6 Enchanting Fall Wedding Cake Flavors to Elevate Your Dessert Service

Fall Wedding Cake Flavors, Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Searching for a fall wedding cake flavor that will create a memorable wedding day experience?

Are you in the middle of planning your fall wedding? You’re not alone! Did you know that 14% of all weddings in the US happen during the month of October? (source: The Wedding Report, Inc) Which makes October, by and far, the most popular month of the year to host a wedding!

Fall is an amazing season to plan a wedding where the experience of your day takes center stage. And, because you’re a Guestie reader, we know you want to create a memorable experience for you and your wedding guests! The change in seasons from summer to fall brings about new scents and tantalizing flavors that can easily be incorporated into your wedding day. Is there any better way to do that than by choosing a fall wedding cake flavor?

“The benefit of a fall wedding is that you get to choose from the comforting flavors of the season. Carrot cake and red velvet are more traditional fall-inspired flavors. However, you could also work with your baker to create something unique like a Maple Pumpkin Cake or an Apple Spice Cake with Apple Pie Filling!” Lee – of LoveLee Bakeshop

It’s true, summer wedding cake flavors are all about tropical fruity fillings. But fall weddings have the opportunity to play around with rich soul-warming flavors that will transport your guests right back to their fondest childhood memories!

Fall Wedding Cake Flavors, Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Ordering your wedding cake will be one of the last steps of your wedding planning process. Depending on the bakery that you decide to work with, orders can range anywhere from 2-6 months ahead of your wedding day.  But, choosing your fall wedding cake flavor is just one step in placing your wedding cake order! You still get to decide on the overall design of your cake as well as what will be served beside your cake!

Below, we’ve selected 6 enchanting fall wedding cake flavors to elevate the dessert service at your wedding! And because planning an experience-based wedding is all about the details and going the extra mile, we’re also going to provide you with suggestions on what to pair them with! You’ll captivate your guest’s palette and they’ll be saying “remember that wedding cake?!” for years to come!

1) Pumpkin Spice

How amazing would a pumpkin spice wedding cake layered with cream cheese filling be for your fall wedding? We know, we know, pumpkin spice gets a lot of hate! When the calendar silently rolls to the end of August, we are inundated with Pumpkin Spice Everything. Maybe you’re not a huge fan of the “PSL” (that’s pumpkin spice latte) but you can’t wait to get your hands on a good slice of pumpkin spice pound cake or even a seasonally flavored donut. If that’s the case, then a pumpkin spice wedding cake might be just the flavor you’ve been searching for!

Pair it with

Pumpkin spice wedding cake can be paired with a variety of desserts and hot drinks to “punch it up”. But we have to go with a classic choice here! Hot coffee or latte service! A delicious slice of pumpkin spice wedding cake followed by a hot sip of a freshly crafted latte, major yum! And, if you’re worried about getting hate from your guests for your choice of wedding cake flavor, then work with your baker to offer your guests a selection of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes alongside your uniquely flavored wedding cake!

Top it with

  • Fresh of-the-season florals
  • Piped pumpkins
  • Chrysanthemums (piped or sugar flower style!)
  • Fresh mini pumpkins
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Mini pumpkin spice or powdered donuts
  • A crumb coating

2) Salted Caramel

Ok, so far this list is looking a little like an order you would give your barista. But, trust us, Salted Caramel is an amazing fall wedding cake flavor! If you have a serious sweet tooth and you love the unexpected flavor of salty meets sweet when it comes to your desserts, then salted caramel is the way to go. Fair warning though, caramel can sometimes feel a little “overboard”. If a salted caramel wedding cake has your heart then schedule a tasting with your baker before you give the final green light!

Pair it with

This sweet meets salty uber-rich confection needs a dessert that can easily complement it.

Offer your guests milkshakes along with their salted caramel wedding cake! If you want to offer your non-caramel-loving guests a variety of desserts to nibble on, then an assortment of macaroons & petit fours would be a perfect crowd pleaser!

Top it with

  • Buttercream frosting
  • “Drip” frosting
  • Chocolate Hazelnut or Vanilla macaroons
  • Crushed pecans drizzled with (more!) caramel

3) Apple Cinnamon

Arguably the most notable scent and flavor of the season. Who can ignore apple cinnamon? If there’s a person alive that doesn’t like apple cinnamon, point me in their direction because truthfully, I don’t think one exists! There is something so soul-warming about the combination of apples and cinnamon, isn’t there?

