How to Make Sure Your Beautiful Wedding is Also A Fun Wedding

There are endless articles and tips talking about how to make your wedding pretty. HOWEVER, where are the tips and advice on how to enjoy the celebration once the day arrives? Where are the tips on how to have a fun wedding? Once all of your favorite people and supporters are gathered to celebrate the two of you as newlyweds?

how to make a pretty wedding a fun wedding too
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While it’s exciting to plan the aesthetics of your wedding, where is all the advice on how to have a FUN wedding? I mean, you’re not doing all of this planning for nothing, are you? You actually want your wedding to be enjoyable, right? 

We’re tired of it! So, we decided to venture outside of the mold and give you all our best advice on how to make your wedding an unforgettably fun experience for both you and your guests!

Create A Bomb Playlist for Your Fun Wedding

wedding music at your fun wedding
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What gets a party started quicker than music? We’d venture to say….nothing. So, for that reason, music should be a MAJOR priority for you at your wedding. Even better, accept song requests from your guests to make them feel involved and like a bigger part of your celebration. Song requests will also more than likely keep them on the dance floor longer–just saying!

Accepting song requests may sound like a daunting task; however, with Guestie’s Song Request feature, it doesn’t have to be. Let your guests contribute song requests themselves through the Guestie online platform. It’s connected to spotify and will create a custom playlist including all of the requests your guests have submitted. Hand it over to your DJ on your wedding day and you’re done! Easy peasy! 

Invite All of Your Favorite People 

wedding guests having fun at a fun wedding
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It’s NOT a party if you’re not surrounded by all of the people that you love! So, before you do anything else, aside from maybe choosing a wedding photographer, you should definitely sit down with your finacée to nail down who you want to invite. Give yourself some time to finalize your guest list! You would be surprised how easy it is to forget someone important. That’s why we recommend doing several rounds of revisions before finalizing. Don’t want to forget your fincée’s great Aunt Jo or your best friend from middle school!

Introduce Guests Beforehand For A Fun Wedding

wedding guests having a chat
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So you’ve decided who’s coming, but you shouldn’t stop there! Chances are, a lot of your guests have probably NEVER met in person before. This makes for some awkward introductions and devastatingly boring small talk. But, there’s a way to skip all of those unnecessary niceties. 

You heard us right! Skip the small talk with Guestie – your digital party starter! With Guestie, guests can meet beforehand virtually, discover common interests, AND even memorize each other’s names with our super fun Name Game! By making these introductions beforehand and acquainting your guests, they will arrive ready to celebrate rather than feeling worried or anxious about having to party with a bunch of strangers. So, get straight to the partying and skip the awkward introductions. Learn more about Guestie here or try a free demo here!

Make Sure All of Your Guests Stay in The Loop

wedding guest staying in the loop
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Nothing causes more unnecessary stress at a wedding than having guests and hosts that are on different pages about major details. So, leading up to your wedding, make sure you have a method of communicating major details or small changes with guests efficiently. If you’re not sure how you can do this, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Guestie offers a Text Alert feature in which you’re able to send text messages to guests. If your ceremony is running behind or your rehearsal dinner venue has changed, you (or your MOH or planner!) can draft a message and send it with one swift click of a button. 

Your guests will feel so much more in the loop and you won’t have to spend an hour copy and pasting the same message into your phone over and over again and hitting send. Take the legwork out of pre-ceremony communication and make everyone’s life a little bit easier!

Have an Open Bar with a Signature Cocktail 

signature cocktails at your fun wedding
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Everyone’s favorite part of wedding receptions, aside from getting to spend time with the wonderful newlyweds, is the open bar. So, definitely factor one into your budget! If the drinks are flowing, your guests will be happy. And to make your open bar even more YOU, offer a custom cocktail. What drink can you and your partner NOT get enough of on nights out on the town? Let your guests enjoy it with you by offering it as a signature drink. 

Offer Phone Charging Stations

No one wants the party to end early, but in this day and age, people cannot survive without their precious digital sidekicks. So, to prevent friends and family from leaving early due to dead phones, provide charging stations near the dancefloor! Not only will this keep them around for longer, but it will also make for more adorable photos to look back on after your wedding day! 

Have a Wedding Photo Booth At Your Fun Wedding

wedding photobooth
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Speaking of having more photos to remember your wedding day–a wedding photo booth is a super fun way to achieve this goal as well! Not to mention, guests ALWAYS love a wedding photo booth. It gives them the opportunity to be a bigger part of your wedding and allows them physical copies of photos to bring home with them. These photos will live on their refrigerators and in photo albums for years, so your wedding will remain at the forefront of their minds as one of the most fun weddings they’ve ever been to!

If you take anything away from this list, we hope it’s that introducing your guests beforehand will make your ceremony and reception SO much more fun. And to do that, you should use Guestie! Learn more about Guestie or try out our free Demo Event to see how it works behind the scenes!

Make your wedding guests WAY more comfortable and skip the awkward introductions with our digital party starter. 

If you’re still in the process of planning your wedding or just got engaged, we have a ton of amazing wedding planning advice on the blog! Need some aesthetic inspo? Follow us on Pinterest. Want to keep in touch on a regular basis? Follow us on Instagram!

We’ll see you at the altar! 

Lots of love. 

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