Creating an Effortless & Elevated Spring Wedding Bouquet

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Want to create a spring wedding bouquet that is effortless, elegant, and true to your vision? We’ve got you covered! We’re giving the green light to get creative with your choices, along with our top tips on how to bring them to life, in the blog below. Oh, and PS, we’ve included photos of our favorite picks throughout, so feel free to take screenshots of the ones you love!

Adhering To Your Budget

First things first, your floral budget! Statistically speaking your floral budget should account for about 10% of your overall wedding budget. That includes bouquets, boutonnieres, arches, table arrangements, and any ceremony enhancements or additional accent pieces. But, not all couples use florals for their table centerpieces or as structures as their ceremony. And, there’s a good chance that you may be forgoing another traditional wedding vendor. Leaving you with the ability to increase your floral budget by an additional percentage. Sit down. Do the math. And have a clear understanding of what you are willing and able to spend before scheduling your first meeting with your floral designer!

Working With in Season Florals

Here’s where it can get tricky in the floral department! You might have a very specific vision in mind for your spring wedding bouquet. But, that very specific vision might include florals that are not in season. Yes, high-end florists can source flowers from their suppliers pretty much all over the world. However, that’ll take special planning and expediting which can cost big dollars in the budget department.

If you want to keep your spring wedding bouquet effortless and elevated, work with your floral designer to create something that is totally your vibe but with florals that are in season! This will help you maintain the budget you no doubt put together from the step above (wink wink!) while also giving you the freshest most long-lasting options for your day. Luckily for you, spring is the most amazing season to source in-bloom florals. You’ll have your pick of roses, ranunculus, tulips, orchids, and peonies. All equally gorgeous, voluminous, delicate, and available in an array of insanely vibrant colors!

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To Use Filler Or Not To Use Filler

Have you heard of filler flowers? Filler flowers are typically used to “fill in” sections of your bouquet around the bulk of your chosen flowers. They can be multiple stems of small florals used to enhance or maximize your bouquets, like baby’s breath and Queen Anne’s lace. Or, they can be single stems of florals or greenery that are used to elevate the overall vibe of your bouquet like snapdragon or sweetpeas.

The decision to go big or go home when it comes to using filler flowers will again boil down to your overall budget and vision for your floral design. But, when designed to perfection, filler flowers can be used to elevate your bouquet from “this is what I had in mind” to “OMG this is totally gorgeous and I can’t wait to carry it around all day”! Filler flowers tend to get a bad wrap when it comes to creating wedding bouquets. But we love their ability to easily uplevel a wedding bouquet for punched-up wedding day photos!

How Your Bouquet Enhances Your Look

Wedding day attire, whether it’s a gown, suit, jumpsuit, or pants suit, is usually purchased early on in the planning process because it’s typically custom-made and needs to be ordered in advance. The run-of-the-mill considerations made when purchasing wedding day attire is usually: shoes, accessories, and how your wedding party’s attire aligns with yours. But, that’s where it usually begins and ends.

Designing a spring wedding bouquet that is effortless and elevated has to take into consideration how it adds or detracts from your wedding attire, your wedding party’s attire, and overall, your photos! Your bouquet will be carried nearly all day and used heavily as props during your ceremony and wedding portraits. So it’ll be important to work with a floral designer who understands your overall vision and can create a spring wedding bouquet that enhances your overall look, without taking away from the beauty of your wedding day attire.

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To Match or Not to Match

The age-old question: To match your wedding party bouquets or to compliment them? Of course, we always say go with your gut and stay true to who you are on your wedding day. But, we know you’re not a floral designer, so having a clear understanding of your vision first will help you communicate your needs. Your vision could be as simple as a specific color palette with mixed tones. Or, it could be as easy as wanting each member of your wedding party to carry a specific bloom. Effortless and elevated comes first from a vibe, no endless Pinterest boards necessary! But, if you have swatches from gowns or suits, your floral designer will be more than willing to give your their professional feedback on what may work best to execute your vision!

There Is More To Dried Flowers Than Just Pampas

It’s no secret, dried pampas grass burst onto the wedding scene in a huge way in recent years. Safe to say, it’s not going anywhere either! Pampas grass is great for coastal weddings. It’s known for being able to withstand heavy wind and the spray of the sea. But, above all, it’s sustainable. Add that to its lush look and effortless vibe and it’s a win in our book. But, if pampas isn’t your thing, you’ve got other options in the dried florals department.

Dried florals have their very own vibe, they can be more cost-effective, and it’s definitely a zero-waste approach to your wedding. However, it’s also worth noting that because they have already been cut and dried, they won’t last very long past your wedding day. Curious to know what your other options are in the dried flowers department? Bunny tails, dried Ruscus, dried Gypsophila, and dried Linum all have the same vibe and voluminous look as pampas grass. If you want to select dried florals that align with the season, we also love dried Lavender, dried Delphinium, dried Eucalyptus, and dried Helichrysum – which maintain their color and vibrancy when dried!

Going Outside the Box

Your spring wedding bouquets can pretty much be whatever the hell you want them to be. We’re just here to guide you in understanding your vision! With that said, who said your bouquet has to actually be a bouquet? Why can’t your bouquet and the bouquets for your wedding party be hoops? Or pomanders? Or small rattan baskets stuffed with single stems blooms that are later placed at your reception? Like we said, when it comes to florals, one of the fab things about planning a spring wedding, is that you have your pick of in-season blooms and full license to get creative with how they are carried! If your vision for your spring wedding bouquet is unique and at the core of who you really are, we say go for it! But, do yourself a favor and find a floral designer who gets it, like truly gets it!

Now that you’ve read through our top tips for creating a spring wedding bouquet that is effortless & elevated, we’ve got to know! Which of these bouquets are you taking a screenshot of to share with your wedding party or floral designer?

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