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Before we get into the fun bachelorette party themes that we’ve rounded up in the blog below, we first wanted to go over one big conversation that always comes up when planning a bachelorette party. The cost! You might be asking: “Who pays for what when it comes to the bachelorette party”? This is a multi-dimensional conversation, and it can be a bit sticky. So for the purpose of this conversation, we’re going to talk about who pays for what when the bachelorette party doesn’t involve traveling outside of your hometown.

Traditionally, for a night of fun out on the town, the person getting married would not pay for anything for the duration of the evening. They are, of course, responsible for selecting and purchasing their own attire beforehand. But they would not pick up the tab for the cost of entry (clubs, wineries, cooking classes, etc) or any drinks or meals purchased throughout the night. So who pays their way? That would have to be decided ahead of time! Typically, the members of the wedding party will come together and agree to split the cost equally among them. But you can see how this may not work in specific situations. Such as members of a wedding party residing out of town, or smaller groups of wedding parties that are unable to bear the cost on their own.

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There are a few ways to remedy those unique circumstances. The first is for the wedding party to have an open conversation about the plans and budget for the evening. Once decided upon, they would then reach out to the non-wedding party guests of the bachelorette party and ask for their participation in covering costs for the person getting married.

Most guests will be happy to chip in for a night of fun in honor of their much-loved family member or friend. But, some might not be able to. In the event that money does become an issue, we’d like to say this, loud and clear! A fun-themed bachelorette party at home is just as amazing as a night out on the town! This would completely shift the way in which you ask guests to contribute. It would change the tone of your conversation from “Hey can you chip in?” to “Hey can you bring the chips?”

Ok, on the fun stuff, bachelorette party themes that everyone will enjoy! We know that the tiaras and boas have been done to death. We’re not here to knock it, if that’s your thing then, by all means, go for it! But, we like to get creative and have fun with creative themes. Especially when it comes to planning a bachelorette party! If you need help deciding what your bachelorette party activity will be, check out our post on 12 fun bachelorette party ideas that don’t involve airplanes or passports!

Matchy Matchy

Ok, we’ll ease you into this list of themes slowly! Matchy matchy, doesn’t require a whole lot from your guests in the participation department and it can be executed with little more than some custom-printed shirts for the whole crew to wear. Or, if you’re having a pool or beach bachelorette party, fun bathing suits for the wedding party and the bride! You can have these custom printed as well with names or the role of each member of the wedding party. Or, if you want to keep it simple and cost-effective, both Target and Old Navy offer up cute one-piece swimwear options to help you pull off a matchy-matchy bachelorette swim look!

Par Four

Want to live out your best Debra Messing moment from “The Wedding Date”? Recreating the fun scene from the bachelorette party with golf-themed attire will make it happen! No, your party doesn’t actually have to be on the golf course. But, it will take some cute and preppy polo tops paired with pleated skirts, knee-high argyle socks, and the comfortable footwear of your choice! It’s a little quirky, unexpected, and heaps of fun!

Spooky Babe

Did you catch this viral-worthy Halloween-themed slumber party? Adorable, fun, and above all creative! Halloween-themed bachelorette parties can run the spectrum of “spooky sexy” to cute and sweet depending on your tastes and budget. Having a fun bachelorette party in October is the perfect excuse to indulge in all the Halloween goodness. Whether your crew slips on the bride of Frankenstein-type veils like the photo below or you theme your entire setup around Salem, don’t forget the witches brew (aka signature drink of your choice) and the ghoulish delights (aka snacks!).

Disco Queen

How much do you love that disco balls have made their own comeback story? We’ve watched influencers use these glittery orbs flawlessly to decorate for their favorite holidays, and now, as fun little props and accessories for bachelorette parties! You can pick up “disco ball sippers” for your guests to sip out of for the night, or use disco balls as part of the night’s decor. Tiny disco ball ornaments look amazing stuffed together in accent bowls, by the way! Encourage your guests to come dressed for the evening in black, for an impactful experience. Or, pair this theme with our fun bachelorette party idea of having a retro roller skating night out, and everyone will have an amazing time!

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Guy Fieri

We don’t know how or why this became a thing. But we would like to sincerely thank the genius behind this viral TikTok sensation of “Guy Fieri” themed bachelorette parties! Maybe it was Guy himself, who knows. After all, his signature look of bleached-out blonde spikes, shirts covered in flames, his signature ball necklace, and a pair of sunglasses is pretty unmistakable. It also makes for some hilariously fun riffs on his attire for everyone heading out with you the night of your bachelorette party! But, don’t take our word for it, have a quick scroll through TikTok to find some of the best bachelorette content you’ve seen in your life!

Boho Vibes Only

Looking for a bachelorette party theme that’s super easy to pull off in the dress code department? Boho is the perfect bachelorette party theme to make it easy for your guests to participate. Your guests can pull off a cute-themed look without going crazy trying to find bits and pieces to put their outfits together! We love easy breezy outfits curated out of light airy colors. Anything with fringe or macrame. Big oversized hats, like you’re hiding from the paparazzi, and rattan as far as the eye can see! There’s just something about a boho vibe that makes everything feel so easygoing and carefree, isn’t there? A boho vibes-only theme is amazing for a laid-back bachelorette party at a winery. Or, our new personal favorite, a coastal grandma chic-themed bachelorette! Read how to pull off either of these themes with your boho attire, in this post!

The Early 00s

Spray tans, ultra low-rise jeans, velour tracksuits, tape-in hair extensions, and ubër mini skirts. The early 00s fashion scene was a whole thing. It was a wild time when reality TV was just bursting on the scene and not everyone had a cell phone with a camera. Don’t lie, you know you had that Razr flip phone! But it’s ok, we can all look back on it fondly now. How fun would it be to recall those days, for just one night, with your closest circle of friends!

You may have to rewatch Mean Girls for some serious outfit inspiration. We guarantee that the memories of your early 00s fashion choices will all come screaming back to you. Or, if you just need a quick laugh, check out this influencer’s take on her fashion choices of that period. Choosing the early 00s for your bachelorette party theme all but guarantees a night full of laughs and super fun memories!

Dress like Your Interpretation of the Spouse!

We stan a hysterical theme! If the couple getting married has an awesome sense of humor this is an amazing way to stir up some fun at the bachelorette party. Whether the couple’s parties are combined or separate, having each “side” of guests come to the party dressed as the opposing spouse is sure to be a barrel of laughs and a huge hit!

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