All We Want for Christmas are Holiday Weddings

holiday christmas wedding

Looking for some holiday wedding inspiration? What’s better than holiday decorations? Holiday WEDDING decorations of course! If you’re in love with all things winter and the joyous feel of the holidays, just wait until you see these amazing holiday weddings. Even if you never considered the colder months of the year for a wedding date, these weddings are sure to have you considering a December “I do.” Best part? Many venues have already decked their halls for the season, so you’ll have one less thing to do.

Winter Wonderland Wedding

White dress, white setting, what could be more photogenic? Take advantage of snowy scenes for breathtaking photos like these. Just think of how gorgeous your photos will look and ignore how cold your hands are. Hey, you two have each other to warm things up anyway.

An Outdoor Alpine Wedding

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There’s something about blankets and throws that just make a setting look extra comfy and inviting, right? The winter months are what we generally think of when we think an outdoor wedding, but add some fire pits, a few toasty heaters and plenty of blankets, and you’ve got yourself a unique holiday wedding scene.

The Perfect Holiday Wedding Cake

We can’t. How adorable is this gingerbread house wedding cake. It’s an absolute must if you’re having a Christmas wedding. Just think of the personalization possibilities.

Deck the Halls for Your Wedding Day

First off, how adorable is this custom watercolor. Where has this been all of our lives? After seeing this, can we make this a wedding tradition that ever couple gets an artist to drop in and commemorate their moment with a custom painting? And that decor? Breathtaking.

A Holiday Wedding Means Permission to Bring Out the Plaid

Checks, plaids, flannel — it’s all fair game for wedding decorating and we love it. Colors that you don’t typically think of when you imagine a wedding setting look elegantly unexpected.

Indulge in All the Winter Accessories

As the wedding couple you can enjoy dressing up your look with plenty of beautiful elements of the season.

Winter Whites

Winter weddings offer plenty of possibilities for bringing out the elegance. Don’t feel limited to red and green, creating an all white winter holiday wedding can make such a strikiingly beautiful statement.

Unexpected Winter Interpretations

Your holiday wedding can be anything you want it to be. Love pastels? They’ll simply look gorgeous with the elements of the season reimagined into soft shades. This cake is giving us major modern holiday feels.

Simple Touches Bring Out the Season

One perk of hosting a winter holiday weeding is the abundance of budget-friendly decorations all around. Look at how just a few yards of inexpensive (and ultra-aromatic!) pine garland can be enough to turn a table into a festive scene.

Throw on Your Comfiest Snow Boots

Winter weddings give you the perfect reason to ditch the uncomfortable formal shoes and instead opt for warm and cozy boots like this fur-lined pair. It makes an aspect of your wedding attire that normally would go unnoticed into a memorable statement piece.

Make Your Cake Arctic Chic

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Like grand ice caps decked with pine cones, this cake is a chill way to show off significant winter vibes. It just shows that holiday weddings can be modern and minimalistic.

Let Your Wedding Party Make a Holiday Splash

Holiday reds can make a striking display on your bridesmaids particularly if they pose with a snowy backdrop. While some many worry that such a bold color might steal the show from the couple, these shades can be the perfect complement to understated colors on the happy couple.

Go Big on Your Couple’s Table Holiday Decor

All variety of traditional holiday decorations can be reimagined to suit the needs of a wedding. Here, Christmas wreaths set the stage for a beautiful couple’s table display that is decked out with all the prettiest element of the season. Think wreaths, string lights, holly, burlap, fruit, faux fur and feathers. If you love trimming a tree every year, imagine how much more fun decorating your wedding tables will be.

Take Advantage of Glorious Public Holiday Displays

30 foot high Christmas trees might not be in most of our wedding budgets, but there’s no reason you can’t use the splendor and grandeur of local holiday displays to capture the most breathtaking holiday wedding photos, like this amazing shot.

Invitations Awash in the Sights of the Season

There’s more to the holidays than just candy canes and icicle lights. These understated winter wedding invitations are giving us serious ski resort vibes and thoughts of curling up with some fragrant mulled wine.

Holiday Traditions Never Go Out of Style

Red, green and color are the classic Christmas colors that never seem to get old. This cake shows off a beautiful way to incorporate the holiday favorite flower, the poinsettia as cake decoration. It’s like we can hear Santa right now.

Speaking of Santa…

Create your own running of the Santas at your wedding party — just throw some special holiday hats and get everyone in on the seasonal fun. The bonus is you’ll get once-in-a-lifetime photos like this. You’ll also add a sense of community and fun to your wedding day.

Speaking of fun and community, Guestie offers a simple at-home way to get your party started right now! Sign up, upload your guest lists and let your guests start mingling. Not only will you have helped them to break the ice, but you’ll also be making sure your wedding has the best vibe and energy possible.

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