Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues For an Unforgettable Destination Wedding

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Searching for Amalfi Coast wedding venues that can provide you with an unforgettable destination wedding experience? We’re kind of obsessed with destination weddings in Italy! A gorgeous location with breathtaking views and some of the most amazing food and wine in the world? We are RSVP’ing YES! Scroll through the blog for 10 of the most amazing Amalfi Coast wedding venues, how to prepare your guests for a fab experience, and the legal requirements for getting married in Italy as a US citizen!

Why We Love Destination Weddings on the Amalfi Coast!

Italy is one of our favorite European countries for destination weddings! Gorgeous views, historic villas, amazing eats, and cliffside views of the coast, what’s not to love? The Amalfi Coast in Italy is a hot spot for couples planning the destination wedding experience of their dreams. It’s private, quaint, and loaded with all the charm of romantic Italian gardens and house-made wine. And, if you needed a bonus reason to plan your destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast, it’s an equally gorgeous location to enjoy your honeymoon!

Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues: Villa or Hotel?

We’ve rounded up some of the best Amalfi Coast Wedding venue villas and hotels the region has to offer, below. You might already know that you absolutely have to get married in a historic villa. Or, you might still be tossing around the idea of whether a hotel makes the most sense. So we’ll break it down for you a bit more!

Villas are historic estates. They are rich with history, stories, and the ethereal presence that can be felt from their previous owners and famed visitors. Many of the villas retain their original historic charm but have been renovated to be more modern-day friendly. Additionally, villas will have large grounds (hello Italian Gardens!) and some of the best views of the coast. Amalfi Coast villa wedding venues will typically have staff on-site to help you plan the wedding of your dreams. 

However, where it can get tricky is that not all villas are a one-stop shop!

Meaning, you may be able to have your ceremony there but not your reception, or vice versa. Additionally, not all ceremony venue villas will be able to host your cocktail hour. This happens if the Villa is not set up with an in-house restaurant or catering staff. Those considerations are probably some of the biggest that will factor into your decision between a villa or a hotel.

Amalfi Coast Hotel wedding venues are also known for their views and vistas. Primarily from their rooftop spaces. One amazing thing about choosing a hotel venue for your Amalfi Coast destination wedding is they are an all-in-one venue. They will have catering available from their restaurant or chef. Another advantage of choosing a hotel venue over a villa is that they typically have more rooms for guest accommodations. Which will allow you and all of your invited guests to stay on the same property!

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Optimal Season to Plan Your Wedding on The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is just as beautiful in July as it is in December. However, you may be dreaming of romantic chartered sails along the shore. In which case you’ll obviously want the best-case scenario when it comes to weather. April through October are the months when the weather comes out to play. But, you’ll want to consider that these can also be high-traffic months when it comes to tourism. And the Amalfi Coast is a tight space where villas & hotels are built into the side of those gorgeous cliffs. If you can, aim for a date in early fall. This will allow you to enjoy the beautiful weather while avoiding your villa or hotel being overrun with tourists.

Legal Requirements For Your Destination Wedding on The Amalfi Coast

If you want to have a quick courthouse wedding in the States before your Amalfi Coast destination wedding, you can probably skip this part and have a personalized symbolic wedding ceremony upon your arrival. Otherwise, here are some of the legal requirements for getting married on the Amalfi Coast.

Italy legally performs and recognizes, civil, Catholic (as well as other denominations), and same-sex unions! There are no residency requirements for making your wedding in Italy legal. 

If you are both US citizens, you’ll need to obtain an Atto Notorio from the Italian embassy in your state prior to arriving in Italy, or an affidavit before the Consul of the United States of America in Italy to show no impediment. These documents will then need to be notarized, legally.

Documentation required:

  • Valid passports or state issued drivers license or ID
  • Original birth certificates
  • If divorced or widowed, divorce papers or a death certificate must be provided
  • A marriage Nulla Osta (certificate of no Impediments) which you can request at the Italian consulate or Embassy of your state

Considering a Catholic ceremony to adhere to your faith? A legally binding Catholic ceremony in Italy usually adheres to the following:

  • One of the partners must be Catholic,
  • You’ll need to coordinate between the Italian church, your local church, city officials, and consulates, resulting in a longer planning timeline
  • Require paperwork to be submitted at least 2 months prior to the wedding but no more than 6 months prior to the date of your wedding
  • Catholic ceremonies are legally binding as long as they have a civil element within the service
  • Ceremony must take place in a consecrated church or chapel
  • Ceremony must be officiated by a Catholic priest
  • Your Catholic ceremony in Italy can be conducted in English
  • Expect your Catholic ceremony to last around an hour
  • Catholic unions require the bride to cover her shoulders during the ceremony

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Considerations to Make for Your Destination Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

There are so many considerations to make when planning a wedding outside your home country. But, by far, the biggest, most important one, is your guests! Your guests will be traveling far from home to be there for you on your best day ever. Making sure that their experience is equally as amazing as yours is crucial for pulling off an unforgettable destination wedding!

