2024 Wedding Trends & The TikToks That Inspired Them

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Searching for the hottest wedding trends of 2024? Keeping a close eye on the latest wedding trends will allow you to pick and choose what works best for your upcoming day while leaving the rest. We love a viral wedding moment and we absolutely love watching new trends emerge in weddings. With 2024 just around the corner, we took a look around at the wedding trends you can expect to see more of in your social feeds and IRL. Keep reading for more!

1) Film Photography

If you had no indication whatsoever that film photography was still a thing, we’re here to tell you, it never really went away. Not only that, but it’s experiencing a major renaissance in capturing the emotion-filled moments of your wedding day! Film photography has a look and feel to it that you just can’t find with digital wedding photography. Furthermore, it takes a skilled hand and an artistic eye to know when to capture the moment on film. Unlike digital photography, there are no “do-overs” with film photography and it’s all about embodying the raw essence of the moment. However, we will say this! You can absolutely have the best of both worlds and hire a wedding photographer who is skilled at both film and digital photography!

2) Welcome Parties

We’ve been banging on about how our Gen Z nearlyweds love a fab wedding experience. And it’s true, you can thank this intentional generation for approaching weddings as an experience and ditching the cookie-cutter vibe. What emerged when weddings evolved into full-blown experiences were full wedding weekends. Including pre and post-wedding events. From that, the wedding welcome party, long thought of as a black tie-only event, broke the glass ceiling as a fun party where all of the nearlyweds guests could meet IRL before the big day. Giving wedding welcome parties their moment for 2024 wedding trends!

Welcome parties were always a great added experience for outside-the-country destination weddings, but we’re watching them evolve into a trend that has erupted for weddings in or just outside the couple’s hometown! It’s an amazing way to bring everyone you love together. Without all the formalities of the big day. The best part about this wedding trend? There are no rules. It can be formal or informal or anything in between!

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3) The Bouquet Toss Isn’t Going Away

Surprised to see this one on the list? The old tried and true bouquet toss isn’t going away anytime soon, in fact, it’s just gotten more creative! And, no, we’re not talking about the thing where the marrier pretends they are going to toss the bouquet but instead hands it off to a friend who is about to be on the receiving end of a surprise proposal. We are talking about locking the bouquet in a box and giving each guest a different key to see if the box opens. By the way, did you catch that one on the gram? If not, you’ll love this TikTok-inspired trend to try at your upcoming wedding in place of a traditional toss! You can swipe either of these ideas for your 2024 wedding, or work with your wedding party to come up with something truly unique, infused with your personality!


Instead of a traditional bouquet toss try this 🥰❤️💍bride #bouquettoss weddingtiktok beautifulproposals

♬ original sound – Engagement & Wedding

4) Inspired Dress Codes

Wedding day dress codes for guests, have you heard of her? It’s a fab way to take your wedding from attending a personality-infused event to, my guests showed up to slay. Again, guest immersion via experience is the key here! Having your guests carefully select the attire they are going to wear for your wedding by letting them in on the not-so-secret dress code is a great way for them to turn up the volume on your wedding before they even arrive!

The color palette and specific details of the dress code will be entirely up to you, however, it’ll be key to communicate these details to your guests openly and excitedly! The message board of your Guestie event is a great way to get guests buzzing about your dress code, putting together mood boards, and finding a partner to hit the boutiques with. All in anticipation of showing up and showing out at your wedding!


Over The Moon Bride @Amy Littleson’s wedding dress code was “pink encouraged,” and it’s safe to say these guests showed up and served looks. 👏 Inspired by the bride’s personal style, her family and friends’ fashion perfectly complemented her vision for a “garden-party-meets-island-soirée” aesthetic. 🩷🌴🪩 #otmweddings #overthemoon #weddingdresscode #pinkwedding #weddingfashion #weddingguestdress #weddingtiktok

♬ Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album) – Dua Lipa

5) Content Creation

What began as a wedding trend is slowly making its way to the wedding mainstream. But, for now, wedding content creation is still toeing the line between trend and wedding day must-have, so we thought it deserved a spot on our list of 2024 wedding trends! Traditional wedding day captures will involve a mix of posing, portraiture, and “the moment”. The moment being your first look, the moment you are pronounced as married; your first dance, you get the idea. But wedding day content creation is a totally different approach to capturing your wedding day that focuses on the more candid moments, and the moments that are sure to make your wedding go viral! Wedding day content creators are a one-stop shop for adding this experience to your wedding day. Conversely, as this trend picks up steam, more and more wedding photographers are beginning to add content creation to their offerings. Wondering who to hire? Find the creator whose previous work best vibes with the wedding day you have planned!


Y’all this wedding was a PARTY! Thank you Jas & Nate for letting me capture uour wedding day content! #weddingcontent #weddingcontentcreator #weddingcontentcreation #eventcontentcreator #atlweddings #atlweddingvenue

♬ CUFF IT – Beyoncé

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6) Unexpected Color Palettes

The wedding industry experts are all buzzing about 2024’s hottest color palette, and we have to say, we kind of love it. Don’t get us wrong, we will always rock with a fab pink moment! But, everything old is new again and we are vibing on the earthy tones emerging as a trend for 2024 weddings! All the TikTok girlies are referring to it as burnt orange, rust, and terracotta. The tones are deeply inspired by the retro vibes of the ’60s and ’70s but put together in a fun modern way that curates an elevated look. To make this trend yours put together a moldboard on Canva or Pinterest. From there, you’ll need to decide if your moldboard will embody every aspect of your wedding with florals, linens, and wedding party attire. Or, if you are keeping it focused on just a few elements. We love the TikTok below for some inspiration on getting started!

Honorable Mention for 2024 Wedding Trends

Champagne Towers for 2024 Weddings!

Who would have known that (the also retro-inspired) champagne towers would be taking weddings by storm in 2024? Oh, that would be us, when we first discussed it as part of 2023’s emerging wedding trends! That’s the fabulous thing about trends in the wedding industry, they tend to hang on a bit longer than fashion trends. So, if you spotted this trend last year before you started planning your wedding, you’re in luck! Champagne towers are still happening at 2024 weddings and they are on trend. You will 100% need to work a champagne tower into your wedding day timeline, but we’ve found the best way to pop the bubbly and pour accordingly is at your reception, right after your grand entrance!

Those were our favorite 2024 wedding trends, plus one honorable mention! If you need to click through even more wedding day inspiration while you’re here; check out the latest topics on our blog!

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