16 Wedding Flowers for Your Fall Vibes Wedding

Wedding Flowers for Fall, Fall Wedding Flowers, Fall Wedding Guestie

Searching for the perfect wedding flowers for your fall vibes wedding? We’ve rounded up 16 wedding flowers that will all be in bloom for your fall wedding day! Don’t worry, we made the list an easy read and broke out the flowers for you by color. You’ll find red, pink, yellow, and orange fall wedding flowers on the list below!

Red Wedding Flowers for Fall

Want that vibey semi-spooky, but ultra rich-looking color palette for your fall wedding flowers? There are plenty of flowers available in deep rich shades of red and burgundy to bring that look to life!  

Red roses are pretty much always in season! If you want to add a romantic touch to your fall wedding flowers, roses are the way to go. They can be used in bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and as petals for your flower girl or flower dude to toss!

Chrysanthemums begin to bloom in September and all the way through late fall! They come in a large variety of colors including red and orange. They are a very dense plant with heavy leaves and make a great floral choice for fall-themed weddings. If you’re going for that wow factor in your wedding photos, use them in your ceremony arch and as altarpieces!

Rannuclucs are another gorgeous floral choice that comes in a host of colors! They are dense but delicate, and often used as a substitute when peonies are not in season. Getting them fully bloomed and “in season” for your fall wedding will depend on where you live. Typically, they bloom from late winter to early spring. If you want to use these gorgeously dense flowers for your fall wedding, we love stuffing them in an oversized wedding bouquet. For you and all the members of your bridal party!

Gerbera Daisies literally look like happy little flowers! Gerbera Daisies can grow indoors in flowerbeds or outdoors during the winter months. They come in a large variety of vibrant colors and work wonderfully for adding a little whimsy to your wedding day! If you want a fall wedding without all the dark warm tones, Gerbera Daisies are an amazing way to give everything a boost of energy and vibrancy with their joyful presence!

Wedding Flowers for Fall, Fall Wedding Flowers, Fall Wedding Guestie

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Pink Wedding Flowers for Fall

Who says pink flowers are just for spring weddings? Not us! Pair gorgeous tones of pink with rich earthy colored florals for fall wedding day perfection!

Dahlias bloom from midsummer through autumn and come in various shades of pink! The unique thing about this dense flower with multiple petals is that it blooms in a variety of sizes. It also closely resembles chrysanthemums, but with a more elegant sophistication about them. If your wedding day feeling is more classic meets modern day, dahlias are the perfect look to elevate your day! 

Petunias also bloom in the fall and the shade of pink they come in are a vibrant almost neon pink! How gorgeous does that sound? These flowers have almost a trumpet-style shape to them and they are quite delicate! If you want to work with petunias ask your florist how to include that vibrant pop of hot pink into your fall wedding flowers!

Pink Tulips bloom all year round! And we totally get it, tulips are typically associated with Spring, but they have such a crisp clean look to them that we thought they deserved a spot on our list! These gorgeous statuesque blooms will look amaze in your centerpieces, and they keep regrowing after they are cut so they’ll turn into a long-lasting keepsake from your wedding day.

Pink Cymbidium Orchids also bloom all year round and they are long stems with multiple blooms, making them amazing flowers to fill out centerpieces and bouquets! They have more of a rich cozy feel as opposed to the classic lines of tulips and would look gorgeous paired with florals in shades of purple and red for the ultimate modern-day fall wedding bouquet!

Wedding Flowers for Fall, Fall Wedding Flowers, Fall Wedding Guestie

Yellow Wedding Flowers for Fall

Want to add a pop of yellow to your fall wedding flowers? Yellow flowers represent happiness and positivity. During fall you’ll find a full spectrum of yellow flowers to choose from for your wedding day.

Sunflowers! Surprised to see these gorgeous blooms typically associated with summer on this list? It’s true, sunflowers are still in bloom in October and yes you can absolutely use them for your fall wedding! Because of their large size, they make great statement flowers for weaving into your centerpieces! Want to include them in your ceremony? Ask your florist to create a corner arrangement for your wedding arbor that includes 1-3 sunflowers throughout! 

Strawflowers look like long tiny buttons, and we guarantee that you’ve seen them before, even if you didn’t know them by name! These flowers are a great add-on to bouquets and arrangements that need a little bit more volume and depth! 

Forsythia Sage is a gorgeously rich shade of buttery yellow and they bloom in the fall and winter. It’s a vertical bloom with staggering petals. And it’s another beautiful flower to use as filler for volume or even just a boost of rich color! Add these to your bouquet or table centerpieces for rich yellow fall vibes! 

Yellow Craspedia Flowers bloom all year (yay!) they also look like tiny delicate buttons, but they are much more voluminous than strawflowers. They are a bright shade of yellow with warm undertones. Which makes them perfect for use in boutonnieres and bouquets!

Wedding Flowers for Fall, Fall Wedding Flowers, Fall Wedding Guestie

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Orange Wedding Flowers for Fall

There’s more to orange in fall than just pumpkins! Here are 4 of our favorite fall wedding flowers that are gorgeously orange!

Orange Cala Lillies, well they are more like a burnt orange color but either way, they are gorgeous trumpet-style flowers with clean and classic stems. Cala Lillies bloom in tropical greenhouses all year round. The shape of this modern but ultra-crisp flower makes it great for bouquets and boutonnieres!

Alstroemeria or Lily of the Incas as they are more commonly known, bloom in the fall in the most unique shade of yellowish orange. The flower itself symbolizes devotion, making it a heartfelt touch to include in your wedding florals. The petals are quite delicate and they are absolutely perfect for any wedding day bouquet!

Orange Iris is in bloom through early to mid-fall and comes in the perfect shade of creamy orange. Amazing for any fall vibes-only wedding! These beautiful flowers with ribbon curled like petals look amazing in bouquets and boutonnieres, or even as floral accents around your wedding cake!

Rust Orange Pampas Grass is a dried flower, or you can get it as a faux-dried floral, which makes it available all year round. Dried pampas grass is a new modern-day wedding staple and while it’s typically used for a more boho feeling, we can see it fitting right in at your fall wedding! These plants are long and tall and make great accents for your ceremony space!

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Wedding Flowers for Fall, Fall Wedding Flowers, Fall Wedding Guestie

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