5 Essential Wedding Planning Questions You Might Not Think to Ask

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You typically hear that the first things you need to decide on when you begin planning your wedding are: location, date, budget. But before any of those details get looked at, we have five more essential questions to ask yourself and your spouse-to-be after getting engaged. So forget about figuring out your budget or locating a venue for now and let’s think bigger picture! Don’t worry, this is gonna be fun!

Think During Your Wedding Planning: What do we want our top three memories to be?

Wedding planner Susan Moran always begins planning with couples by beginning at the end of the celebration. If you think back on the perfect vision of your wedding day, what are the images that appear in your imagination? Is it dancing? Singing karaoke? Sitting with a small group of guests and catching up? Carnival games? Haute cuisine in a big ballroom? Jot down the three or so “memories” you think of first and discuss together how to blend these ideas into your planning.

What is our story?

Where did you meet? What challenges did you overcome together? What would you tell a biographer about your story together thus far? These stories deserve to be celebrated, but you’ll only have the chance to do it if you take stock of who sets you two apart and figure out ways to incorporate those stories into your day. It’s these personal elements, like a video montage or personalized vows, that make the day more memorable.

Who is important to us?

When https://guestie.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/OWP15_Text-Alerts-e1664808980938-1.jpg, founder of Guestie, got married she knew she wanted to spend as much time with the friends and family she hadn’t seen in a while. “So we opted to skip the couples table at our reception dinner and sit with our bridal party. We’re so glad we did because we had a blast.”

Of course everyone you invite to your wedding will be special and meaningful to you, but think if there are special people you want to honor or people you don’t see often that you want to spend time with beyond just thanking them for attending. 

What values do we share that mean the most to us?

What’s most important to you? It’s a big question, but the answer should come easy. Is it your big family or your tight-knit group of friends, is fun the most important element or is it quiet moments of love and conversation and connection? Is it using your wedding as a way to bring your two families together? Or is it a chance to have fun and party with people you haven’t seen in a while? Figuring this out during the wedding planning process is key.

What hobbies/interests/passions do we want to incorporate?

You can get as personal with your planning as you’d like. If you want to bring in pieces from both of your lives, write up a list of things you love, things that mean a lot to you. Are you a huge Celine Dion fan? Maybe bring in an impersonator to belt out It’s All Coming Back to Me. Can’t get enough Friends? Make it the theme of the bachelorette party. Are you both into visual arts? Post an artist on site who draws sketches of the day. There’s limitless possibilities. Just remember, this is your day, so if you want that Harry Potter-themed wedding cake, bring on the Hogwarts fondant. 

Feeling inspired? Don’t forget to jot down notes, make a Pinterest vision board or add in a quick list of ideas on your phone. You don’t want to forget any of these important memories, interests and passions, especially as you get into all the details of planning. Refer back to these thoughts and ideas so they can act as your North Star in your planning journey. 

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