Attending a Wedding Solo? There’s an App for That

So, you were invited to a wedding and you’re super excited to attend, but there’s one small problem…you’re single. Who are you going to go with? How are you going to avoid standing alone awkwardly during the slow dance while all of the couples share a romantic moment? What if you don’t know ANYONE but the couple-to-be? 

All of these concerns may have you wondering if you should even attend the wedding in question at all. But you really want to support your friends getting married! So, what can you do about it? Let’s talk through your concerns, because guess what? We have an app that can make them alllllll disappear. 

“I Don’t Know Anyone”

While this is a totally valid concern, there IS a way to overcome this fear. “How?” you may ask? Well, it’s simple. Get to know the other guests BEFORE the wedding. Make sure the couple-to-be is using Guestie, and this will be a simple task.  Log in to their event and browse all of the other guests that will be attending. Get to know what you have in common with other guests beforehand with Guestie’s tagging system and memorize everyone’s name by playing the Name Game!

If your couple-to-be isn’t using Guestie, no worries! You can still gift it to them and help them get set up!

attending a wedding solo, a woman walking up to the wedding alone
Andreas Ronningen

“I’m Shy” or “I’m Introverted”

If you’re someone that can be a bit shy around new people, having something prepared to talk about beforehand can make introductions a LOT less intimidating. You can come up with talking points before the wedding so whenever you’re in a conversation with someone you don’t know well, you’re totally prepared.

Bonus points if you’re able to talk about a common interest! Guestie makes knowing common interests between you and other guests a breeze, thanks to their tagging system that we mentioned above! 

“I’m Terrible at Remembering Names”

We’re all pretty bad at remembering names–especially when we’re meeting hundreds of new people within the span of a week or a night! If only there were some way you could study people’s names using a flash-card-like system before the wedding to better memorize them. 

Oh wait, you can! With Guestie’s Name Game, you can match the other guests’s faces to their names until you know exactly who’s who! That way, when you get to the wedding, you’ll be able to avoid the awkward introductions. Just walk straight on up to the Bride’s bestie Amanda and say hello like you’ve known each other for years. And, because you already know she and the bride met at the 2015 ALT J concert in St. Louis (thanks Guestie guest profiles!) you’ll be able to talk about how “Warm Foothills” is your fave song too!

“Okay that’s great but I’m afraid I’ll pronounce their name wrong”

Ah yes, you’ve spotted a hole in our argument. Why didn’t we think of that? Kidding, we did. We know that having everyone’s names memorized doesn’t serve much of a purpose if you’re not sure how to pronounce their names in the first place. Or do you wish everyone knew how to pronounce yours right, too? That’s why Guestie also offers a name pronunciation feature. So, practice everyone’s names in the comfort of your home. And stop trying to come up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t go to this wedding single! We promise you’ll have fun!

“Will I be the only single person?”

Are you kidding me? The only single person? Absolutely not! There are other single people everywhere you go. Even weddings. In fact, we would argue that we all probably know someone who has met their significant other AT a wedding. And that wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t both gone solo!

If your couple-to-be is using Guestie and you’re looking for other single people to mingle with at the celebration, you can add the “Open to introductions” tag to your profile. And alternatively, you can see who else has added the tag to their profile! This tag let’s the other hotties know that you’re single and ready to mingle, or open to making new friends at the very least!

attending a wedding solo and making friends, two men smiling
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You’ve got this! 

I promise going to a wedding alone isn’t ALL that bad. You’ll meet new friends, see two people you love tie the knot, and get some yummy food! Just remember all of the tips we’ve left you with on how to attend a wedding solo. And if your couple-to-be isn’t using Guestie, we highly encourage you to suggest it to them! It will make your life easier as a single guest and it will make their lives easier as hosts!

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