5 Wedding Exit Ideas for an Epic Send-off

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Need wedding exit ideas for an epic send-off on your wedding day?! We’ve rounded up 5 of the most amazing (in our opinion) ways to exit your wedding with a bang. While also nailing that perfect wedding send-off photo!

Wedding exits are such a fun way to bring your guests together at the end of the night. After spending the day celebrating with your guests and hitting the dance so hard your feet hurt, it’s only fitting that they send you off into a sea of newlywed bliss!

Creating a memorable wedding exit and nailing “that photo” takes a little bit of work and a lot of coordination! From getting your guests on board to coordinating with your photographer. And finally, disposing of those exit props.

In the post below, we’re sharing 5 wedding exit ideas to end your night in style! And we’re going to make it easy for your to coordinate them by showing you how you can use Guestie to make it happen!

1) Sparkler Wedding Exit

Sparkler wedding exits are kind of the new norm when it comes to planning an epic wedding exit! And we can’t help but be transfixed by the brightly burning sparkly glow that creates the perfect moment for an epic kiss with the love of your life. Whether or not you decided to dip them when you go in for the kiss, is up to you!

First things first, before you decide on planning a sparkler wedding exit, check with your venue ahead of time for any restrictions that may involve the use of sparklers!!!

Sparkler wedding exits are ideal for nighttime wedding exits. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t organize one during the day. You can, but you’ll definitely lose some of that glowy sparkle to sunlight. 

Staging a sparkler wedding exit takes a few key decisions and heaps of coordination! First, what time are you and your spouse going to leave the venue? If you’re not planning on leaving the venue because you’re having some late-night bites or an after-party, what time do you plan on staging a sparkler wedding exit? You’ll need as many guests as possible to stage that bright glow! This means planning your staged exit at an hour of the night when you know a decent amount of guests are still at your wedding and in full-on party mode.

Next, you’ll need to tell them the what and how of your sparkler wedding exit. But keep it simple and straightforward. Information overload will just have your guests confused. A great way to keep your guests informed of your sparkler wedding exit is by using the text alerts in your Guestie account! If you’re working with a wedding planning or day-of coordinator, they can schedule these for you! You’ll want to set them up as a host on your Guestie account in advance. That’ll allow them to draft and send any text messages from your account.

The last person you need onboard for your epic sparkler wedding exit is your photographer! Openly communicate with them about the amazing shot you’re hoping to nail and ask them what they need from you and your guests to make it happen.

Also, depending on the physical length of your sparklers you’ll only have a little bit of time to walk through your bridge of guests and go in for that epic photo before your guest’s fingers start getting uncomfortably warm. Here’s where the final stage of preparation is important! Have a designated bucket filled with either sand or water for guests to quickly & easily extinguish their sparklers!

Lastly, after your epic sparkler wedding exit, you’ll want to send out a pre-scheduled text alert to your guests through your Guestie account thanking them for their participation. Along with your thank you message you can also add in a short blip about your wedding hashtag. That way your guests can take to social media to share any behind-the-scenes shots of your day!!

2) Bubble Wedding Sendoff

If whimsical wedding day vibes are your thing, a bubble wedding sendoff is where it’s at!

Aren’t bubbles so nostalgic? Isn’t it crazy how making tiny weightless iridescent orbs brings us on a trip down memory lane and right back to the carefree days of our childhood? So it was only natural that we had to include a bubble wedding sendoff on our number two spot of the top 5 wedding exit ideas!

We love bubble wedding exits post-ceremony for outdoor weddings! They’re also kind of classic for exiting a church wedding too, don’t you think? Can you picture those ornate double doors sweeping open to a crowd full of your closest friends and family members cheering you on while a flurry of light-catching bubbles heads your way?

Bubbles are a somewhat easy exit to coordinate. If you’re going the old school route you can set up a table of bubbles for your guests to access with those cute little kitschy rhyming cards attached.  And if you really want to amp up your bubble wedding exit, check with the entertainment that you’ve booked for your reception to see if they have bubble machines available to aid in the whimsical wedding sendoff of your dreams!

The trick to planning a great bubble wedding exit is to have it after your ceremony but before your cocktail hour. However, you’ll need to make sure your guests aren’t dashing away from the ceremony and towards cocktail hour!

Here’s how you can make sure they stick around long enough to nail that whimsical wedding moment. Set up an announcement via the message board of your Guestie account. Boom, done. Easy right? We recommend setting this up the week before your wedding. During that week the excitement of your day will be at its highest with your guests checking into your Guestie account.

