5 Unique Summer Wedding Color Palettes

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Looking for a unique color palette for your summer wedding?

We love summer weddings! The weather, the fresh ingredients on the menu, and the cocktail hour. But most of all, the carefree vibe of the season! Everyone feels like they are on a mini vacation with long days spent at the beach, by the pool, or at the lake. That carefree vibe will be written all over your guests and spill over into your summer wedding experience! But most of all, it’s the one season where nearly weds are not afraid to go big or go home when it comes to their wedding!

So what does your summer wedding color palette have to do with anything? Well, a color palette ties together your vision. All while bringing together the tone of your wedding. It’s a crucial part of decor and planning that helps convey the experience you are hoping to achieve. 

The amazing thing about choosing a color palette for a summer wedding? You can pretty much go in any which direction! Bright and vibrant, beachy and laid back, classic, or boho. Anything goes! A summer wedding color palette has no constraints because there are plenty of fresh flowers in bloom. Choosing a color palette is the very first step in planning your wedding day decor. Your color palette will serve as a point of reference and inspiration when choosing your attire, florals, rentals, and stationery! If you’re stuck on where to start when choosing a color palette for your summer wedding, we put together 5 unique wedding color palettes that you can steal from the blog below!

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Beachy Matte

We love matte tones that draw a touch of inspiration from the elements! This wedding color palette takes inspiration from the sand and the setting sun while adding in a punch of terracotta to make it unique. It has that carefree summer vibe to it that we just mentioned and we love the variety of undertones in these three colors!

How to use it: Lighting will be your friend if you are having a nighttime soiree on the beach! Long taper candles, twinkle lights, and anything that will naturally enhance your surroundings with a vibey feel. We also particularly love this wedding color palette for mix-and-match wedding party attire.

Peaches & Green

This color palette is earthy meets “almost” neon and we are here to give it a full moment! Summer is all about fresh of the season flavors, including barrels of ripe juicy peaches. So don’t be afraid to go literal with this one and create some amazing summer wedding cocktails that incorporate peach slices or muddled peach! One thing to be mindful of when working with a color palette that incorporates peach is to be careful that your tones don’t swing in either direction towards pink or orange, which can happen really easily!

How to use it: If you’re not big on incorporating peach-flavored anything, this palette is amazing for selecting creamy-colored wedding day florals. For linens, we love going with complimentary shades of champagne to tie together that soft creamy feeling!

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Purple Pastels

We get it, purple can sometimes have an unintended 80s vibe to it. But when done correctly, a monochromatic purple summer wedding color palette can be fab and turn up the vibrancy on your wedding day! We love pink. But it’s been done to death, don’t you think? So we went a little outside the box when we looked for a tone that still evoked the level of feminity that the color pink does, but with more of a spirit to it!

How to use it: There’s no wrong way to use a monochromatic palette! The fun part about using all purple everything is that you get the choose the shades you’ll be using. There are limitless options for pairing together pastel purples. You can go with deep rich hues of purple or barely there shades of purple. Or heck, you can use them all! Don’t be afraid to go outside the box and do something unexpected when planning your unforgettable wedding day experience!

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Boho Neutrals

This particular color palette is more about the absence of color, don’t you think? Boho is more a vibe created by the elements than it is about the color palette. Boho is all about a stripped-down, carefree, unplugged approach to everyday life, and now to your wedding! More and more we are watching couples incorporate dried florals into their weddings along with hanging rattan lanterns and attire that says, I’m definitely comfortable, but I also came to party! 

How to use it: Pampas grass, dried bunny tail, fringe, and rattan! For your table covers and napkin choices go with natural undyed fabrics. Going boho for your big day is all about mixing elements of your decor together and asking yourself how it lends itself to the overall experience. 

Tropical Vibes Only

You don’t have to get married in Hawaii or the Florida Keys to take advantage of this unique summer wedding color palette! This color palette has a lively energy to it and it does not lack in the eye-catching fun department! If you want to take this color palette and level it up even more, you can add a fun shade of complimentary orange to it.

How to use it: Monstera leaves everywhere! On your wedding arbor at your ceremony and as chargers at your dinner service under the dinner plates! Pops of these tropical colors on your wedding stationery suite can set the tone for your event and let your guests know what to expect in advance. Having custom signage made? Be sure to include homage to those Monstera leaves on your welcome and bar sign! 

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