How to Choose & Use A Wedding Hashtag Your Guests Will Remember

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Wedding day hashtags are kind of the new norm in our digital world. And no, they are not going away anytime soon! But, the process of choosing a wedding hashtag can be a fun experience that involves your guests. We’ll show you how to choose a wedding hashtag that will have your guests running to social media to post bts shots during and after your wedding!

Skip The Hashtag Generator

Thinking you can sneak out of this one quickly and easily by using a hashtag generator to find THE perfect wedding day hashtag? Big fat nope. Hashtag generators are overly generic. And we know that overly generic is not your wedding day vibe. You’ll end up with a wedding day hashtag that looks like #lastnameeverafter, or #lastnamebestdayever. When really, that hashtag could have been used a dozen times all over social media. There’s no accounting for creativity when you run to a hashtag generator. And we know you are on the hunt for something that reflects your unique personality!

Tips For Picking A Hashtag That Reflects Your Personality

Most wedding day hashtags revolve around a mash-up of the couple’s first names or a play on the couple’s new last name. But we know you want your wedding day hashtag to be fun, different, and out of the box. But that takes creativity. So you have to start a list! Don’t worry, it’s a super short list and you won’t lose points for drafting it in the notes section of your phone! Here’s what to include on your list to help you get creative with a wedding hashtag. What are the things you love doing most as a couple? Hiking, movies, watching your favorite college football team? What about your last new last name? Does it have any punning or rhyming abilities as a hashtag? Below are some tips for getting started, but feel free to add anything else to the list that sticks out in your mind!

  • First names
  • New last name
  • Favorite hobbies
  • Favorite movie or series
  • How you met
  • Location of your first date or proposal
  • Wedding venue or location
  • Theme of your wedding
  • Pet name(s)
  • Favorite teams

This list will help give you a broad overview of what you are working with and get the creativity and excitement flowering!

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Gain Feedback From Guests Before Selecting

Want to include your guests in the hashtag-picking fun? If you really want to create a wedding day hashtag that your guests will use and remember, include them in the process by asking for their feedback! Create a post on the message board of your Guestie event letting your guests know that you’re in the process of selecting a wedding day hashtag and you need their help! Give them the key points you already have together from the list you drafted in the above steps. Then, set the parameters with your guests of what you’re looking for in a wedding hashtag. Ex: Get punny with it! We want to get as creative as possible! Be sure to avoid four-letter words!

Let The Voting Begin!

Once you, your spouse, and your guests have all weighed in with choices for a wedding day hashtag, turn it into a fun voting process! Take to your Guestie message board and provide your guests with a list of the “finalists” aka all the hashtags that are up for consideration.  Ask them to vote for their favorite pick. Making the hashtag selection a fun voting process that allows your guests to be part of the magic! Including them in the hashtag selection process will give them something to talk about at the reception. While also creating a built-in desire for them to be further pulled into your wedding day experience by taking photos to post on social media using your hashtag! If you really want to kick up the excitement a few notches, tell your guests that the person who created the “winning” hashtag gets a special shout-out or dance with the newlyweds at the reception!

Check Your Hashtag Before Making it Official

This is a big step! Huge! Massive! Do not skip this step when choosing a wedding hashtag. Once your guests have all voted and you know which hashtag is the clear winner, check social media to see if your chosen hashtag has/is already in use by another couple! Seriously, check everywhere! Instagram, Facebook (yes they still have search abilities with hashtags) TikTok, check it all! It would be a shame for the behind-the-scenes photos taken by your guests, of your unique wedding day to be mixed in with photos from another wedding! So before the big reveal is made, do some serious cyber sleuthing first.

You’ve Selected Your Hashtag, Now what?

Amazing! Now that you have your wedding day hashtag, it’s time to put it to work! Your hashtag has to appear anywhere and everywhere that your guests will experience it, including physical reminders! That means your stationery suite, starting with your save the dates and invitations. Then, at your wedding, your hashtag should be displayed on any signage that enhances your celebration. Welcome or ceremony signs, menus, bar signs, and props at your photo booth are all fair game! And if blasting all of your wedding stationery sounds a little overboard for you, then stick with the signage at your wedding and the text alerts of your Guestie event!

You’ve put your Guestie event to work by allowing your guests to be part of the hashtag voting. But now you want to remind your guests to actually use the hashtag, aside from all the physical signage at your wedding, of course. Here’s where your Guestie event does double duty! Text alerts! A quick fun text reminder blasted to your guests reminding them to use your wedding hashtag. You can totally draft these ahead of time and have your planner or day of coordinator click send right before your reception or even the day after your wedding! From there, all you have to do is take a scroll through social to see all the fun shots of your guests celebrating while you were on the dance floor!

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