Fun Ways To Include Your Siblings in Your Wedding

We know that wedding planning can feel hectic! Trying to make everyone you love feel included on your special day can be a bit harder than you would expect. There are built-in roles for dads–like the first dance–and for the mother of the bride–helping her get ready–but there aren’t any real built-in roles for siblings or step-siblings. If they’re old enough, or if you feel close enough to them, you can invite them to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. However, sometimes that just isn’t possible. That’s why we’ve put together this list of fun roles for your siblings in your wedding. 

We know you absolutely adore your siblings and don’t want them to feel left out. So we’re here to help you think of fun ways to include your siblings in your wedding!

The Flower Man

red headed man with beard in tux wearing a red tie and boutonniere - hilarious ways to include your singling in the wedding
Photo by Heather Miller

We’re not talking about putting your brother into a frilly dress with lace socks to match (unless he’s into that), but if you’re looking for a fun way to include him in your wedding, you may consider asking him to be your flower man! Give him a basket of flower petals to throw before you make your grand entrance! This is one of the most adorable ways to include your siblings in your wedding. And hey, you might even get a few laughs out of it. 

If you want to take it a step further and add to the comic aspect of your brother acting as your flower man,  let him choose his own song to walk down the aisle to. Bonus points if he dances the whole way down the aisle. We’ve got a couple of hilarious videos of flower men on our Pinterest account, be sure to check them out for inspiration! 

Shoe Game Host

bride and groom's feet - show game host as a way to include your siblings in your wedding
Photo by Marc A. Sporys

Not every couple decides to play the Shoe Game, but if you’re planning on doing so; why not give the role of host to a sibling? Hand them the mic and let them lead your guests from the ceremony to the reception with a hilarious round (or two) of the Shoe Game! This is the perfect way to get your guests into more of a party mood after your ceremony.

If you’ve never heard of the Shoe Game, you can learn more about it here. But to give you a brief summary, the newlyweds each take off one of their shoes and trade one with their partner. Then, the MC of the game (your sibling) asks questions about the couple. To answer the questions, the bride and groom raise the shoe of the person who is the answer to the question! Get together with your sibling before the wedding to brainstorm some funny questions for the game or leave it up to them completely and let the game be a surprise! Either way, it’ll be a blast!

Use Their Talents 

man with long hair singing at a wedding with his guitar
 Photo by Andy Lee

Some of us have incredibly talented siblings! A fun way to get them involved in the wedding planning is to let them use their talents on your big day. If you’ve got a sibling that’s light on their feet, have them plan a fun dance for the reception. Have a sibling that’s a comedian? Give them a mic and let them give a toast–or a roast, if you’re feeling brave! If your sibling has a beautiful voice and they want to be involved, let them plan a song to perform for you and all of your other guests! Not only will this make your siblings feel more involved, but it’s a great personal touch to your wedding!

MC The Wedding Party Intros 

Man on a boat at a wedding reception giving a wedding speech - ways to include siblings in your wedding
Photo by Vladimir Konoplev

If your sibling is a natural with public speaking and brings some fun energy to a room, be sure to have them do the intros for your bridal party! Show some love to every member of your bridal party by giving them an introduction at the start of the reception. To add a funny spin on things, give your sibling full creative freedom to present the intros however they please! You can even encourage them to throw a few jokes in when introducing close friends or family members. 

Photo Slideshow For The Reception 

Childhood photo album from above being flipped through by two siblings
Photo by cottonbro

Your sibling might get a little carried away with this role, but it’s all in good fun! Give them the task of creating a slideshow for you and your partner’s wedding reception. Who better to take on this task than someone that has probably been hoarding embarrassing photos of you since childhood? We love this idea SO much, and we’re sure your sibling will too! Being in charge of the slideshow is so much more fun than having to help set up beforehand or plan your bridal shower. 

No matter how you choose to get your siblings involved, their efforts are sure to bring some giggles and tears to your most special day. Whether they’re a comedian or more on the sentimental side, we know you’ll appreciate having them in your wedding. And they will appreciate being included! We wish you the best of luck with the remainder of your wedding planning! If you need more wedding planning tips, check out our wedding planning starter guide! It covers EVERYTHING you need to know about planning your big day. 

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