3) Ribbon Wand Aisle Exit

Do you know the feeling you get when you look at a wedding photo and the vibrant colors are popping through the screen? The guests are smiling so hard and the couple is kissing like it’s their best day ever. You think to yourself, damn, that’s the kind of wedding I want! Yeah, us too!

If you want to look back on your wedding photos and feel that feeling all over again, then some vibrantly colored ribbon wands will make an amazing ceremony aisle exit for your best day ever!

And by the way, Ribbon wands do not have to be DIY. You can order them online in your wedding color palette. If your wedding color palette is pastel you can go off-theme and pick something more vivid. A more vivid color will capture the energy & magic of your wedding send-off. We’ll give you permission to bypass your color palette, at least for this!!

Colorful vibrant strands of ribbon shaking furiously will frame you perfectly when you are grabbing that post-ceremony processional kiss! Or, picture walking out your brunch reception with a heap of shiny colored ribbons shining in the sun while your guests wave and cheer furiously for you.

Want your guests to be just as excited about your ribbon exit as you are? Look, we all have that one overly vivacious uncle (or aunt) who has zero shame and will be the loudest most enthusiastic cheerleader possible. You know the one, their energy and humor are absolutely contagious and all of your friends ask how Uncle so and so is doing from time to time. They are absolutely going to be your point person for getting the rest of your guests equally excited about your ribbon wand exit as they are!

A ribbon wand exit is an amazing post-ceremony whether inside or outdoors! Have your wedding planner or day-of coordinator place the wands on your guest’s seats. That way they’ll be ready to shake with enthusiastic fury when you come down the aisle together!

4) Confetti Last Dance Send-off

Ok, this one is not technically an exit but more like a segue to your after party!

It’s the last dance of the night, and the party is still going, strong! Your adrenaline is pumping. You’re not even sure your guests have left the dance floor to rehydrate because everyone is having such an amazing time with each other. But, your reception is coming to a close and it’s nearly time to head off to the after-party.

You end the night on the dancefloor to a flurry of (water dissolving) confetti so thick that you can’t see! Your senses will be overcome by the sound of loud cheers, and joyful laughter. As the flurry of confetti clears, you can see it, everywhere! In your hair, in your dress, on the floor, and covering your guests. It’s truly unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and also something you will never forget! Seriously, it’ll become “that story” about your wedding that your guests will tell in your presence for years to come. It’ll go a little something like this “I swear I found confetti in my clothes for a week after that!”

The snowstorm confetti effect will have to be planned in advance with your DJ or entertainment group and it takes no guest participation to make it happen!

5) Rose Petals & Dried Florals

Most wedding ceremony venues prohibited the use of rice and glitter years ago. Do we blame them? No, definitely not. It’s a major pain to clean up! Additionally, couples started facing clean-up fees after their wedding, yikes! While other couples were even being refused back portions of their deposit. Ultimately,  the whole rice and glitter thing crashed and burned.

By the way, have you ever seen a wedding day rice throw gone wrong? It usually ends with the couple ducking for dear life while being pelted, not pretty!

Eco-friendly, fragrant, and available through your wedding florist, rose petals & and dried florals offer up a much better modern-day solution to the rice throw days of the past.

Check with your wedding florist to see what they’ll have in season at the time of your wedding for you to coordinate a floral toss wedding exit with. If you’re going for a memorable wedding day photo that you can practically smell every time you look back on it, you’ll want bulk quantities of the petals of your choice. Your guests will need to grab a fistful of florals to create an impactful floral toss! This amount of florals will create a dreamy effect for your exit and a wedding photo that’s worthy of linking to on your Guestie message board after your wedding!

And if you and your fiance are true romantics at heart, you can choose flower petals based on the symbolism behind them. Roses for a romantic wedding exit, and dried lavender to symbolize devotion! Imagine the feeling you’ll get every time you smell roses or lavender and you’re instantly transported back to the moment you were filled with joy after marrying the love of your life. Perfection!

Setting up a floral toss wedding exit can be relatively easy. There are two ways you can make it simple for your guests to get involved. The first is by creating paper cones filled with florals and placing them on or near each of your guest chairs. The second is by designing a petal toss “bar”. For this option, you’ll need bins and baskets full of loose petals. Set it up in an area where your guests can grab them by the fistful right before your processional! If you decide to go with a “petal toss bar” your officiant will need to make a quick announcement alerting your guests that it’s “time” before they send you down the aisle!

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