the Chef’s Table. The Vineyard Room can accommodate up to 30 seated guests. The Orchard Room can accommodate up to 60 seated guests. And finally, the  Aerlume dining room and each of its private dining spaces can be bought as a full buyout to accommodate up to 250 guests for your rehearsal dinner!  To get a glimpse of their delectable menu, along with a peak at their phenomenal views, you can find them online, here.

Red Cow

House-made charcuterie, fresh local seafood, and a selection of steak served with Pommes Frites, Red Cow is a French brasserie focused on giving you & your guests a transportive experience! If you want to feel as though you’ve run off to the French countryside for your rehearsal dinner, Red Cow is the private dining experience that will make you feel like you’ve just boarded the train to Provence.

For their fully immersive culinary journey, Red Cow’s private dining experience can seat up to 20 guests. For more information on making this “heavy on the ambiance” restaurant yours for your Seattle rehearsal dinner, you can find information on their private dining, here.

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Located inside Union Square, Cortina has that minimalist aesthetic down! The inside walls of this restaurant feel like a breath of fresh air. Perfect for a fully immersive rehearsal dinner experience. One where those guests of yours who are tagged as “single and ready to mingle” in your Guestie event can finally do so in person!

Cortina has a refreshing menu of fruity cocktails paired with classic Italian comfort dishes. It’s one of those versatile restaurants that hits the whether you’re out for dinner and a movie, or you just need to grab a quick lunch. Cortina’s private dining space, which would be amazing for your rehearsal dinner, can seat up to 40 guests. Or, conversely, can accommodate up to 55 standing guests! Their 800 sq ft private dining room also comes with a built-in AV system in case you want to share those fab engagement photos of yours! For more information, you can find them online right here.

Percy & Co

Percy & Co. has a hint of rustic charm mixed in with its modern-day apothecary vibes! Any place that calls drinks libations on their menu is alright by us! Don’t let the menu at Percy & Co. fool you. At face value, the names of the dishes seem very all-American. But each and every one has its own unique twist to tantalize your palette! Macaroni and cheese with jalapeños and blackened chicken? Yes, please!

Hosting a private event at Percy & Co., like your Seattle rehearsal dinner, comes with an amazing option! A private, covered patio buyout, which can accommodate up to 40 guests. The patio is heated and features a garage door to pull down in case you want to make your dinner more intimate. There’s no room fee at Percy & Co. But they do have beverage minimums that must be met depending on the total guest count at your rehearsal dinner. You can find those right here.

Brimmer & Heeltap

Cool name right? Brimmer & Heeltap lives up to its name starting with its brick facade corner building. The menu here is highly eclectic and sure to have each of your guests leaning over the table and asking each other what they’re having! From mushroom toast to clams and olive oil cake, Brimmer & Heeltap’s food, much like its space, is lively, inviting, and invigorating!

To host your rehearsal dinner at Brimmer & Heeltap they have a private tucked-away room that they offer year-round. Their space can accommodate 10-30 seated guests and their team will work with you to customize your rehearsal dinner menu based on current seasonal offerings. For a complete list of their rental fees, you can follow this link.

Elliotts Oyster House

Elliott’s is a waterfront dining experience with views of Elliott Bay. Full of history from its location on Pier 56. To its mission of preserving & protecting natural resources with a commitment to being Smart Catch Compliant. Elliotts Oyster House is a true gem on this list of 15 fabulous rehearsal dinner locations in Seattle!

Elliott’s extensive list of seafood dishes is paired side by side with delectable soups, salads, specialties, and sides. It’s a treasure that will delight the guests at your rehearsal dinner whether they are local or just coming in from out of town!

They host private events from October through May. But can accommodate larger-sized parties from June through September, depending on their availability. Their private dining space can seat 40 for your rehearsal dinner. Or, if you prefer to have a more laid-back vibe, they can accommodate 60 standing guests. For more information on Elliott’s private dining experience, follow this link.

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