20 Vibrant Pink Wedding Ideas We Adore

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Looking for some of the best inspo for your dreamy pink wedding? Whether your vibe is Barbie pink, pops of pink, or “just gimme a dash”, we put together 20 of our favorite pink wedding ideas that will turn your wedding day into bubble gum-colored bliss!

1) Invites

Your wedding invitations are the first physical touch point that guests will experience of your wedding day. If pink is dominating your wedding day color palette in the decor department, then your wedding stationery suite should set the expectation for your guests! It’s easy to stray from your wedding day vision when purchasing your stationery. But we assure you, this is definitely the time when you want to double down on showcasing your pink-appeal!

2) Hair

Thinking about dyeing your hair pink for the big day? If you were looking for any encouragement, at all, you’ll definitely find it here. Book an appointment with your stylist and get your locks ready to transcend into utter fabulousness for the big day! Pink hair on your wedding day is a bold statement of individuality. And if that’s your vibe, we want to be friends!

3) Flower Crowns

It’s your day, you are royalty! You totally deserve a crown made out of flowers to don on your wedding day! Talk to your florist about designing a wearable flower crown and add it to your floral package. BUT-make sure your flower crown gets delivered directly to you at your getting-ready space along with any other flowers needed for you & your wedding party before your walk down the aisle!

4) Bouquets

Bouquets are kind of trad wedding day cornerstones and a fun way to show off your vibrant wedding day color palette. However, if you’re opting to go a little more modern and ditch the bouquet, we totally get it. We love the idea of carrying a pink clutch down the aisle, especially if it screams “you”!

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5) Pink Encouraged Dress Code

Wedding day dress codes are a major vibe! Asking your guests to come to your wedding in a dress code that is “pink encouraged” is taking your love for the vibrant color to a whole new level! We love a fully immersive wedding day experience for guests and asking them to arrive in their best version of a pink out is one way to make it happen. Plus, your wedding photos will look beyond amazing with all of your guests dressed for the night in your signature color!

6) Statement Ceremony Piece

The time has come! You are about to say those two little words to the love of your life. But, uh, where are you all standing? If you want that fairytale pink wedding ceremony, go for an arbor covered in drapery and florals made out of your signature hue. The photos will be just as unforgettable as the moment you say “I do!”

7) Seating

Rentals, rentals, rentals. How much do you love that you can work with your wedding planner to design break-out areas at your wedding, filled with plush pink rentals? Armchairs, couches, sofas, benches; you name it! All of these beauties can be rented to make your cocktail hour and lounge areas pop like pink champagne!

8) Signature Cocktails

We stan an amazing custom-crafted signature cocktail! Is there anything better for your guests to experience at cocktail hour than a drink made from your own personal flavor palette with a fun kitschy name? The bonus to custom cocktails is that you can typically request them in your preferred color palette! The color of your signature cocktail will also somewhat depend on the flavor palette so talk to your mixologist about your blend together your favorite color & flavors for an unforgettable signature cocktail.

9) Accents

Every touch point of your wedding should be a reflection of your vibe. That means outfitting your cocktail hour, lounge area, break-out seating, welcome tables, and photo booth with accents created from your color palette. Add a touch of your pink magic wand to each of these spots to tie everything together for a cohesive & chic look!

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10) Whimsy

An added touch of whimsy can easily change the vibe and tone of your wedding! If you’re worried about creating waste and you’re looking for a more sustainable way to incorporate a chic balloon arch into your wedding day, we’ve got a little secret! Most balloon arch pros don’t actually use latex balloons to create these celebratory pieces of decor. Many use a material that is created from a metalized plastic film that can be deflated & reused for other events. But always double-check and ask all the questions before your hire a balloon decor biz for your best day ever!

