Guestie is Your Perfect Plus One!

Level up your wedding with Guestie, Guestie

Planning a wedding? You are embarking on a trip that will result in the biggest, most unforgettable party of your life! Yes, your wedding is “your day” but you are also the host. And your job as the host is kinda serious! You have to bring everyone together, make sure they all meet. AND make sure that your wedding night is an amazing experience for them. No pressure or anything! Ready to level up your wedding day experience? You can get a jump on it through your Guestie event!

You are the host on your wedding day, aka the event of the year!

How do you picture your wedding day? Everyone up out of their seats on the dance floor all night? All of your guests hanging out by the bar sipping on signature cocktails and taking shots like they’re lifelong friends? Your single friends finally meeting each other? After all, you’ve been meaning to introduce them forever! Making each one of those scenarios happen on your wedding day is entirely possible! But you have to break the ice before the big day arrives! Now that we’ve slapped that label on your wedding day as the event of the year, here’s how you level it up to a full-blown experience for you and your guests!

What do you want out of your wedding day?

First things first! What do you want, like really want out of your wedding day? Obviously, yeah, you’ll leave the day having married the love of your life. But what is it that you envision for your reception? The after party? Or, the morning after brunch?

Many couples approach planning their wedding day by looking at it as an experience. For themselves as the hosts, and for their guests. Creating a full-blown wedding day experience means considering every last detail from top to bottom. From cuisine to drinks, song requests, entertainment, dance floor vibes, and decor. Each of those elements has to come together for an unforgettable experience.

Do you want to create that unforgettable experience on your wedding day? Like looking across a crowded dance floor as the strobe lights go off and you notice that it’s packed with a sea of guests dancing their butts off at midnight? Do you picture running around snacking on cheeseburgers in your wedding day attire in the wee hours of the morning? All while your guests chat with each other in circles that you would’ve never imagined in your wildest dreams? How did your Aunt start talking to your sorority sister anyway!? 

Creating those break-out moments on your wedding day that feel like “everyone knows everyone” and all of your guests are positively having a blast, is up to you as the host!

Ready to Spark an Epic Wedding Day Celebration?

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Level up your wedding with Guestie, Guestie

Bringing everyone together

So how do you bring everyone together and break the ice beforehand for that vibey wedding day? Picture yourself as a wedding guest for a moment (just roll with it). Do you immediately imagine walking into a room full of strangers, telling yourself that you’ll just make it an early night? Scratch that, not acceptable!

Now picture yourself as a guest who walks into a room of familiar faces. How immediately different is the vibe? You see a room full of people that you’ve already met in a super fun, carefree way. And people that you’ve already bonded with over your shared affinity for the 80s song requests you’ve submitted for the night!

Want to create a room full of familiar faces for the guests at your wedding? I mean yeah, of course, you do! That takes you as the host, being dedicated to introducing your guests in a way that is simplified, easy, and above all, FUN! And this is how you do it…

Level up your wedding with Guestie, Guestie

Guestie is your Perfect Plus one!

This is the part where we toot our own horn! Don’t worry we’re not into talking about ourselves to the point that it becomes unbearable. But, vibey wedding days? Kind of what we do here at Guestie. We help you ignite the energy of your wedding day by helping your guests skip past the awkward stage of meeting a bunch of strangers and jump right to the fun! Each familiar face that a guest sees gets them one step closer to letting loose and having an epic night. On your Guestie event, you’ll easily create profiles for the guests attending and send them an invite (from Guestie) to join in. They’ll get familiar with all the fun people that will be celebrating you. Your Guestie event is where you set the vibe for your big day!

Are you thinking, ”ok fam, I can do this on my wedding website…. what’s your point?

Not exactly! A wedding website is where your guests, who have no doubt lost their invitations, go to find out specific details about the time & location of your day along with your registry. Which, by the way, you can totally link your registry to your Guestie account, but we’ll hit the stop button on that for a minute.

With Guestie, your wedding guests will each have their own personal profile. Equipped with a profile pic, a one-liner or anecdote from you as the host, a note from them as the guest. Their profile will also include any applicable tags that you’ve created for them. Additionally, you can add in an “ask” or a question for your guests to answer, with the Q&A appearing at the bottom of their profile. We personally love asking guests: “What song gets you on the dance floor?” Because who can resist hitting the dance floor when the DJ is playing their song!?

Connecting your guests ahead of time makes your wedding day experience look like a room full of friends ready to party at the event of the year.

Aside from viewing other guests’ profiles, your guests can play the “name game” (minus the Bo-na-na fo’ fanna). A fun multiple choice game where they can learn the names of your other guests in under 5 min a day.

Level up your wedding with Guestie, Guestie

The Event of Year – The Outcome

Remember that “Open to introductions” tag that you checked for your guest’s profile? (Side note: you can take a walk around guest tags in our demo! They appear under the guest’s name and are 100% personalized and created by you!) Isn’t it amazing for all the single people at your wedding to know who else was on the market? Playing cupid for the people you love has never been easier. How awesome would it be if the next wedding you went to had a story like: “we met on their wedding day and now here we are!” With all that Guestie can do for you and your guests, it’s about time you set up your event!

Ready to Spark an Epic Wedding Day Celebration?

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You’re the life of the party. We’re your perfect plus one.

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