A Guide to Taking a Mini Honeymoon in Nashville

We heart Nashville as much as we love experienced-based weddings! Nashville is a town rich with its own culture of food, music, and art. If you’re planning on a great big old Nashville wedding day, whether you’re local or coming in for a destination wedding, we love the idea of spending a few days after your wedding in town as a sort of mini honeymoon so you can soak up all the city has to offer. We’re breaking down the best places to stay, eat, and see, during your mini honeymoon in Nashville!

Boutique Hotels Nashville

If you want your mini honeymoon in Nashville to be a full-on experience for the few days you’ll be in town, it all starts with where you decide to rest your head. For short trips, we personally love boutique hotels. They provide a more personalized experience than staying at a large chain hotel and the vibe and decor are unmatched. Service at a boutique hotel is unlike a large-scale hotel or resort. That’s because they personalize their services to your unique needs. If you want to completely soak up the Nashville vibe during your mini honeymoon, we highly recommend booking a night or two at one of the boutique hotels listed below!

Cafes In Nashville

Squeezing in as much as humanly possible during your mini honeymoon in Nashville requires fuel, especially if you plan on staying out late the night before to catch some live music! Before you set out to walk through the museums for the day, you’re going to need to grab a major dose of caffeine! And, we’re sorry to tell you, but, chain coffee shops are a deal breaker when you’re trying to immerse yourself in the local culture. Small businesses with their own unique flair that serve around the clock are where it’s at! The cafes listed below serve up some of the best beans in Nashville!

Museums To Visit During Your Mini Honeymoon In Nashville

Nashville was founded in 1779 after the American revolutionary war, but it wasn’t until around 1925 that it would pick up its nickname of “Music City”. Later Nashville would birth some of the most iconic country music stars ever known, from Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton and more. If you want to learn even more about Nashville’s rich history of becoming Music City while learning about the stars who were discovered there, you can see it all up close and personal at a few of the museums in town! Below are three of the must-see museums that detail the history of country music, including The Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum, and two museums that detail the rise and legacy of two of Nashville’s most beloved musicians, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline.

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The Best Spots For Lunch & Dinner in Nashville

Ok, now that we’ve got you running around the city checking out the museums you’ll have to grab lunch or dinner before you head off to your last destination. Nashville is known for its southern comfort food, including its fluffy biscuits, Nashville hot chicken, and for serving up Memphis BBQ. We’ve rounded up one of the best restaurants from each category, leaving you to decide if you’re heading out for the hot chicken, smoked BBQ, or the fluffy biscuits at Loveless Cafe. But, if you plan accordingly, you *might* just be able to squeeze in two stops!

Things To See While In Nashville

With music, food, tourism, and a city with its own vibrant energy, Nashville has a few things on the list of “can’t miss” items while you’re in town. Broadway street is a bustling downtown area in Nashville. It’s known as the entertainment district where you can catch some live music by stepping inside a Honky Tonk. If you’re not familiar with the term, a Honky Tonk in Nashville is a spot known for its live music, libations, and ongoing party atmosphere. They are usually open well into the morning hours and there is typically no cover charge. Pretty awesome right? You can literally just show up, which is perfect if you’re only in town for a day or two!

Broadway is also home to shopping, restaurants, dessert spots, and tourist attractions. So when you find yourself walking from the restaurant to the Honky Tonk, stop for a minute to take in the incredible views and bustling scenery in front of you!

Another amazing can’t-miss item in Nashville is the incredible street art, especially the murals! Created by local and international artists, the murals in Nashville are found on the sides of restaurants, shops, garage doors, water tanks, and old silos. They are an awesome sight to take in and make for a great photo op!

Places To Refuel Or Snack in Nashville

Running around Music City for your mini honeymoon is sure to work up an appetite. You might be wondering where to grab a quick bite or a sugary snack to refuel before you head to dinner. We are huge fans of food trucks, grabbing a slice, or indulging in local baked goods. Refuel at any one of the three spots we listed below!

Grab A Drink & Take In The Music At A Honky Tonk

Can you really take a mini honeymoon in Music City without experiencing the music? We think not. Ok, so maybe your mini honeymoon in Nashville just does not allow enough time to take in a show at the Grand Ole Opry. Or, maybe you just want to fully experience the vibe of Nashville’s energy. Walking into a local Honky Tonk is an amazing way to experience Nashville. Bonus, there’s no pre-planning or ticket purchasing to haggle with. Honky Tonks are all about just showing up and taking in the sounds of Nashville, with a drink in hand of course!

There’s no cover charge at a Honky Tonk and if you wanted to, you could easily spend the night hopping from one Honky Tonk to the next! Broadway in Nashville is renowned for some of the best Honky Tonks that the city has to offer, but if you need a guide on where to start your night, we love the three Honky Tonks listed below!

  • Roberts Western World – One of the best bars in Nashville! Featuring traditional country music, but also known for its fried bologna sandwiches
  • The Station Inn – featuring live bluegrass every night
  • Whiskey Bent Saloon – Rooftop views with local IPAs and live music every night of the week

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