Get Your Saturday Wedding When Venues are Booked

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Wedding venues are booking up fast!

Despite the craziness of the last few years, weddings have always found a way to be joyful celebrations that bring us all together. That doesn’t mean things have stayed the same! Since the middle of 2021, wedding experts have been claiming that 2022 will see the largest wedding boom in decades. As we ring in 2022, the wedding surge is in full swing. If you’ve recently become engaged, you might be stressed out about getting that Saturday wedding date of your dreams. Have no fear, with a little flexibility and ingenuity, you can keep that Saturday wedding day even through this historic wedding year. 

Don’t Wait to Book Venues or Vendors

Planning a wedding in 2022 means it’s going to be more important than ever to decide where you want to get married and who the vendors will be. During this in-demand time, consider venues that are all inclusive and have their own vendors on retainer. This can take away some of the stress of trying to find available vendors AND venues. As soon as you know the season you would like to get married in, book your date and work everything else around it. But be flexible. Venues are filling up well into 2023 and so are vendors. If you want outside vendors it might not be a bad idea to have some back up plans just in case you are not able to book the vendor you want. 

Know What You Want 

Unlike previous years, having a good idea of what you want is going to be crucial if you plan on getting married in 2022. Everything from venue to decor suppliers is going to need to be decided with swiftness and confidence. Hammer out the details with your partner so that if you know you want something, you can get it early on and not have to scramble at the last minute. 

If a Saturday wedding is non-negotiable, consider dates further out. Will you be okay waiting until later in 2023 or 2024? Maybe waiting will bring less pandemic stress and make it easier for you to plan without as much competition. This is a discussion that is important to have with your partner. Non-romantic elements like sharing health insurance and taxes may need to factor into your decision making.

Make a Priority List and be Flexible on the Rest

Lists will be your best friend during 2022 wedding planning! Priorities are going to be a key part of not feeling overwhelmed. Since there is such a bottle neck of weddings coming up this year, it’s important to understand that you may have to be flexible on some of the things you want. Now, this doesn’t mean giving up on your dream wedding. But it may include really thinking about what your dream wedding HAS to have. Sit down with your partner and make a list of the things you are unwilling to compromise on and stick to it. Just make sure to be flexible with the things not on that list. This can help avoid stress and disappointment. Saturdays will be the days that wedding vendors book up the fastest.

Decide on Your COVID Approach

We have all lived through enough ‘unprecedented times’ to know that we don’t have any idea what next year (or month!) will look like. Every day there is something new in regards to COVID so it’s a good idea to have some kind of COVID plan in place before the wedding. You and your partner need to determine if you’re going to require masks, vaccines or any other mitigating strategies. You should also come up with a plan in the event that traveling becomes restricted, especially if you’re having a destination wedding. Talk to your partner about all the ways COVID could affect your wedding and have some kind of action plan on how you plan to handle those issues. 

Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

Many people think that wedding planners are only for huge, ornate weddings, but that just isn’t true. Wedding planning services have become increasingly affordable and many venues even offer wedding planners as part of the cost. Hiring a wedding planner is one of the smartest things to do, particularly during such an uncertain time. They can help you prioritize, find deals and ease some of the stress of planning a wedding. They may even be able to help secure your Saturday wedding or suggest creative alternatives to your preferred venues. The wedding industry has been turned upside down and wedding planners know how to navigate it better than anyone else. Wedding planners are professionals and they can offer the kind of advice you’re going to need when planning a wedding, especially now. 

Consider Novel Venues As Alternative Options

The world of weddings opened up like never before in 2021. From the forest to warehouses, greenhouses to tents, we’ve all learned that with enough planning and preparation, any space can host a memorable wedding. When considering non-traditional locations, it’s important to be as practical as you are imaginative. Although that hiking trail might be your favorite date spot, how are you going to coordinate getting 100 people there (especially grandma and grandpa!)? Where will the electricity come from? Are you cool with the sound and smell of generators chugging away? A planner, particularly one skilled in non-traditional venues, is essential to planning a novel wedding spot. 

Opt for an Unusual Time

Breakfast? Brunch? Late evening? Many venues pack multiple weddings into one Saturday. So although the dinner hour may be already taken, you might be able to find an alternative time. If this time feels rushed or you have your heart set on a full day affair, consider multiple locations for your wedding day. Multi-part and multi-day weddings are becoming much more popular as the pandemic continues to throw out most of the rules of how weddings should go. Maybe you can get your dream ceremony in during the morning hours and then host a second event at a less conventional location. Or maybe host your wedding meal at the prized venue then head out to dance the night away with everyone at a local club. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Get Your Guests Acquainted

We’re all still starved for socializing and your wedding can be a terrific reason for everyone to gather. To smooth out any social awkwardness and get everyone in the groove for celebrating, make sure all of your guests have the chance to break the ice before your big day. It’s an easy way to help make your wedding day much more fun with the energy that every couple wants. 

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