9 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

9 reasons to have a photo booth at wedding, Why have a photo booth at wedding, Guestie

We are kind of big on wedding day experiences here at Guestie! So having a photo booth at your wedding is a must as far as we’re concerned. But, if we need to convince you a bit more, here are 9 reasons why you should have a photo booth at your wedding!

1) It’s a fun experience for non-dancers

You know we love a lit dance floor! But we are willing to bet that there will be more than a handful of guests at your wedding who are happy to sit by the bar and chat or take in the celebration from their table. A great way to get them up out of their chair is to get them to the photo booth. It doesn’t require them to do the electric slide or break out their best wobble. It’ll get them up and mingling! And they’ll finally be able to have their IRL hellos with the other guests they met through your Guestie event!

2) Photobooths provide favors for you & your guests

When you book your photo booth vendor, they’ll give you the option of all kinds of add-ons. From photo albums to printouts and everything in between. One of those options is to provide both you and your guest with a strip of photos from their time in the booth. It’s easy!

Two strips will print out each time your guests hop in the booth for their photo op. One will be handed to your guest(s), and the other will be put aside by the booth attendant for you! If you decide to go with the album option, the booth attendant will place it in the album for you and hand you the album at the end of the night. Providing your guests with their own photo strip makes a great favor! And it eliminates the need of agonizing over ordering custom favors that may or may not end up in the trash.

Photo by Dipp Photo Booth

3) It fun for guests of all ages

Planning on a family-centered wedding reception? You’ll need plenty of fun exciting activities to keep children and grandparents entertained that don’t include signature cocktails. That’s one of the amazing things about having a photo booth at your wedding! The little kids and the kids at heart can run amock and take as many photos as they like with fun silly props! Typically with a photo booth vendor, you are paying for your time block as opposed to the number of photos taken & printed. So there’s no need to worry about the same people revisiting the booth over and over for some light-hearted silly fun!

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4) Photobooths play into the decor & theme of your wedding

Photobooths are typically tucked away in a discrete corner or area of your wedding reception. No, you really don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of a photo booth against the backdrop of your dance floor and table settings. However, they have a vibe and an energy all their own! Your photo booth vendor will offer you a choice of backdrop from the range of options in their stash. But, you can totally up-level your photo booth with a custom balloon arch, a flower wall (faux or real, we’ll let you decide)! Or, you can spice it up with a bright glowing neon sign that has your newlywed names emblazoned on it!

5) You can spell it out with props

Props are another fun way of customizing the photo booth at your wedding!! Again, your photo booth vendor will give you the rundown on the choice of props that they have to offer you and your guests. We’ve seen signs, oversized glasses, hats, rubber chickens – basically anything and everything goes when it comes to your photo booth props! If you want to keep your photo booth props on theme with your wedding, you 100% can request or order custom props! Getting married in a tropical paradise? Ask about leis, coconut bras, sunglasses, and grass skirts! Having a winter wedding? Ask about Santa hats, elf ears, jingle bells, and present props! Going with custom or themed props is such a fun way to give your photo booth the edge in becoming a full wedding day experience!

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6) The memories are priceless

Because your guests will all be meeting each other in advance of your wedding day through your Guestie event, you’ve just unlocked the fun factor x10. Guests who are acquainted with each other ahead of time will have extra fun piling into the photo booth together to make memories in the form of those quirky little strips that print out from your photo booth! The photo booth is the IRL version of your Guestie message board and it’ll be so fun to watch it happening in real time, before your eyes. Picture everyone you love running in and out of the booth grabbing props before the next snap goes off. All while having a blast and laughing until their cheeks hurt!

7) A Photobooth can be worked into any budget

A photo booth vendor is typically considered an add-on service. It’s a vendor that you can book up to 10 months before your wedding day. And it’s a service vendor that allows you the flexibility to choose a package within your budget. Your photo booth usually won’t be operational for the duration of the evening. You’ll have the choice of deciding the number of hours you’d like the photo booth to be set up for your wedding reception. Which gives you the flexibility of working it into your budget. But keep in mind that the opening & closing of the photo booth will have to be announced and coordinated with your wedding DJ so that your guests don’t miss out!

8) It’s accessible at any wedding venue

Having an outdoor wedding and worried that you might not be able to get a photo booth vendor on site? Most photo booth vendors will work at an outdoor wedding, weather permitting of course! Having an outdoor wedding that is “outdorsy”, boho, or eclectic? Congrats! You’ve just hit the photobooth lottery! You can have a photo booth bus! 

A Photo booth bus is typically made of a completely renovated VW bus! These photo booth buses are vintage, meets kitsch, meets serious fun! You get more with a photo booth bus than a backdrop and props. You get those too, but a photo booth bus is a complete setup with its own entrance and decor! 

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9) Photobooths can be a spectator sport

As the night draws on, and guests have activated their internal party mode, you’ll notice a small crowd forming. Those people in the crowd are the photo booth spectators! They’ll stand around, drink in hand, chatting and mingling all while watching the antics that unfold inside the photo booth! Yes, it’s really so much fun that people want to be a part of the goings-on just by watching!

Have these 9 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding convinced you to find a local vendor in your area? Take a look around our blog while you’re here to grab more of our top tips on planning an experience-based wedding!

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