Bring Your Guests Together Even if They Can’t Attend Your Wedding Day

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Every wedding couple experiences guests that they love and value not being able to make the special day. It could be loved ones that need to still take extra precautions against COVID and avoid crowds. Or perhaps your wedding is too far away. Some might not be able to take the time off of work. Or they have family obligations that keep them from traveling. 

There are countless reasons why people who sincerely want to be a part of your special day have to decline. But we’ve got a workaround that can give them the connected feeling even if they’re thousands of miles away. 

Connect Guests with a Virtual Party Starter

Guestie gives you the platform to connect your guests even if they can’t make your wedding day. Guestie’s user-friendly virtual guest gallery allows each of your guests to get to know one another from the comfort of their phone or laptop. You choose who is a part of your guest gallery so you can include those guests who can’t make the day, but still want to feel included. Just think of the wonderful celebration energy you’ll include them in! 

Here they can browse guest photos, find out how everyone is connected with you, and even post well wishes to you. They’ll probably end up knowing more about everyone at the wedding than they would have if they just attended a wedding without Guestie.

Your Wedding is the First of Many of Your Celebrations

Your wedding is probably the biggest party you’ll host for many years. That doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of future celebrations. Just because someone can’t attend your wedding, doesn’t mean they won’t be at future parties and gatherings. When you introduce all of your guests before your wedding day, you’re forming the relationships of the future. Even for those not attending your wedding, Guestie helps get them connected to everyone. With Guestie, now they’re in your unified circle of loved ones.

Share The Story of Your Loved Ones

Many couples want to honor loved ones who are no longer with them. Adding special photos and mementos to a wedding day can be a thoughtful gesture. Some couples even save seats at the ceremony for these loved ones. Another way to honor these loved ones is to add special messages within your Guestie profile. Here you can tell special stories or write about your favorite memories. This will give your partner’s family a chance to also get to know the loved ones who have meant the most to you over the course of your life.

Use Guestie to Bring Your Guests Together

Guestie is great for adding anticipation and bringing the celebration energy to your special day. But it’s also an excellent way to help those guests who can’t be at your wedding feel included and a part of the fun. They may not be there to see you say “I do,” but now they can be part of the fun and socializing leading up to your big day.

You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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