How to Have A Sustainable Wedding

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Okay, so we are loving all the sustainability that we’re seeing in the wedding industry these days. You might not know it, but the wedding industry is pretty notorious for being wasteful. We’re talking about having tons of food, decorations, flowers, for just one night! We love love LOVE weddings, but we’re so excited to see more unique ways to have a sustainable wedding. 

We get it – having a sustainable wedding sounds daunting. But don’t feel intimidated! There are many resources available these days (hello, Pinterest and Google) that make it so much easier to find sustainable alternatives. Plus, your wedding is all about making core memories with your family and closest friends. Focusing on the people, instead of the things, is a major vibe when it comes to sustainable weddings. Enjoy these top tier ideas for how to have a more sustainable wedding!

Something Old, Something Borrowed

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Say yes to a vintage dress! Kiera Knightley did just that with her upcycled Rodarte wedding dress, which she’d worn to an event a few years before her wedding. There are so many ways to find incredible pre-owned wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding accessories. Whether you want a truly vintage style or something more modern, there are several spots around the country and online that sell a huge variety of vintage and pre-owned dresses and accessories. Check out Decades’ designer gown collection to browse a wide variety of vintage gowns, shoes, and more. And if you have your eye on a more modern silhouette, Pre-Owned Wedding connects you with past brides who are looking to sell their wedding dresses! They have a good-sized online inventory to browse, too!

Eco-Friendly Registry

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Another way to make your wedding more sustainable is with your gift registry. Offer your guests some eco-friendly alternatives to gifting with registries like Honeyfund or The Good Beginning, which allow your friends and family to donate money towards your honeymoon trip, or donate to a nonprofit of your choosing. And if you still want some gifts to unwrap after the big day, Everlastly makes it easy to choose sustainable options to support your new lives together. 

Have an Outdoor Wedding

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Outdoor weddings are not only trendy and super fun, but they’re also more sustainable than their indoor counterparts! Since you don’t have to use as many resources when having an outdoor wedding, it’s easy to make sure everything is eco-friendly. We love the idea of using less decor and flowers, and letting your outdoor setting speak for itself! 

Compost Your Flowers

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Have you ever wondered where all the florals go after the big day? Instead of tossing them in the trash, compost them! You can also work with your florist to find ways to reduce the amount of flowers you use in your decor. Your bridesmaid bouquets can be repurposed for the reception centerpieces, or your ceremony aisle decor can be moved to decorate the dance floor! There are so many easy ways to reuse those gorgeous flowers, and composting them at the end of the night is a top tier way to be more sustainable. 

Farm to Table Catering

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One of the best ways to have a more sustainable, eco-friendly wedding is working with a caterer who sources from local farmers. Not only will your food be farm-to-table fresh (and extra delicious), but you’ll also help support the local economy. Even better– if your venue has an outdoor garden, ask them if you can source some ingredients through them! Want to go vegetarian or vegan for your wedding menu? Take inspiration from Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway, who worked with the same caterer to plan their all-vegan wedding menus!

No Thanks, Confetti

sparklers at the end of a wedding reception
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You may have heard about how bad confetti actually is for the environment so why not choose an alternative, more eco-friendly friendly sendoff? One idea, which came from Natalie Portman’s green wedding, is to throw wildflower seeds (outdoors only, obviously) in honor of the newlyweds. You could also choose bubbles, sparklers, or biodegradable confetti as eco-friendly alternatives! 

Digitize Your Guest Book

We’re always looking for ways to reduce unnecessary paper waste, so why not upgrade your traditional wedding guestbook to a digital guest book with Guestie? Let’s be real here, who actually signs a physical guestbook anymore? The tradition of pen and paper guestbooks is honestly so yesterday. Save trees by using Guestie’s built-in digital guestbook. Guests are able to digitally sign the guestbook before, during and even after the wedding. This means they can take the time to write something meaningful for you. Plus, Guestie is PACKED with helpful features like Text Alerts and a “who’s who” guide for all the wedding guests! Goodbye awkward small talk over dinner! 

We know sustainability while planning your wedding can seem like a big task, but hopefully these ideas will show you that an eco-friendly wedding can be easy and beautiful! And if you’re looking for more answers to all your burning wedding planning questions, we have them for you on the blog! Need some photos for your wedding mood board? Check us out on Pinterest. Want to find out more about what’s happening in the wedding world? Follow us on Instagram

Thanks for finding ways to keep our planet beautiful!

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