Asheville North Carolina Fall Bachelorette Trip

Asheville Fall Bachelorette Trip, Asheville Bachelorette Trip, Plan a Bachelorette Asheville, Guestie

Planning a bachelorette trip has so many layers, and one of the first is picking a destination fit for the bride-to-be, her budget, and her squad! If the bride is a chill, easy-going, food-loving, Instagram-full-of-picturesque-scenery type of girl, then you’ll definitely want to consider an Asheville North Carolina bachelorette trip. Fall is approaching and Asheville is the PERFECT fall bachelorette trip destination–I mean, have you seen Asheville in the fall? If not, we’re begging you–please google photos. You’ll be blown away. 

Asheville is an incredible town with tons of nature, shopping, bars, and restaurants all waiting for you and your gals to explore. So, we’re treating you to a list of our favorite Asheville digs to help kick off your planning!

Where To Stay

If you’ve picked Asheville as your destination, you’re probably going to want to stay somewhere in town that’s close to all the fun spots you and your gals are going to want to hit! Our favorites are Downtown and West Asheville.


There’s no shortage of things to do, see, and buy in downtown Asheville! This part of town is a busy, vibrant, area AND it’s super walkable. There’s art, indie boutiques, niche restaurants, street performers, and free festivals! Staying in downtown Asheville isn’t as overwhelming as staying downtown somewhere like NYC or Chicago. Asheville is an adorable, mountain city with cozy vibes and relatively small size in comparison to some of the larger cities we’ve featured in the past like Miami and Palm Springs.

West Asheville

Are you planning a cute bachelorette picnic? Do you and the girls want to hike? If you and your squad are a bit more artsy or outdoorsy, you should stay in West Asheville! West Asheville is just outside of downtown, but it has just as much to offer! Much like downtown, West Asheville is also super walkable and most attractions can be found on one main road: Haywood Ave. With coffee shops, record stores, and local restaurants at your disposal, this part of town is one of our favorite places to stay if we’re looking to have a more laid-back trip. Bonus tip: If you’re not a big fan of hills, West Asheville is also a bit more flat than downtown, so walking will be less strenuous!

Asheville Fall Bachelorette Trip, Asheville Bachelorette Trip, Plan a Bachelorette Asheville, Guestie

Where To Drink

Now that you’ve found somewhere to stay, it’s time to unpack and go grab a drink! So, where to go? Luckily, Asheville is known for its breweries and bars so there are plenty of fun spots to get boozy! 

The Crow and Quill

This edgy spot is a cocktail and whiskey bar! Their menu has over 600 whiskey options, 1,000 spirits, and unique seasonal cocktails. The bar doubles as a music venue and event space with options for private events such as tastings. This place is perfect for Edgar Allan Poe fans–it has a dark victorian vibe and the decor is absolutely on point. Not only great for drinks but also an amazing photo op!


Antidote is perfect if you’re looking for a good rooftop or patio to enjoy the fall weather! This bar does not take reservations, so wait times could be lengthy but the craft cocktails and 1920s apothecary feel will be worth the wait. Maybe you’ll even take home a bottle (or three) of Chemist Spirits, founded and brewed in Asheville!

The Lazy Diamond

If you’re ready to rock, head over to The Lazy Diamond! This bar is made for the fun-loving bridal parties that love to dance! Most nights the music is run by Vinyl DJs but this cocktail bar doubles as a venue and karaoke spot. AND it has an arcade in the back! If you’re looking for the ultimate dive bar, this is your spot!

Hi Wire Beer Garden

Of course, we had to add a brewery to the list! Asheville isn’t just about cocktails, this town is known for its local breweries–especially in the river arts district. This brewery prides itself on having approachable and balanced brews on tap, and that’s how we would describe the vibe of its taprooms too! Not to mention, Hi Wire has an amazing outdoor space, so it’ll be the perfect place to soak up Asheville’s natural beauty while enjoying a cold one.

Where To Eat

There’s no drinking without eating! Finding exciting and cool places to grab a bite is just as important when hosting an amazing Asheville bachelorette trip!

Asheville Fall Bachelorette Trip, Asheville Bachelorette Trip, Plan a Bachelorette Asheville, Guestie

Taco Billy

Taco Billy is great if you’re feeling farm-to-table specialty tacos! This local taco spot is amazing because they have options for the girlies with dietary restrictions. We love their corn and plantain tortillas because that means our gluten-free babes can enjoy a meal with us. However, we must say that the thing that we love the most about Taco Billy is their breakfast tacos. Breakfast tacos mean that we can eat at Taco Billy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! We’re obsessed!

Edison at Omni Grove Park

Edison is a contemporary Southern restaurant with Craft Ales and a Craft Kitchen. The scenery of the Omni Hotel adds an extra touch of uniqueness to a bachelorette party; one that you and the crew will remember forever. Because again, not only do they offer great food, but their gorgeous interior also serves as the perfect photo op! This place is perfect if you’re looking to have a fancy dinner or lunch before you head home.

Nine Mile

‘Where people and food come together’ is a strong and true motto for this Caribbean-inspired, vegetarian-friendly restaurant! The vibes are chill and the dishes are perfectly sized for sharing! We cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you try this restaurant. Especially if you’ve never had Caribbean food! Nine Mile has some of the most delicious dishes we have EVER eaten. Do. Not. Forget. To. Go. Here. Did we mention that it’s in an absolutely adorable neighborhood, too?

Biscuit Heads

Another brunch spot to add to your list! The reason you need to visit this incredible spot is right in the name: their biscuits! Biscuit Heads is a fresh take on Southern home-cooking. They specialize in biscuit sandwiches, offering vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options so everyone can enjoy those perfectly fluffy biscuits. These will be the best biscuits you ever eat in your life. We’re so not kidding.

Other Things To Do

With so many things to do in Asheville, we want to make sure we’re giving you a diverse itinerary. No matter which part of this beautiful town you stay in or explore, there’s a little something for everybody! Grab a coffee with the girls to kick off your day at Battle Cat Coffee. Check out Fleetwoods Rock n Roll Chapel & Vintage Store for midday drinks and shopping! Grab a glass of wine and immerse yourself in the elegance of The Biltmore. If you’re looking to spend some time outside, try waterfall hunting or a guided foraging expedition! And lastly, stop by the River Arts District and get a feel for the local art scene and all of its artisanal goodness. 

Bachelorette Trips are all about experiences!

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Asheville is an amazing place to get your girls together and get into some pre-wedding fun. If you’re planning a fall bachelorette party, you won’t regret choosing Asheville, North Carolina as your destination!

If you’re looking for more bachelorette party ideas, check out our Miami, Nashville, and Palm Springs Bachelorette party itineraries! And if you’re looking for tips more geared towards wedding planning, give our wedding planning timeline a read. Find more wedding tips on the blog and don’t forget to keep in touch on Instagram! Need more aesthetic wedding inspiration? Find us on TikTok and Pinterest. Lastly, if you want to learn more about Guestie and how we can help you streamline your wedding guest experience, head here to learn more


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