Engagement Gift Ideas for Jetsetters

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love traveling? Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself one, if hopping on a flight out of the country each year has become part of your routine, then you’re a jetsetter! So, as a jetsetter, what gifts should you put on your registry? Or, if you have a friend that has a passion for exploring new places, what should you get them as an engagement gift? We encourage you to lean into your passion–or if you’re thinking of an engagement gift for someone else, their passion. 

Contribute to Honeymoon Fund

Basket of Mr. & Mrs. Wedding Travel Fund Envelopes
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As the couple to be, add gifts to your registry that excite you. You don’t have to ask for bed sheets or pots and pans if those things don’t make you happy. And if you’re buying an engagement gift for someone else, don’t feel like you have to get them something basic just because it’s traditional. We promise, the couple-to-be will cherish a thoughtful, heartfelt gift much more. So, if you or someone you love has a major itch to travel, here are a few ideas for engagement gifts that will act as encouragement to do so!

Why collect more stuff when you could collect more memories and experiences? Setting up a Honeymoon Fund on your registry is a great way to ensure that your honeymoon will be a success. If traveling is your passion, embrace the gifts that come with getting married as an opportunity to make your Honeymoon the trip of a lifetime. 

Nice Luggage

Blue 3 Piece Luggage Set Idea For Engagement Gift
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There’s nothing more stressful than traveling with luggage that is falling apart or too small. However, luggage isn’t something that we typically think to buy for ourselves–even if we do love to travel. So, getting the couple-to-be nice luggage for their engagement, or asking for nice luggage on your registry will never be a bad idea. Having nice, sturdy, roomy luggage will make any jetsetter’s life before, during, and after a big trip much more enjoyable!

Airbnb Gift Certificate or Travel Points

Water Front Vacation Rental Home
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One of the priciest parts of any vacation is booking your hotel, Airbnb or VRBO. With hidden cleaning fees, taxes, and other service charges, sometimes booking your accommodations is the final straw that sends you over budget. For that reason, we think a great engagement gift for jetsetter couples is an Airbnb gift certificate or travel points for their favorite hotel chain. Anything that makes traveling easier and more affordable will make them smile, we promise. 

A Nice Portable Power Bank

Portable powerbank on bed during power outage
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Whether the couple-to-be has van-life aspirations or dreams of a remote honeymoon, a nice portable power bank is a must-have. They’re incredibly easy to use and compact enough to take up minimal space–you never know when you’re going to run into a charging nightmare while on a lengthy trip. These handy travel tools can support almost anything you might need on a trip; phones, cameras, laptops, and even household appliances. Providing the couple-to-be with the tools they need to feel prepared will ease the stress of planning. 

Travel Adapter Power Strip

travel power adapter strip from amazon - engagement gift ideas for jetsetters
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Preparedness is a must for any traveling couple, especially if they’re traveling internationally. If you’re looking to get something simple, inexpensive, but necessary for their trips; look no further than a travel adapter power strip. Every world traveler knows that not having a wall adapter can create an absolute mess! Make sure the couple is well-prepared to stay in any hotel and have a completely charged phone with this gift. 

Custom Engraved Acrylic Luggage Tags

black acrylic travel tags with engraved initial and address
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Everyone needs a luggage tag for their travels, so we love the thought of purchasing personalized luggage tags for the couple-to-be. They don’t have to be basic, either! There are plenty of fabrics, fonts, and pictures to choose from to show the couple that you care about their wedding and the safety of their luggage. And make baggage claim that much easier for their next trip!

Portable Speaker or Noise Canceling Headphones

Baby blue bose speaker
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Being able to relax, kick your feet up, and play your favorite song is a million times more fun when you’re on vacation. A nice portable speaker or pair of noise canceling headphones could be a great addition to any couple’s carry-on bag. If you’re opting for a speaker, try to aim for something waterproof especially if buying for a couple that loves the beach. If headphones seem more up their alley, look for something sleek and stylish with minimal or no wires. 

A Nice Camera, a Cellphone Camera Lens Set or an Instax Camera

Fujifilm instax blush pink camera - engagement gift ideas for jetsetters
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One of the best parts about knowing people that travel is getting to look at all of their post trip pics on Insta! Grab the couple a nice camera or cell phone camera lens to document their trip with. Or, if you’d like a more vintage-y feel then opt for an Instax camera

A Kindle 

amazon kindle on desk with ipad and iphone
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Books are notoriously heavy and clunky, so traveling with them can be difficult. The Kindle solves this problem by allowing you to bring multiple books on vacation without the added weight! Reading is a great way to pass time while traveling, so the Kindle would be a perfect gift for any jetsetter. 

Mobile Wifi Hotspot

Travel wifi hot spot - engagement gift ideas for jetsetters
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This list has a lot of tech gift ideas, which is great, but for couples who love roughing it off-the-grid; how will they use their computer or cell phone to post IG story updates while they’re away?? If you gift them a mobile wifi router, it shouldn’t be a problem! These little gadgets make great gifts for the couple who wants to disappear but still needs to check in on pets or family!

Priority Pass Membership

priority pass air port lounge as an engagement gift ideas for jetsetters
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There’s no greater gift for a traveling couple than being able to relax in luxury while you wait for your flight. Even if you can’t fly first class, that doesn’t mean you can’t wait for your coach flight in style. Gift the couple-to-be a Priority Pass Membership and give them access to over 1300 airport experiences worldwide. Who said waiting for your flight had to be boring? With this Priority Pass, the couple-to-be will be looking forward to their long layovers!

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