5 Wedding Elements to Splurge On, and 5 to Cut Back

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You’ve probably spent a good amount of time with your wedding budget. There’s so many things you want to include, trying to make it all fit into your budget can be a challenge. Every couple finds things they want to add and things they realize they don’t need in their wedding. It’s easy to get caught up in all the wedding marketing and feel that you need it all to pull off the wedding of your dreams.

But, as couples who have gotten married will tell you, there’s certain things that will give you big returns (more memories, more fun and feel good energy) and other things that simply don’t deliver much happiness for their price. Here’s our picks for things to definitely get behind splurging on and other things that are ok to let go over, because they won’t really be missed!

Five Wedding Elements to Splurge on


Whether it’s a live band, a harpist or a popular DJ, music turns a wedding into a celebration. Not only does music fill us with energy and energize a room, there’s other benefits. Both a live band and DJ have the experience to know how to bring out the best energy of your guests. They’ll have the know-how to read the room and will know when to play a slow song, when to speed things up and when to give everyone a heads up that a speech is about to happen. Def not the same as getting your cousin to run a playlist from their iPhone. Nothing kills vibes faster than hearing notifications muting out the music. 

Your Wedding Video

Videography has gone from being an afterthought add-on to being one of couples’ favorite spends. Why? Because your wedding is captured in cinematic beauty, moments are elevated to Hollywood heights. It’s easy to share a video with friends and family online. Whenever you want to relive your magic moments, all you have to do is play the video. Carry it on your phone, blast it all over social, you’ll never be far from your memories. 

Wedding Food

No one wants hangry wedding guests, that’s for sure. So don’t make them wait to eat. Keep them grazing throughout the night, whether it’s passed hors d’oeuvres, a dessert buffet or late night pizzas, your guests will appreciate a variety of tasty treats throughout the night. 

Memory Makers

Lawn games, photo booths, signature analyzers, poem crafters, the list of fun interactive activity options is endless. Elements like these not only give your wedding an extra special feel but they remove a lot of the pressure of keeping guests entertained. That’s priceless right?

Your After-Party

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and those few hours sure do fly by! Why not make the most of the celebration? If you factor in that you’ll spend a good chunk of time fighting off butterflies through the ceremony and making sure you check off all your chosen wedding traditions at the reception, we think you deserve some extra party time. An after party also takes full advantage of warmed up guests who have shed their inhibitions (hopefully not too much though) and are in full celebration spirits. 

Five Elements Where You Can Cut Back

Wedding Favors

How many of us have a wine stopper or beer cozy we can’t seem to part with because it’s got the name of loved ones emblazoned on it. Save your guests the added clutter and scale back on favors. Instead of permanent items, go with budget friendly snacks, flower seeds or coffee beans. Many guests even forget to leave with their favors, so it’s not worth spending tons on a forgettable part of the night. 

An Elaborate Wedding Cake

Yes, we’re all impressed at the fondant representation of you as a couple backpacking and yes, that fondant dog looks JUST like your Corgi, but guess what? That cake is getting cut up and save for a few photos, your wedding cake will quickly get consumed and all that will matter when it hits the table is whether it tastes as good as it looks. Skip the elaborately designed custom cake and opt for a widely popular flavor that will do it’s two main jobs: give you a cake to cut together and give your guests a yummy dessert. Save the fondant Corgi for your anniversary party.

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers look and smell amazing, but they also cost a significant amount. Lean on a crafty florist who can give you budget friendly options and innovations. Florists can work magic and create the same impact and aesthetic with less expense. Few people will say they had the best time at the wedding with the most elaborate florals. 

Wedding Invitations

Your invitation is the first peek guests will have about the design and vibe of your wedding. It’s your wedding’s first impression! So of course the urge to splurge is real. But think about what happens with those invitations after they’re open. You might get an “ooh” and “aah” (neither of which you’ll be there to witness). But then in short order. that invitation find its way to the recycle bin. 

Designer Wedding Shoes

You want to wear the best shoes possible on one of the most important days of your life, right? But who will notice your shoes? Particularly if your dress covers them, expensive shoes can be a waste. Especially when you account for all the brides that ditch those Louboutins for comfy dancing shoes. 

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