Which of These 5 Viral-Worthy Pink Palettes is Your Wedding Day Vibe?

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Ready to plan a pink wedding day full of all the vibes? You might be wondering “which shade of pink” your wedding day is. Are you Barbie, Elle Woods, Kacey Musgraves, Millennial, or TikTok pink? Pink wedding days used to be all blush flowers this, and blush linens that. But no more! From the boldest neons to the coolest neutrals; yeah, we like to think of pink as a neutral, can you blame us? We put together 5 viral-worthy pink color palettes to help you discover which pink is truly “you”! Keep reading for more!

Barbie-core Pink

Come on Barbie let’s go party! You already know that our girl Margot Robbie is living out all of our childhood dreams on the big screen this summer! But, if you want to break off a piece of that childhood nostalgia for yourself, a Barbie-core pink wedding day is the way to go! Fun elements, neon & hot pink in every corner, and an over-the-top wedding adventure where “anything is possible”, that’s a resounding hell yeah from us! You don’t have to tuck it away for the bach party, we are giving you full permission to play in Malibu when you say I do!

Who It’s For: The fun-loving adventurous couple who is ready to surprise their guests with a wholesome out-of-this-world experience!

Barbie-core Experience To Add to Your Wedding: A fun and sparkly lemonade stand inspired by Barbie’s frenemy Raquelle. We’ll let you decide if you are serving up spiked, sparkling, mocktails, or all of the above! 

Pantone Colors Featured Below: #E0218A, #E33796, #E64DA1, #E964AD

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Elle Woods Inspired Wedding

If you’ve found your “Emmett” after dropping your version of Warner Huntington III, congrats! Elle Woods is fearless, bubbly, and vibrant, and we’re pretty sure she dots her i’s with hearts. She is uniquely determined & confident and we love how she makes it all look so easy! “What like it’s hard”? So of course, she made our list of 5 viral-worthy pink wedding day palettes! We put together this fun Legally Blonde/Elle Woods-inspired wedding day palette for those of you who are looking for an “​​83 percent rate of return” on your wedding day RSVPs!

Who It’s For: The fearless, dream-chasing couple who is “seriously in love”.

Legally Blonde Experience To Add to Your Wedding: Your fur baby as a ring bearer. Check with your venue first of course!

Pantone Colors Featured Below: #CC4063, #E58997, #EC4E8C, #EC64B3

Millennial Pink-Inspired Wedding

We love our millennial nearlyweds just as much as we love our Gen Z nearlyweds! However, millennials view their wedding day a teeny tiny bit differently than their Gen Z counterparts. Sure, they both focus on their day as a unique experience for themselves and their guests, but millennials have their very own Pantone. And yep – it’s called millennial pink! A millennial pink wedding uses washed-out neutral shades of pink to create a laid-back, effortless vibe. A millennial wedding done right will feature tones of greenery, textured rattan, and all the light and airy a couple can muster!

Who It’s For: The couple with uber-busy lives who wants their wedding day to be unplugged and the best time they’ve ever had!

Millennial Experience To Add to Your Wedding: Live music with major festy vibes!

Pantone Colors Featured Below: #EBC9C0, #DEB1AA, #DFB3A6, #DBAFA2

Pink weddings represent love & romance. A pink wedding is a playful way to show off your modern-day style! – Guestie

Kacey Musgraves Inpisred Wedding

Cue up your Spotify playlist because it’s time to talk about Spacey Kacey’s iconic style! Kacey has rocked some fab looks that have inspired the wedding inspo board below. I mean, did you see that Giambattista Valli tulle gown she wore to the academy awards in 2019? Not to mention her Barbie-inspired met gala look from the same year. The girl is ahead of her time! If you want to take a page out of Kacey’s playbook for your wedding day, we put together a few elements that make us think of our Tennessee sweetheart! Cowboy boots, hats, and cactus are not required, but you have to admit, it’s pretty fun!

Who It’s For: Our girl Kacey leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes with her signature style. A Kacey Musgraves-inspired wedding is for the couple who wants every corner of their wedding to shine with fab lighting, mixed textures, and stand-out style!

Kacey Musgraves Inspired Experience To Add to Your Wedding: Food trucks that serve up rodeo-inspired ooey-gooey stick-to-your-ribs comfort food!

Pantone Colors Featured Below: #E676BF, #EDA8CA, #EB97A1, #D44476. And yes, we grabbed these Pantone colors from some of Kacey’s most famous ‘fits!

TikTok Viral Wedding Inspiration

Shout out to all the TikTok girlies carrying that viral Jacquemus bag because this wedding day inspiration board is directly inspired by them! Creating a viral-worthy TikTok pink wedding is not really about “going big” from beginning to end. It’s more about focusing on the stand-out elements that best align with your unique personality and creating a full-blown experience out of them. Remember Teresa Guidice’s hair from her wedding to Luis Ruelas? Of course, you do because everyone is still talking about it a FULL YEAR later! It was sky high and rumor has it that the total ‘do cost around 10k. But being the queen of Jersey, could you expect anything else from “Tre”? Much like the viral weddings we love to gush over on TikTok, Teresa knew how to create her own stand-out moment that everyone would buzz about!

Who It’s For: The couple that can’t wait to let their guests in on the “big reveal”! Whether the big reveal is a 10-tier cake, ring tattoos happening live and in person at the reception, or a custom-made designer gown, you already have a big idea in mind and you’re dying to experience it!

TikTok-Inspired Experience To Add to Your Wedding: A wedding day content creator, is there anything else? Curious about what it looks like to work with a wedding day content creator? Check out this post!

Pantone Colors Featured Below: #EC81A5, #E06FCA, #C44887, #F5BBCF

We hope you pinned some of these viral-worthy pink wedding inspo boards! If you need even more fab wedding inspiration while you’re here, check out some of the most recent trending topics on our blog!

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