7 Wedding Car Rentals for an Unforgettable Getaway

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Leave your wedding with an amazing wedding car rental that will create an unforgettable getaway! Look, nobody wants to think about their wedding being over and done. But the end of your wedding is just as much an experience as all of the other things that went into your overall planning process. There are so many unique, fun ways to make your getaway an experience that you’ll never forget. But, before you make your getaway, you’ll want to start with an epic wedding exit. From there, you’ll jump into the ride of your choice as you wave goodbye to your guests and embark on your lives together. With these 7 wedding car rentals, your guests will never forget the moment they waved goodbye to you either!

1) Vintage Convertible Sports Car

Want to feel like a secret agent as you make your wedding day exit? Vintage convertible sports cars know how to bring that vibe!  Vintage sports cars run in a range of sizes. From Alfa Romeo to a 1950s Cadillac Eldorado, there’s no denying that vintage convertible sports cars make a big splash for a wedding day getaway! But if you’re going for the full-on Bond vibe, an MGA roadster is where it’s at!

Deck it out with:

Vintage convertible sports cars are usually low to the ground making it easy to deck out with a little something extra. We love rows of fresh floral garland displayed across the back bumper for the ultimate wedding day getaway! Another awesome idea in the floral department is a wreath made of fresh florals to display on the front or back of your wedding car rental. Not sure florals will work with the car you have in mind? Banners accent the unique body of a vintage sports car perfectly and that amazing body style is great for hanging long strands of wide ribbon out of the back of the trunk!

2) Vintage VW Bug

VW Bugs are the cutest, aren’t they? They’re sort of nostalgic hippie meets kitsch. Dashing off from your wedding day in a vintage bug is definitely for fun couples whose wedding day shows off their unique sense of style. We see VW bugs working for wedding days with boho vibes, rock n’ roll disco themes, couples who are free-spirited, and color-burst weddings!

Deck it out with:

Florals, florals, florals! VW bugs were made to shine with heaps of fresh florals. Work with your floral designer to create a look that pairs well with your wedding theme & color palette. You can choose an oversized floral arrangement to adorn the hood. Floral garland to attach to the front bumper, or a simple bouquet-style arrangement to accent the tip of the hood.

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3) Antique Wedding Car Rentals 

Classic antique wedding car rentals can work for just about any wedding day style! But, you may have to rent one from a transportation service vendor. In this case, you’ll have a chauffeured driver for your day as well! Classic or antique wedding car rentals run the range. We’re talking Ford Model Ts, Ferraris, VW Bus, Mercedes, and T-Bucket. While there’s no doubt that you’ll have your choice of antique wedding car rentals, an antique Rolls Royce in classic shiny white is such an amazing choice!

Deck it out with:

A quick Google search of antique Rolls Royce wedding car rentals will feed you a slew of photos of newlyweds standing by the car. You’ll also see that oftentimes most of the cars have a red carpet rolled out by the door. And that’s pretty much it! A classic car speaks for itself, right?

But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t talk to your rental car company about decorating your car of choice, and any restrictions that may apply. Decor for a luxury wedding getaway car is usually one of a few things. The first option is a ribbon that forms a “V” over the hood of the car. Or, if you’re kicking it old school without the luxury, nothing says classic like a trail of cans! Wondering how the whole “cans on a wedding getaway car thing started”? It’s purely for the noise! The aluminum cans sound like a mini celebration following you wherever you go! Think of it as your own personal cheering section!

4) Sports Car

Modern convertible sports cars are crazy good fun, and if we’re being honest, kind of sexy! How amazing would it be to head out to your after-party or a late-night bar crawl after your reception in a sporty ride? You can totally hire a sports car for the day with a chauffeured driver. Or, rent one for the week of your wedding and drop it off at the airport before jetting off to your fabulous tropical honeymoon destination.  If you’re “that” couple, nothing says let’s rock this together like a gifted sports car with a big red bow on the day of your wedding!

Deck it out with:

Modern sports cars tend to have really unique body styles. Depending on the make and model that you go with, and the limitations on your wedding car rental contract, there may not be many options for decorating your already amazing getaway car. A monochromatic “V” shaped ribbon can be placed over the hood of the car. Or a tulle ribbon with a single floral arrangement attached to the center. Another unique option to decorate your modern sports car is a vanity license plate! The vanity plate can be hung or displayed near the state license plate. Or, if you live in a state that only requires a registered back plate, you can use the available space on the front bumper for a unique vanity plate!

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5) Motorcycle

This one is for the experienced and licensed rider, of course! Isn’t the feeling of the open road amazing? Can you imagine that same feeling, but on your best day ever? It would be the experience of a lifetime! If you love riding, but don’t have a chopper of your own, you can absolutely rent one! Check for specialty dealers in your area on availability. If you’re looking for a Harley, BMW, or a Honda; Hertz Ride can hook you up!

Things to consider! If you plan on making a getaway on a motorcycle, avoid a cathedral-length veil. If there is a dress involved, work out ahead of time whether or not the number of layers and length of the dress will work for the ride, or if a secondary reception outfit or getaway outfit will need to be purchased.

Deck it out with:

There’s no denying that you’re not dealing with a whole lot of space when it comes to using a motorcycle as your wedding getaway ride. For safety reasons, we say keep it simple and classic! If the non-rider has a bouquet or arrangement to carry during the ride, that’s more than enough to make a statement when you feel the wind at your back!

6) RV or Van

Are you thinking about renting an RV for an amazing cross-country honeymoon experience? Of course, you are because you are an adventurous couple who wants to spend their first few days as newlyweds adventuring through national parks. And, above all, finally putting your coveted permit to hike The Wave in Arizona to good use! If you’ve already planned and mapped the extensive 3-week long honeymoon that will have you flip-flopping your time between being on the road and experiencing all that the US has to offer, you need a vehicle that can withstand some heavy mileage! Enter, an RV or Van rental.

Just because you planned on making the rental for your honeymoon, doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up a few days prior to your trip and use it as your wedding getaway! And if you really want your guests to experience your sense of adventure, you can use your RV or Van as a photo booth at your wedding! Check with your photo booth vendor for limitations on height & surroundings to coordinate the best setup!

Deck it out with:

There’s a lot of “real estate” on an RV to decorate so the only limit is your creativity! Stuff the back of the RV with balloon garland that’s visible to your guests and passersby. Or create a custom banner that says “Just Married” with your names on it. We also love the idea of an awesome custom banner that gives a nod to the adventure you are about to embark on. Try “Our Great Adventure Begins” and add your wedding date!

7) Golf Cart

Depending on the location of your wedding, you might be able to rent a golf cart from a specialty rental shop nearby. If so, they’ll bring the cart to you on a flatbed truck and specify the terms of their rental agreement. If your wedding is at a big estate or country club, they will more than likely have one on the property! Typically, it will be reserved for the couple to use in order to get back and forth from their ceremony space to their reception space. Or, even to your rooms if you’re spending the night on the property. Who says your unforgettable getaway has to happen at your reception? How awesome would it be to say I do then hop in a golf cart with all your guests watching as you drive to the reception space?

Deck it out with:

Put those four “posts” of the golf cart to good use! Hang lanterns, tulle bows, floral pomanders, draped cloth, floral garlands, or wreaths! Golf carts are super fun-spirited gateway cars so use them to show off your personality with decor that is crazy good fun!

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Which one of these 7 wedding car rentals most sounds like who you are as a couple? Need some more inspiration? Feel free to scroll back through, or, come find us on Instagram!

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