Help Your Family Shine on Your Wedding Day

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Wondering how you’ll keep your family all happy and content during your wedding day? Your wedding should be a relaxed day where you get to fully enjoy the moment. Even your planning should be a time you can have fun and relish the beautiful choices you get to make. But we all know there’s a lot of variables when it comes to bringing two families together. 

Weddings, like few other milestones, can inspire intense emotions in family. You might even be surprised by otherwise coolheaded relatives suddenly becoming demanding, extra-sensitive and pushy. It’s good to be prepared for all these feels so that you can get some much needed perspective. Once you realize that this drama is just something that can happen, you can look for creative ways to calm everyone without compromising your own feelings. When you have ideas and can find solutions, you’ll feel much more empowered.  

For years weddings have been all about the newlyweds. While this is still mostly true, people have begun including their families in bigger ways. Weddings have become an event where everyone important in the newlywed’s lives gets a moment to shine. This wholesome trend is all about togetherness and is surprisingly easy to achieve! 

Customize the Walk Down the Aisle

It’s important to remember that nothing at your wedding has to be traditional. Changing up who walks you down the aisle is a great way to include someone in your wedding and make it feel more personal. Some people have even started to walk down the aisle with their whole families! This is a great idea for blended families with children! It’s the perfect way to help you feel close on your special day! Focus on what feels right to you both and let your feelings guide the way.

Flower Grandmas and Furry Ring Bearers! 

Instead of having traditional flower girls at your wedding, consider having your grandparents do it instead! This is the perfect way to let your grandparents shine. You could even involve them in the planning process by letting them pick what they want to throw! Flowers, biodegradable confetti and bird seed have been popular choices, but they can really pick anything the venue allows. You’re also going to need a ring bearer! Why not shake up the tradition by having your cousins, grandpa or even pet do the job. Just be sure to inform your photographer and videographer so they can capture this wedding magic moment.  

Ask Crafty Family Members to Do What They Do Best

If you have members of your family who are amazingly creative, asking them to help plan is a great way to make them feel special. This is especially nice for family members who want to be involved but aren’t really into the idea of being in the spotlight. Family members who are good at sewing can make everything from your ring bearer pillow to your dress or tux! You might even be able to save a little money if you have a papercrafter in your life who loves making cards. Regardless of where their skill lies, asking crafty family members to help you make things for your wedding is a great way to honor them. Just keep their time in mind and what they want to commit to. You don’t want someone to feel pressured into creating 250 handmade favors. 

Choose Who You Want in the Dressing Room

Your preparation time is a very special and intense time. You might be going through some jitters and all the wedding feels of seeing yourself for the first time in your wedding attire.  Traditionally, the wedding party helps with this process, but having family members help is also a great idea. You can also ask a family member to do a private first look. This is a great idea for dads! Make sure to have someone photograph these moments and include them in your wedding album. These photos also make great thank you gifts. 

Don’t Forget to Dance on Your Wedding Day!

Dancing is one of the best parts of any wedding and it’s the perfect time to let someone special have the spotlight. You can forgo the traditional wedding dances to dance with an aunt, uncle or grandparents. These tender moments will make anyone feel special and will be remembered forever. You can even have family members play music or sing to make it even more special. Incorporating family talents into ceremonies is becoming very popular. Don’t forget Guestie lets guests effortlessly submit song requests. You can let everyone feel included when they hear “their song” come on at the dancefloor.

Set up a Memory Table

Many weddings have begun to include a table with photos of family members who have already passed. These tables can be decorated with candles, flowers and letters. It’s a touching and thoughtful addition to any wedding. Consider sitting down with your partner and coming up with a list of family members you would like to include on the memory table. It’s a great way to bring families together and honor the memory of those who aren’t with us anymore. 

Change up the Officiant

Asking a family member to officiate your wedding is a unique way to include them. The parents of the newlyweds could even officiate the wedding together. Ask family members if they would be interested in getting ordained. You might be surprised at who volunteers! It’s fairly simple to become ordained online.

Make Personalized Gifts or Write Letters

Giving the wedding party a small gift is nothing new. Extending that tradition to your family is a great way to make them feel special and to thank them for their love and support. Hand embroidered notes on handkerchiefs are an easy DIY with a big impact. These items will be treasured and they create great memories. If you are more of a wordsmith, writing letters on elegant stationery and giving them out to each family member on your wedding day is also a wonderful option. 

Wedding Day Family Recipes

Weddings are a great time to pull out the family recipe book. Ask family members from both sides to help put together a menu that represents your new, blended family. If there are family members who love to cook, you could even ask them to cook a certain dish to add an even more personal touch. It’s the perfect way to let a family’s culture and tradition shine.

Decorate with a Family Wedding Wall

Wedding walls are becoming incredibly trendy and they’re the perfect addition to any decor. Before the wedding, reach out to as many married family members as you can and ask for wedding photos. You can either borrow framed photos or get prints and frame them yourself. They are great keepsakes and can even be included in your own wedding album. 

However you decide to include your family, taking a few extra moments to show your love will make all your special family members feel loved and included. It will also give you a happier, more connected wedding day. 

Connect Family and Friends Before the Big Day

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