Fall Wedding Essentials for Savvy, Stylish Planning

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Planning a fall wedding? Autumn weddings are so popular and we can see why. The weather is cooler, the landscape is rich in vivid colors, Halloween is close by along with all the comfy fall vibes we love. Lookin’ at you PSL. But what do you need to know to make your fall wedding spectacular? We chatted with Juniper and Lace Events wedding planner Emily Forton. Based in Northern Michigan, Juniper and Lace focuses on weddings and events inspired by nature, so Forton is in tune with all the offerings the fall season holds for weddings. We picked her brain for some insight and advice.

You Don’t Need to Have an Orange and Brown Wedding Just Because Its Autumn

Forton loves seeing couples go for softer color palettes in the fall. She says the full spectrum of styles are open to you. Just because it’s the fall, doesn’t mean you need to embrace plaids and flannel colors on your wedding day. “You can change up the color scheme with moody, right dark tones to pops of light blue, whites and pinks.” It will be the perfect contrast to the crisp, vivid fall leaves and allows you to choose the style that’s right for you both.

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Remember Fall is a Popular Wedding Time

Fall might’ve been daring and breaking tradition decades ago. Today, September and October are two of THE most popular wedding months. Colorful fall foliage is at its peak. Competition for snagging wedding vendors will also be soaring for these months. 

Always Have a Plan B for an Autumn Outdoor Wedding 

Some regions of the US (and the world, for that matter) can see unpredictable weather in the fall. Forton says in her region of Michigan, it can be warm and sunny one day in the fall and snowy the next. Forton’s advice is to select a venue that offers some versatility. And always have an indoor plan if you are set to have an outdoor ceremony and/or reception. She says to fall in love with your Plan B wedding you plan just as much as you love your weather-dependent first choice, so you don’t feel disappointed when the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Factor in Fall’s Festivities

Although summer can be a tricky time with guests going away for vacations, the autumn season is generally jam-packed with activities, particularly for families with kids in school. You’ll want to make sure you send out invitations with enough lead time so they can plan around your wedding. And Forton says it’s also a good idea to look at community calendars to find out if there are any big fall festivities happening at the same time as your wedding. This way you can factor in road closures, traffic delays and crowds without being caught off-guard by the local pumpkin parade’s path going right through your wedding route (or take full advantage and snag some memorable photos dropping in on the festivities).

Plan Your Fall Wedding Time Accordingly

Remember to account for shorter days in the fall. If you’re hosting an outdoor fall wedding, this could mean moving your ceremony to earlier in the day when the sun is in the right place for sitting outside and watching you exchange vows. It will also mean you’ll want to account for lighting and lighting effects in the evening.

Keep Your Guests Cozy

Fall means cooler temps across most of the US. If you’ll be having a significant portion of your wedding outdoors, you’ll want to make sure guests know to prepare for all the elements advises Forton. “Give them this information, so they can plan to bring jackets, wear warmer clothes or layers.” She says it can also give them insight into what shoes they should wear if you provide information about the terrain. Beyond keeping guests in the loop, make sure there are spots where they can warm up, such as enclosed heated tents. Finally, supply wraps, blankets and other small cozy touches that will both warm things up and provide a welcoming, thoughtful atmosphere.

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Embrace the Season at Your Fall wedding

Finally, when planning any wedding, it’s always easier to source what’s in season in your area during that time of year. Focusing on fall flavors and the flowers most abundant around your wedding day can not only make your budget happy, it can also be a more sustainable and no-fuss option. There will be many options to choose from and you’ll give your guests all the fall feels they probably have been craving as summer drew to a close.

Ready to Get Your Fall Wedding in Full Gear?

If you’re planning your fall wedding, now is the perfect time to get your Guestie profile started! Easily upload your guest list and get ready for the fun to start. Have guests mixing and mingling in the months leading up to your wedding day. When your wedding date arrives, everyone will be filled with excitement and anticipation, bringing you that awesome energy that’s going to give you the celebration you always dreamed of.

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