11) Neon Signs

Safe to say neon signs went from a wedding trend to a wedding day must-have! We know our Gen Z nearlyweds love to enhance their wedding day with sustainable & reusable options. Can you think of anything better than a neon sign that went from hanging at your wedding to lighting up the halls of your home? Because we can’t! The options for custom neon signs are endless. We love signs that don each of the nearlyweds first names or the year of the wedding! Fun quotes and phrases are not off the table either! If you are looking for a neon sign to have and to hold in the years after your wedding, go with something that will easily translate from best day ever to married for life.

12) Contrast Tablescape

The tablescapes at your reception will give way to heaps of decor including florals, candles, serve ware, menus, and linens. But it’s really how you play with color that will bring it to life! We love this fun contrasting tablescape that uses tones of pink against black serve ware. The dark tones tease out the playfulness of the pink decor to make for an elegant meets romantic tablescape.

13) Menu

File this dreamy meets modern wedding menu under light splash of pink. Wedding menus at each of your guest’s setting is a fun way to engage & enhance their dinner experience. If you’re thinking “We don’t exactly need wedding menus and we were considering cutting them from our budget“. Consider this, guests kind of like to know what they’ll be eating before it hits their plate. Menus will also drum up excitement when your guests see they’ll be dining on a fresh farm-to-table roast chicken with seasonal sides! Plus it’ll help any of your guests with dietary restrictions communicate with your waitstaff in advance. It’s enhanced dinner table decor and a detail you don’t want to skip!

14) Dance Floor

Lit dance floors are kind of our thing around here! We love a DJ who keeps the energy high and plays all of your guest’s requests with smooth transitions. But what we really love is a dance floor full of guests as far as the eye can see. But, to make it happen, your dance floor needs to be inviting! Confetti canons and balloon drops are two exciting ways to make it happen. Toss in your signature color and some disco balls and all eyes will be on your vibrant dance floor!

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15) Hanging Decor

Tabletop decor gets so much love at weddings! But hanging decor packs a punch that delivers a fully immersive wedding day experience. Walking into a wedding reception that has been decked out from floor to ceiling is a transportive way to convey your vision. It’s a moment, and we are here for it!

16) Smoke Bombs

This pop of pink is strictly a statement for your wedding day photos! Smoke bombs are a quick way to up-level the backdrop for your wedding photos with their ethereal meets modern vibes! But, do proceed with caution. Smoke bombs are considered a pyrotechnic, additionally, they have been known to stain. Talk to your wedding photographer about the safest way to incorporate the dreamy vibes of a smoke bomb into your wedding portraits.

17) Statement Wall

So *maybe* your venue doesn’t have a pink wall that will make a statement in your wedding photos, but you still want a pink backdrop somewhere, somehow! If your wedding is happening in a major metro city, we’re willing to be there’s not one too far behind that your photographer knows about. However, if that’s still not an option talk to your planner about curating a flower wall or draped backdrop for pinked-out wedding day photos!

18) Wedding Exit

We love a fun wedding send-off! Whether it happens at your ceremony or the end of the night, a wedding exit is an amaze way to add an extra level of celebration to your newlywed status. If you want to make it pink, pick up some pink (biodegradable) confetti. Or, ask your florist for bags of flower petals for your guests to grab handfuls of and toss your way!

19) Getaway Car

Making a grand exit on the night of your wedding in a getaway car? We’ve seen everything from golf cart getaways to vintage James Bond-esque cars! Needless to say, we love how creative couples get when it’s time to take off. A pink getaway car is a major splash when you take off for the night. But if you can’t get a car in pink, you can still deck out your drive in pink florals & banners!

20) Afterparty Attire

Still have that fab outfit from your Bach party or rehearsal dinner? Give it some extra life by slipping it on for your afterparty! Not having an afterparty? Changing from your formal ceremony attire to that fab pink jumpsuit, party dress or pants outfit is a great way to signal to your guests that you are ready to hit the dance floor for the night!

That’s a wrap on our 20 fave vibrant pink wedding ideas! If you need even more tips for planning the fab wedding of your dreams, check out some of the most recent trending topics on our blog!

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