Choosing an amazingly fab location like the Amalfi Coast for your guests to experience is just the beginning. You’ll want to start by sending out save the dates at least a year in advance! This will allow guests to update expired passports and prepare for travel. Select your guests with care. There is no place in the world like the Amalfi Coast. There are villas built into the side of the cliffs! However, that also comes with tight space and impeccable travel coordination. You’ll want to keep your guest list under 100 guests.

Communication is Key!

How are you communicating easily and effectively with all of your guests? Do you have all of your information set up in your Guestie event so that all guests receive the same information at the same time? If not, you’ll want to set up your Guestie event here.

Setting up your event will allow you to introduce your guests to each other before your wedding. And, once it’s time to travel, you’ll be able to keep guests up-to-date and informed of time changes, events, and activities. Furthermore, if you opted for a Villa or Hotel buyout, with all of your guests staying on-site, you will basically have the run of the place! That means more pre and post-wedding events to keep your guests informed about. Chances are, upon their arrival, they’ll be in vacation mode and they may forget that the shuttle is picking you all up the morning after for that wine tasting you booked! With your Guestie event in place, you’ll be able to access text reminders to send to your guests for instances like those!

Ready for The Complete List of The Top 10 Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues?

1) Villa San Giacomo

As far as Amalfi Coast villa wedding venues with a view, Villa San Giacomo is it! Weddings are held on the terrace at Villa San Giacomo where you will recite your vows facing the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea! Villa San Giacomo is elegant, intimate, private, and a gorgeous setting for the destination wedding of your dreams. If you book your wedding at Villa San Giacomo you’ll receive exclusive use of the property, so no other events will be going on during your wedding! Additionally, Villa San Giacomo offers onsite catering made from freshly sourced local ingredients and floral decor and arrangements to up-level your picturesque Amalfi Coast wedding!

2) Villa Cimbrone

The very first mentions of Villa Cimbrone date all the way back to the 11th century! The Villa is famous for it’s it is famous for its scenic belvedere, the Terrazza dell’Infinito (The Terrace of Infinity). Today, Villa Cimbrone is a luxury wedding venue that organizes personalized wedding days with their on-site expertly trained staff. Villa Cimbrone has a few on-site locations to choose from for planning your wedding day events, from their gardens to gorgeous rooms. Villa Cimbrone is an all-in-one wedding venue offering elegant dishes along with Italian wine pairings for you and your guests to enjoy at your reception dinner.

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3) Santa Caterina Hotel

Santa Caterina Hotel is a  5-star luxury hotel where hospitality is at the forefront of all they do! And yes, they have panoramic views of the Amalfi Coast, perfect for setting the scene of your unforgettable wedding day. Santa Caterina Hotel hosts weddings of all sizes from small and sumptuous to grand and bright. Their in-house chef, Chef Giuseppe Stanzione works with couples to plan a wedding day menu that meets their wildest plated desires. The fab thing about Santa Caterina Hotel is that they have that whole relaxed, stay here awhile vibe all wrapped up in a 5-star hotel. It’ll have you upping your game in the resort wear department so that every moment of your wedding on the Amalfi Coast, from start to finish, is an experience all its own!

4) Villa Oliviero

A black wrought iron fence surrounds the terrace of Villa Oliviero. Here, guests are encouraged to drink, dine and celebrate while taking in the breathtaking landscape of the scenic view of the Amalfi Coast laid out before them. Villa Oliviero wedding reception experiences serve up classic Mediterranean dishes made by their professional chef. Villa Oliviero is an all-in-one Amalfi Coast wedding venue that caters to couples from rehearsal dinner pizza party to wedding day! Oh and by the way, their professional “pizzaiolos” will hand-throw pizzas for your guests, all night long! There are three different levels at Villa Oliviero to host your wedding and pre-wedding events. The Red Terrace, The White Terrace, and The Green Terrace. Additionally, Villa Oliviero offers poolside event space. All of their spaces are designed based on guest count and time of year.

5) Villa TreVille

Comprised of four luxury residences, Villa TreVille is another gorgeous historic Amalfi Coast wedding venue! Suites are adorned with private balconies, terraces, gardens, and plunge pools amid pathways of private spots along the interconnecting garden pathways. As far as Amalfi Coast wedding venues, Villa TreVille is considered to be one of the most exclusive venues with its boutique hotel amenities. This stunning setting is only outdone by the Villa’s fabulous attention to detail that they use to plan weddings to absolute perfection! If an open-air wedding ceremony and reception are on your checklist for planning the ultimate destination wedding on the Amalfi Coast, then Villa TreVille is hands down, where it’s at.

Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues, Destination Wedding Amalfi Coast, Guestie

6) Villa Eva

Villa Eva is located a tiny bit more inland but still provides a scene-setting view of the Amalfi Coast! The Villa is used exclusively for weddings and events, so if you’re lucky enough to grab your wedding date with them, you and your guests will be the only ones at the Villa! Villa Eva is located next to the historical center and sits in a 3000 sqm park of hundred-year-old trees! Thanks to the Villa’s unique positioning, the roof is the highest point of Ravello and provides 360-degree views. At Villa Eva, wedding ceremonies are held outdoors. The indoor reception spaces at Villa Eva are elegant, refined, and full of gorgeous natural light. Villa Eva also offers outdoor seating options, both al fresco and partially covered. Additionally, their outdoor receptions have hosted everything from barbecues to formal sit-down dinners, wine tastings, cocktail hours, and late-night pizza!

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7) Hotel Maricanto

Hotel Maricanto is another all-in-one fab, luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast that doubles as a wedding venue! Hotel Maricanto is ideal for weddings of 50 or fewer guests. At Hotel Maricanto you can host a symbolic wedding ceremony in an intimate space with 20 or fewer guests. For a private, legal wedding ceremony, Villa Incanto opens its doors to guests of Hotel Maricanto to host intimate ceremonies with guest counts of 10-50 people.

Additionally, Hotel Maricanto provides space for you and your guests to enjoy cocktail hour overlooking the sea or a fine dining wedding reception on their Terrazza dei Limoni. Each of these spaces can accommodate 10-50 guests comfortably. Infinity pools, formal sitting rooms, and dinner by candlelight overlooking the Mediterranean are just some of the fab features at Hotel Maricanto! The morning after your wedding will be complete with a walk down to the shore to relax in one of the hotel’s signature blue-striped beach chairs and umbrellas!

8) Belmond Hotel Caruso

Perched on a balcony high above the Amalfi Coast, Belmond Hotel Caruso offers their own private breathtaking views of the coast. The Belmond Hotel Caruso offers full hotel buyouts so that you and your guests can have the luxurious space all to yourself. All in all, there are 50 rooms and suites at the Belmond Hotel Caruso. Dining is offered on their panoramic terrace and drinks at the poolside bar or the piano bar. Other fab amenities at the Belmond Hotel Caruso include the heated infinity pool, a wellness center, and a children’s club! For a complete guide to planning a destination wedding at the Belmond Hotel Caruso, you can access their planning guide here. You’ll find options for ceremony spaces, reception spaces, menu selections, and a dessert-and-wine menu! Seriously, there’s more but you just need to check it out!

9) Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel

A chapel. cloisters, and a terrace made for sunset views while sipping on Prosecco, Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel offers all of it, plus a formal reception under the stars, followed by a fireworks display! For a welcome cocktail hour, Dei Cappuccini Terrace is the first point of arrival for your guests. For a wedding ceremony at Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel, they offer the Chapel of St. Francis. A historic chapel that dates all the way back to the 13th century! The “Walk of the Monks” is a gorgeous cliffside space to host your champagne reception or cocktail hour.

For an exquisite, private, reception dinner, the Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel offers the Belvedere Terrace or the Dei Cappuccini Restaurant. This private terrace is tucked away and provides unforgettable scenic views while the restaurant is a fabulous indoor location with a menu designed by Chef Claudio Lanuto. All of the spaces at the Grand Hotel are made to fit up to 60 guests, so it’s perfect for that intimate vibe!

10) La Bussola Hotel

Last, but certainly not least is La Bussola Hotel! The hotel is a wedding venue on the Amalfi Coast for a wedding going for that elegant & romantic vibe. La Bussola offers a fab terrace with a breathtaking view of Amalfi. Here they host ceremonies and cocktail hours. For an amazing reception at La Bussola, their brand new dining room sets the tone for an intimate meets romantic dining experience.

How would you like to cut your wedding cake under the stars? La Bussola has a rooftop terrace that they use to set the scene for that amazing moment of cutting into your cake as newlyweds. With an unforgettable view of the night sky, you’ll feel like the end of your wedding was spent floating on a cloud! Curious about what La Bussola will plate for you and your guests? Their kitchen is all about their specialty, Neapolitan dishes!

That was our list of the top 10 Amalfi Coast wedding venues! If you need even more wedding planning tips & advice while you’re here, check out some of the most recent trending topics on our blog!

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