Before Your Wedding Day, Why Introduce Guests?

Planning your wedding day and want to make it memorable? Read on for an easy way to help elevate the energy and atmosphere at your celebration.

Hello lovely engaged couple,

I see you, wanting to make your wedding the most special day you can imagine. In a weird way the pandemic has made us all step back and focus on what matters the most to us. What I’d say the vast majority of us have realized is — our people make us happy. Sure we missed going on planes and attending concerts, but if you’re anything like me, the time away from everyone made you appreciate how much friends and family bring to life. Did you have any of those days where you just really, really wanted to hug or laugh with someone you hadn’t seen in months? 

The result is we’re definitely feeling more grounded in our priorities, more centered in the belief that people matter the most. It’s at the heart of why we created Guestie. 

Don’t Wait for Your Wedding to Break the Ice

All of you and your fiance’s favorite people will be there. You both are the bridge between these groups of incredible people in your life; your family, your friends, your colleagues, etc. Instead of celebrating you in their small groups, how cool would it be if they all knew each other? Think of the fun vibes from the moment you and your guests arrive. I believe that if we give people an easy way to break the ice, we can skip the intros and get on to the good stuff, like inside jokes everyone gets, hearing someone joyfully shout your name from across a room or being seen for who you really are rather than just by your family ties. 

Which brings us to the big question, Why Introduce Guests? What’s the benefit to your wedding if your guests all know each other before they arrive? It’s a worthy question. Let’s imagine your wedding day for a second. How much fun would it be if your DJ was on point and your lighting was perfect, but no one was dancing. Yikes, right? 

Your Guests Bring the Energy

They bring the fun. And the key to your guests feeling in that celebratory spirit is their comfort level and their connections to everyone else. The more people your guests know and feel comfortable around, the more likely they are to be invested, engaged guests. That creates this amazing chain reaction where conversations become celebrations, and relationships are formed and extend even beyond your wedding day. 

I have a little bit of experience with this exact phenomena. We developed Guestie initially for my own wedding. I didn’t know what effect it would have — if any! As the RSVPs came in, we realized we wouldn’t have much time to spend individually with everyone during the wedding, and were a little worried that some people might feel left out. So we started Guestie and got everyone mingling online before the big day. And then, wow! We saw the difference as soon as guests began to arrive, an electric celebratory energy without us having to do a thing. 

Enjoy Amazing Wedding Energy

On our wedding day, we felt like we were floating from all the positive energy, the socializing and the atmosphere of joy and togetherness. It gave us the time to step back and soak it all in together. We felt so happy that everyone was having a fantastic time and they gave us the feeling of support, love and connectedness that is a memory I’ll never forget. That ecstatic experience is my wish to you. I hope you get to live that moment at your own wedding. It’s pretty amazing. It maximizes the joy of your special day and lets you not waste a precious moment on awkward intros or small talk.

Why limit your celebration to only a day or weekend? Connect your guests and get your party started! Sign up for Guestie today. It will be the easiest step in your wedding planning process, and will make an amazing difference.  



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