Get Valentine’s Day Inspo with These Romantic Clips

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Valentine’s Day means romance is in the air and can you think of a more romantic moment than a marriage proposal? They’re sweet, surprising and can get us crying in an instant. Yep, if you’re not feelin’ the heat of the Valentine’s Day holiday yet, here’s your chance to get inspired by the love and hopefulness of these couples who captured their special engagement moments for all to see.

What a Dress, What a Setting

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Something tells us it’s not hard to make romantic moments happen on Santorini. Just look at that skyline. But the most beautiful outfits and locales can’t compare to the genuine emotion of this couple. It’s hard not to get excited for them. P.S. Not to spoil the surprise but now they’re parents. Aww.

How Do You Say Yes Underwater?

Imagine just swimming along and you see the ring box. Cannot get to the surface quick enough! What do you think? Is this super romantic or do you prefer a land-based proposal?

Birthday Party Just Leveled Up

You expect to be the center of attention on your birthday when everyone’s singing over your bday cake. But then cake #2 enters the scene and it’s a whole other memory moment. Her reaction is everything.

Warming Up a Chilly Beach Day with Loooovvee

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A beach proposal is trending right now and for good reason. You get gorgeous views, the sun, the sand, it’s the perfect backdrop. Of course it also helps to have such a genuine reaction of love and happiness, right? Swoon!

The Classic Biscuit Engagement Never Gets Old

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Who would ever expect to see a ring in the middle of their roll. Gives new meaning to our love for bread and all things carbs, but that’s another story. This bride-to-be’s reaction went viral for that joyous scream, just watch your volume level before you listen.

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