How to Choose the Perfect Signature Wedding Cocktail

Are you looking for a way to add some extra personality into your wedding? If you’re planning final touches, one great last addition is a signature drink! A signature wedding cocktail at your wedding not only encourage guests to try new things, but also make guests feel like they’re getting to know you a bit better by sipping on one of your faves. It’s easy to grab a vodka soda or beer at the open bar, but why not make your guest experience a little bit more special? Your signature wedding cocktail, or cocktails, will get ordered a lot throughout the night, so be sure to make thoughtful choices. Need some help? We’ve got you!

Showcase Your Personality or Highlight an Important Moment

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Your go-to drink is so personal. Whether you like something classic like a Gin and Tonic or something whimsical like a Singapore Sling, there is always room for a twist on a classic, or a classic in its own right! Adding your favorite edible flower or a fruit you grow in your garden (or love to grab at the Farmer’s Market) is a beautiful and delish way to showcase your favorite things all in a signature wedding cocktail! 

Another thoughtful way to choose a signature wedding cocktail or two is by choosing something special to you and your partner’s relationship. What were the two of you sipping on when you went on your first date? What was your drink of choice the night of the proposal? Choosing a drink relevant to your love story is so romantic! 

Singapore Sling Recipe

Location Specific 

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Are you having a destination wedding? Take that into consideration when you’re choosing your bar menu! If you’re having an island getaway, consider adding some Tiki or tropical drinks to the menu. Who doesn’t love a good Pina Colada? If you’re doing more of a backyard farmhouse wedding, how about choosing something that celebrates the local vegetation in the area? Some classic picks may be Lavender, Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, or even Dandelions! All of these herbs and flowers can be incorporated into a location specific signature wedding cocktail recipe that will make your guests feel like they’re getting the full experience of traveling to your destination of choice! 

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Make It Yours

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You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when planning a signature drink for your wedding! If you and your finacée have a favorite classic, put a spin on the name and call it your own. For example, if you and your partner frequent your local taco shop for taco Tuesday’s and really want your signature drink to be a margarita, don’t let the pressure of feeling like you have to come up with something original deter you. Change up the base flavor of the margarita or switch salt on the rim for tajin and voila! You’ve got your favorite drink with a twist–perfect for your wedding! Not to mention, when you play it safe by putting a spin on classics, guests will be more enthusiastic about ordering your signature drink because they’ll already know how it tastes and whether they like it. 

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Think About Color

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Try adding your favorite flavor or incorporating your wedding colors into your signature drink. If one of your wedding colors is blue or pink, consider adding a Butterfly Pea Tea drink to your menu! Green? What about a drink with muddled mint, cucumber, or Matcha? If you’re having a beach wedding, coconut milk can add a beautiful sandy white to drinks. You can even add colorful accents to your signature drink with a special garnish, like edible gold, rose petals, or other edible flowers. Edible garnishes not only add a pop of color to make your signature drink more aesthetically pleasing, but can also add a complexity to the flavor of your signature drink that will make it more memorable. 

Shark Bite Cocktail

Do You Like It Stiff? 

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Consider what types of alcohol will be included in your signature cocktails–specifically pay close attention to the alcohol content. If you’re having a cosmopolitain, Sex and the City style wedding and choose a Manhattan or Belvedere as your signature drink, people may get a little bit too intoxicated too quickly. So, if choosing a signature drink with a high alcohol content, be sure to provide alternatives. This way, they’ll be able to spend more time with you at the reception or after party rather than getting sloppy and crashing early!

Another solution, if you don’t want your guests getting too “lit,” but still want them to be able to enjoy your signature drink is having a signature mocktail option! Mocktails are all the rage right now, so there are a ton of amazing recipes and ideas to spark you and your guest’s interest. Having a signature mocktail option is also incredibly considerate to guests that may be sober, but also want to partake in the fun of sipping on a fancy drink! 

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Cocktails are such a fun and simple way to inject some added personality into your special evening. They’re going to be everyone’s favorite dance floor accessory, so making sure that they fit the vibe & elevate your guest experience is oh so important! Hopefully, we’ve sparked some ideas and made this feel easy breezy for you. Cheers to you both!

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