5 Unexpectedly Fab Spring Wedding Color Palettes

Searching for a fab spring wedding color palette that’s slightly outside the norm? We put together 5 unexpectedly fabulous spring wedding color palettes, for couples who love injecting their wedding day experience with their own unique personality!

The Traditional With a Muted Twist

Color Names & Hex Codes: Quicksand #BE9686, Drover #FDEFB2, Glacier #73A2CB

How to Use it: Spring weddings are synonymous with pastel color palettes. We thought it would be fun to take a traditional pastel color palette and up-level it by making it appear more dusty or “muted” in tone. Fun right? Gorgeous dusty florals for a spring wedding are high on the list for this color palette, especially the creamy yellow ones in the mood board above! But, we also love breaking it down by texture! Extra long soft airy veils, linen wedding stationery, dinner plates with pops of baby blue, and gorgeous natural light streaming through every moment of your spring wedding portraits! Talk to your wedding photographer about sneaking out of your reception for a golden hour photo if you want that soft yellow sun gently setting behind you on your best day ever.

The Complimentary Ombré

Color Names & Hex Codes: Carrara #F0F0EC, Bizarre #F0DBDC, Beauty Bush #EEB8B8, Burning Sand #DD8E7F

How to Use it: Ok, so we went with a variation of pink-ish orange-y colors for this palette as a fun way to choose complimentary colors with the same undertones. But really you can do this with any color of your choice! Purples, yellows, blues, you name it! Put your creativity to work and choose 4 complimentary colors to bring this almost monochromatic spring wedding color palette to life.

And, if you want to reverse engineer it, you can first talk to your floral designer about what blooms will be in season around the date of your wedding and then build your color palette around your flower choice! If florals aren’t the first thing on your list when working with this color palette, you can incorporate your colors into your table settings. Linens, napkins, chargers, plates, colored stemware, the works! Don’t hold back. It’ll create an immediate sea of “oohs” and “ahhs” when your guests walk into your reception space! Another fun way to use this color palette is by renting or creating a custom backdrop for your photo booth.

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The Plant Mom Aesthetic

Color Names & Hex Codes: Aqua Forest #6FA67C, Bay Leaf #84B281, Quarter Pearl #FFFDF6 [background color]

How to Use it: How crisp and clean is this spring wedding color palette? We’re mildly obsessed. You can almost picture what this plant mom’s house looks like, right? She loves open shelves and draped vines, macrame hangings, and rattan furniture. There might even be a cat in her apartment stretched across the floor where a stream of mid-day light is bathing the carpet. It’s a vibe, it’s a mood, and now, we’re making it a spring wedding color palette!

Who says you can’t have plants at your wedding instead of florals? Love that for you! How much will your guests love taking home plants of their own at the end of the night to fill their home as opposed to flowers that will require more watering and potentially not make it until the end of the week? Not a fan of our plants at reception idea? If your ceremony is held in a conservatory or a greenhouse, the work is already done for you! Want to incorporate the vibe without all the plants? Farm-to-table dinner service paired with craft cocktails will evoke the feeling you get when you step into “that girl’s” apartment!

The Chic & Romantic Minimalist

Color Names & Hex Codes: Carrara #EAE9E2 [invitation suite], Gray Nurse #EFF1EE [invitation suite], Gallery #EEEEEE [orchids]

How to Use it: Love all the romantic feels but with a clean, soft look? You might be a chic and romantic minimalist. Which is what we’re naming this gorgeous mood board!  This spring wedding inspiration is all about the soft details, clean lines, and lots of varying textures that come together to create a romantic minimalist wedding day at its finest! So, how do you pull this off when it’s more about a feeling and less about a color?

Allow your guests to dine with antique sterling silver flatware and sip champagne out of coupe cocktail glasses, Gatsby style! Florals in shades of all white with minimal to no greenery, and soft lighting at nightfall. Remember that less is more and even the shape of the chair that you select for your guest’s seating at your reception plays a role in pulling off this epic spring wedding day vibe! Speaking of chairs we love the idea of renting King Louis chairs for your guest’s seating and tufted armchairs for the sweetheart table!

The Magical Unicorn

Color Names & Hex Codes: Cherub #F3C4F2, Prelude #C0B6E0, Sky Blue #76D9EB, Anakiwa #92ECFD

How to Use it: Bold wedding day attire is right at the top of our list for this gorgeous whimsical color palette! But, if you’re looking for a more subtle approach to working this fab spring wedding color palette into your day, we have some thoughts. Gorgeous floral bouquets for you and your wedding party! Or, conversely, monochromatic florals for your wedding party with complimentary attire in the same scheme as your color palette. A super fun dessert table or candy bar at your wedding reception would make this color palette the star of your guest’s wedding day experience.

Also, how amazing would this fun color pop palette look in your wedding photos? If you’re lucky enough to be hosting your wedding in a city known for its vibrant colored walls and murals, stopping by on your wedding day for awesome color-filled portraits is a must! If you don’t have an available mural nearby, you can still get the same effect by using oversized balloons with tassels in your photos! Want to go super literal with this color palette? Have a cotton candy vendor spinning cones full of the sugary confection for your guests in these colors!

Want to check out some more wedding day color inspo while you’re here? We put together our favorite tones for fall in this post!

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