5 Roles for Dad in Your Wedding

Oh, dads! We love them so much, but during wedding planning they may get a little lost in the hustle and bustle. Traditionally, roles for dad in your wedding may include walking you down the aisle or having the first dance, but your dad is a special guy and would definitely appreciate some more special moments. By giving dad an important role or two, he’ll feel included during the wedding planning process, and he may even bring some great ideas to the table! So in honor of Father’s Day, we’re giving you the tea on how to include your dad in your wedding.  

(By the way, if you have any other important guys in your life, they can help with these things too!)

Dance Partner

dad as a dance partner
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Don’t feel like your only dance with your dad is the first! Let your life partner rest their feet for a moment and grab dad for a few songs. He’ll love all the attention (we’re not crying, you are) and your photographer can snap some super sweet photos of the two of you! Fair warning: he will probably cry at some point while dancing with you, so get ready for the water works and wear your waterproof mascara!


dad and daughter at wedding - 5 roles for dad in wedding
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Is your dad the ultimate socialite? Give him a distinguished spot before the ceremony and ask him to greet everyone! He’ll love reconnecting with old friends and sharing some funny (probably embarrassing) childhood stories about you. Especially, if he is contributing to host the wedding, this is a great opportunity for the guests to show their appreciation! 


Dad at wedding - roles for dad in the wedding
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Does your dad shine in the spotlight? If you don’t already have a DJ or entertainment plan, let your dad take the reins (with some guidance, of course). And if you are planning to hire a pro, ask them if your dad could MC one part of your wedding, like the speeches or the reception entrances! He’ll love having a chance to be on the mic, and you can bond over some of the wedding planning together. 

Include Your Stepdad

dad and daughter walking down the aisle - ways to include dad in the wedding
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If you have a stepdad, or more than one person you’d call “Dad,” then we have a great solution for your walk down the aisle. We love the idea of starting the processional with your dad, then asking your stepdad to join you halfway down the aisle. At this point, either your dad and stepdad can continue on both sides of you, or your dad can let your stepdad walk with you the rest of the way. Then, everyone will feel included in what is absolutely one of the most important moments of your life. 

The Guestbook Manager

mr and mrs sign
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Your dad can even help you in the months and weeks leading up to the wedding, to help make sure that your guests’ experience is amazing. Let him co-host your Guestie digital party starter and guestbook! It’s super easy to use, so even the most tech-novice dads will figure it out. He can help make sure that all of your guests add photos, intros, and stories to your Guestie event. He’ll love getting to know everyone before the big day (this role pairs perfectly with the greeter role from above as well)!

The First Speech

The first speech - wedding cheers with gold confetti
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One of the biggest honors during a wedding is giving a speech, and the first speech is the most important! Honestly, it’s one of the only speeches that everyone will listen to because they’re still in their seats and haven’t had too much bubbly yet. If you think he’s up to the task, ask your dad to be a part of this tradition to give the first speech! He’ll probably have the perfect mix of funny and emotional stories, and he’ll even throw in a few dad jokes! Your guests will love hearing his stories, and it’ll take a bit of the pressure off the rest of the speeches too!

Regardless of what your dad does on your wedding day, he’ll love knowing that you’re including him in your plans. If you’re looking for more wedding planning advice, head to our blog! Need some aesthetic inspo? Follow us on Pinterest. Want to stay up to date with all things weddings? Follow us on Instagram!

Can’t wait to see how you choose to include your dad in your wedding!

Lots of love. 

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