How to Be Fully Present on Your Wedding Day

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All the planning in the world will not stop your wedding day from feeling like it flew right by. Add that to a tight timeline and wedding day nerves and you’ll be wishing you could do it all over again. We’ll save the vow renewal ideas for a separate post! But for now, here are a few ways to allow yourself to be fully present on our wedding day so you can soak up each and every sweet moment!

Working Out

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that some of us are more clear-headed after we work out. However, it is worth pointing out, that if you are not the type of person to work out on a normal day-to-day basis, then your wedding day is not a good time to take this theory for a test run! However, if you do work out on a normal basis, there’s no reason you can’t carve some time out on your wedding day to squeeze in a workout. Even if you are only spending half the normal amount of time hitting the gym or going for a run! Moving your body is a great way for your presence of mind to catch up to you on your wedding day. You know, before the scheduled timeline of events kicks in.

Walk Your Dog

Ok, so you’re not one to work out, but you do enjoy the occasional walk with your fur baby. Take your sweet pup out for their normal morning walk but extend the time just a bit! Make sure it fits the schedule for the day of course. But stop to sit under a tree while spoiling your dog with belly rubs. Or swing by your local dog park so your pup can let their energy out by chasing their favorite ball or playing with their local doggy friends. Your pup will be so over the moon about their extra quality time with you that will it wipe away any wedding day nerves that you may be experiencing!


Journaling is proven to improve mental health, boost memory, inspire creativity, and enhance thinking skills, among many other benefits! But, if you journal on the regular, then you probably know this already. If you don’t journal on a regular basis, there’s no reason you can’t take the time to journal the morning of your wedding. Doing so will help boost your memory & improve your state of mind and being for the rest of the day.

All you need is a few blank sheets of paper. Or, if you need an excuse to get one, here’s where we tell you to run out and buy a super cute notebook or journal at your favorite shop. In addition to improving your state of mind on your wedding day, journaling is an amazing way to create an account of what you were feeling & experiencing in those moments before you say I do, making it a great reflection tool! Just think, you’ll be able to share it with your spouse on your anniversary, or with your children or grandchildren someday. And who knows, if this is your first time journaling, it might just be a brand-new hobby of yours!

Have A “Slow” Morning

Are none of these things on the list hitting so far? We get it. This tip is easy, foolproof, and doesn’t require the ownership of a dog or a preexisting hobby! But, at the same time, this one won’t work if you are having a morning wedding, so there’s that.

But, if you are getting married at night or in the afternoon with plenty of morning time before hair, makeup, and attire, you can have a slow morning all to yourself. Wake up with no alarm. Make or grab your favorite latte or cup of tea. Go get a massage. Stretch, or hang out in your PJs longer than you normally would. Allow yourself to just be. No timeline, no schedule, just relax and do nothing.

Also, don’t start a movie or try to catch up on your favorite series. Our brains start going haywire when devices are involved and the goal is to be fully present on your wedding day, not stressed out & anxious. Unplug a little in the morning if you can, we’ll get to that more below! Do some deep breathing, meditate if that’s your thing or listen to a calming sounds playlist. Just be alone with yourself until it’s time to go.

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Wake Up Where You Will Be Getting Ready

This is great to tie together with having a slow morning! If you have a getting-ready suite booked at a hotel, why not extend it to night before? When your wedding morning arrives you’ll already be where everyone will be meeting you; wedding party, parents, photographer, beauty team, etc. Why spend the morning rushing around while trying to pack up the car to get to the hotel on time? Yeah, if nobody has told you yet, you have our full permission to sleep there the night before! Allowing yourself PLENTY of time on your wedding day to wake up, have a cup of coffee, and fully take in the sheer magnitude and excitement of your wedding day!

Send A Spur-Of-The-Moment Letter To Your Fiancé

Maybe you and your partner didn’t agree ahead of time to send each other private handwritten letters on your wedding day. That’s ok! You can still absolutely take a few minutes to yourself to sit down with a pen and paper and write a letter to your beloved. If you’re thinking “Oh gosh, I’m so not a writer”! It’s fine, you don’t have to be. A few short sentences about the excitement and anticipation you are currently feeling about the day ahead is enough to convey to your partner where your heart is at the moment. All while keeping you focused and present.

Ask For Help

Why is it, that when it comes to wedding planning, we have such a hard time asking for help? Even if you’ve hired a wedding planner and all the amazing wedding vendors needed to help bring your dream wedding day to life, it doesn’t mean things won’t pop up at the last minute that need to be communicated to your guests!

Thinking that you’d love to unplug for the entire day of your wedding? Chances are before the festivities begin, that may not be possible. You might have out-of-town guests calling and asking for directions. Your wedding party still has to organize takeout for the getting ready suite. And damn it all if you didn’t forget to remind your guests to stay until at least 9 pm for the staged sparkler exit you have planned! If it involves communicating with your guests, we’ve got your back there!

Through your Guestie event, you can schedule text messages to send out to your guests on the day of your wedding. And if you’re thinking, no way I’ve already got way too much on my plate, then you can make that kick-ass wedding planner of yours a co-host in your Gustie event so they can do all the heavy lifting for you!

Still, have an “ask” to make of your friends or wedding party? Take to the message board of your Guestie event! Here, you can ask one of your guests if anyone is available to pick up that take-out order. Or, if they can run by your house to grab those sparklers you forgot! It’s a quick and easy way to get in touch with all of your guests, immediately! Relieving yourself of the burden of those forgotten or last-minute things. Allowing yourself to stay present & fully experience every amazing aspect of your wedding day!

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