Did You Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day?

Did you get engaged on Valentine's Day

Congratulations! Getting engaged is an exciting step in any couple’s relationship. It’s a sign of commitment and the shared desire to spend the rest of your lives together. A Valentine’s Day engagement is especially romantic. 

Valentine’s Day, which has been celebrated in different forms since the year 436, is named for Saint Valentine. In the Middle Ages, the date became associated with romantic love. Over the centuries that followed, the day became a time for people to express their love for one another with letters, gifts, cards, dates and of course, marriage proposals. 

Valentine’s Day is a popular date for proposals– in 2020, it was the most popular day to get engaged, beating out Christmas. Because of its association with romance and love, a lot of people already have plans, whether it’s dinner at a fancy restaurant or a whole day spent pampering one another. 

If romance is already in the air, popping the question may seem natural. And with so many couples out celebrating their love for one another, it can be a bit easier to pull off that surprise engagement. Whatever the reason, now you can experience all the excitement of planning your wedding together.

You’re Engaged, What Happens Now? 

Now, the fun begins! Wedding planning involves asking yourself and your partner thousands of questions, and getting to share your answers as well. It’s a new exciting adventure for the two of you to go on together. Take time to enjoy your engagement. You don’t need to feel rushed to have a fully planned out wedding concept in the week after becoming engaged. 

If you are ready to begin thinking about wedding plans, start with some general questions and have fun brainstorming. Share all your wildest dreams. Thinking about budget, logistics and all that real world stuff will have its place, but for now, start with sharing those ideas of how you always dreamed your wedding might be.  

The first decision you need to make is who to announce your engagement to first. The answer to that is incredibly simple– tell whoever you’re most excited to tell first! In today’s world, our relationships with the other people in our lives may not be as traditional as they used to be. Traditionally, the bride would tell her parents first, then the groom’s parents would be told. But today you have the independence to tell whoever you want to share in your joy first. Let those people know first before you share photos all over social media. There will be people that want that personally delivered news rather than being surprised while scrolling. 

Planning an Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement photos are a big deal in the age of social media. Couples want a photoshoot that reflects who they are as people, while also centering on their love for one another. Think about the things you and your spouse-to-be love to do together. If you like cooking, look for a location that has a cute retro kitchen (especially in shades of red and pink– spicing it up with some Valentine’s Day decor will make a great nod to your engagement date!) An outdoorsy couple may want to choose their favorite scenic location for hiking, or a lake where they like to go camping. If you and your sweetie bond over sports, see if you can take your pictures outside your home team’s stadium (in matching jerseys, of course!) Whatever your location is, it should be reflective of the love you and your partner share. 

Also keep in mind that engagement photoshoots have just recently become a thing in the last decade with the rise of social media. There’s no rule that says you need to book a professional photographer or plan out an entire theme just because you got engaged. Do what feels right for you and your relationship and you’ll be on your way to planning the wedding your way too. 

Insure Your Engagement Ring!

Insuring your engagement ring is a huge thing to remember. Ideally, your spouse-to-be will have purchased insurance as soon as the ring was in their possession; however, proposing to someone else is a big deal, and your fiancé was likely a little distracted! There are lots of options for jewelry insurance and different rates will be available depending on the value of your ring, where you live, and the terms of your policy. 

Make sure you get your ring appraised by a properly certified appraiser, and make copies of the appraisal documents. Start by talking to the insurance providers you already use and find out if they offer jewelry insurance as well; you may be able to save money in the long run by bundling your engagement ring in with auto or home insurance. 

If you opted for a less expensive ring, congrats. Insurance is one less thing to think of. Most jewelry insurance will only be worth the investment for pieces valued at over $500. 

Set A Wedding Date

One of the questions you’ll hear the most as a newly engaged person is “When is the wedding?” People will want to know the dates, even generally, as early as possible so they can make plans. Most people wait between twelve and eighteen months to get married, so that they can take the time they need to plan. However, it’s really up to you– if you and your partner want to elope in a month, you should! 

2022 is going to be a big year for weddings as COVID restrictions continue to relax. Couples who got engaged as far back as 2019 have been waiting for the chance to celebrate with friends and family, so wedding dates are already beginning to book up. Consider an off-season wedding, looking at dates from December to March. If the majority of your wedding guests are local, a weeknight wedding may be an option; dates will be more flexible and prices will be lower. Looking at dates in 2023 may also benefit you, and a longer wait will give you extra time to prepare. 

As you consider your dates, talk to your partner about the visions the two of you have for your wedding. Eloping may be your style, which will save on time, money, and planning. Perhaps one of you has a relative or friend with a beautiful property; you could talk to that person about hosting the wedding there (you should still offer to pay them for the use of their property– opening their home to wedding guests is a major undertaking!) If you want a touch of luxury, a destination wedding may be the right answer; if this is the route you want to take, let people know early so they can start saving for airfare, hotels, and any other costs. 

Budget for Your Wedding

Money is the part nobody likes to discuss, but it’s arguably the most important part of planning your wedding. Many couples are stressed about their finances already, and everyone knows weddings tend to be expensive.

To start, sit down with your partner to go over your personal finances. See what your savings account looks like, and look at areas where you may be able to scale back a little to contribute more to your wedding fund. Additionally, members of your families may want to contribute. Whether they intend to give you a lump sum of money or have their hearts set on something specific (such as the wedding dress or cake,) accept any financial gifts with gratitude. This is also a time to decide how many people you may want to invite; a wedding with 200 guests will have a much bigger price tag than a wedding with 50 guests. 

Your engagement is a time of celebration and happiness, and the beginning of one of the most thrilling journeys of your life. Enjoy this special moment with your loved ones, and let yourself get excited over everything that comes with planning a wedding! Don’t forget to sign up for Guestie once you have your guestlist set! It’s the easy way to bring all of your social circles together and make the fun happen.

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