There are a few different ways to achieve this flavor profile for your fall wedding cake. An apple cinnamon cake with buttercream frosting. A spice cake filled with cinnamon apples, a spice cake topped with warm cinnamon apples at dessert service, or apple pie. Yep! We said, apple pie! Look, if you want to do the whole ceremonial “cutting the cake” thing with your spouse, your baker can create a “dummy” cake for you. A dummy cake is a faux cake that contains one layer of actual cake for you and your partner to cut into at your wedding. Once the cake is cut you can serve your guests up some warm apple pie!

Pair it with

A cinnamon apple wedding cake truly needs no assistance in delighting your guests. But, we promised some pairing options so here they are! Going for apple pie? A scoop of ice cream on top is a perfect choice. Apple cinnamon is such a classic dessert that it doesn’t make sense to go bolder than the main event. But if you want your guests to have options, because who doesn’t like options?! A Viennese table packed to the brim with other classic desserts will make a splash! We’re talking cookies, brownies, parfaits, cupcakes, all of it!

Top it with

  • Dried apple slices
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Walnuts
  • Candy apple slices
  • “Drip” frosting
  • Crumb coating

4) Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is a rich warm option for your fall wedding cake! However, we are not strangers to the fact that a carrot cake wedding cake may also be another divisive choice (see also Pumpkin spice, just sayin’) Carrot cake tends to come packed with raisins, nuts, and sometimes even both. Which can make for a difficult decision when choosing what to serve your guests. Especially, if you have any food allergies in the crowd. You can of course ask your baker to omit any nuts if allergies are a concern. Want to include carrot cake as part of your wedding cake without making it the whole cake? You can totally alternate flavor options with each layer of your cake! 

Fall Wedding Cake Flavors, Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Pair it with

A donut wall! Donut walls are still insanely popular crowd pleasers on wedding day, and they really serve two purposes. The first is the decor! Your guests will be enamored by your donuts on display and they’ll be snapping photos all night long, or as long as the donuts last! The second is their grab-and-go style! It’s a total zero judgment zone where your guests can easily help themselves to 2 or 3 donuts and enjoy every single morsel!

Top it with

  • Cream cheese frosting (preferably in a textured pattern!)
  • Fresh florals (seasonal or to match your wedding color palette!)
  • Crumb coating
  • Sweet caramel drizzle

5) Gingerbread

I mean, who says you really have to wait until it’s officially winter to enjoy gingerbread anyway?! Not us, that’s for sure! The combination of ​​ginger, cinnamon, and cloves will have the guests at your fall wedding looking forward to the first snowfall of the season! Gingerbread is such an unforgettable, transportive flavor profile and an easy crowd pleaser. It’s unexpected and whimsical, and the perfect touch to make your fall wedding a joyous occasion.

Pair it with

What else? Hot chocolate of course! Warm hot chocolate topped with marshmallows or whipped cream served beside a heaping piece of gingerbread wedding cake would make an amazing dessert service experience for your guests. Alternatively, you can opt to enchant your guests with a s’mores bar! Ooey gooey marshmallows on top of melty chocolate and graham crackers! Deelish!

Top it with

  • Gingerbread cookies
  • Macaroons 
  • Buttercream
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Fresh or dried cranberries

6) Italian Rum Cake

Italian Rum Cake is a traditional dessert for special occasions and events across Italian households. Why not elevate that classic traditional cake and turn it into your fall wedding cake flavor?! If you want to honor your Italian heritage on your wedding day this vanilla sponge-style cake with ultra creamy frosting will be the ultimate crowd pleaser! If you are not familiar with Italian rum cake, it does in fact contain alcohol. Which may be something to consider if you are serving younger guests or sober guests at your wedding. If the rum in your cake is a concern, work with your baker to create a multi-tiered wedding cake that alternates between Italian Rum Cake and Italian Wedding Cake. This will give your guests a selection during your cake service!

Fall Wedding Cake Flavors, Fall Wedding, Fall Wedding Planning, Guestie

Pair it with

Pizzelle cookies and Italian Espresso would make amazing pairings with your Italian rum wedding cake! Is there any better way to keep your guests on the dance floor all night long and keep the party going than with espresso?! It’s the perfect pick-me-up after what is sure to be a delicious dessert service. Italian espresso is known for its thicker consistency and its robust flavor which will be amazing for the coffee lovers in your crowd!

Top it with

  • Slivered almonds 
  • Crushed peanuts
  • Shaved coconut
  • Fresh berries

Photos via LoveLee Bakeshop & Unsplash

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