How to Plan an Incredible Multi-Day Wedding Celebration

Weddings are a time to celebrate you and your smokin’ hot finacé. A ton of your family will be flying in from out of state and you may even have some friends coming in from out of the country. So, why limit your celebration to one night? Make your celebration a multi-day wedding to make your guests’ travel time more worth it! 

Need some tips on how to make your multi-day wedding celebration a success? Well we’ve done our research and we’re about to spill the tea, so keep reading!

Make Sure Guests Have a Way To Keep In Touch In Case Plans Change

How to make your multi-day wedding a success by keeping in touch with guests
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With a multi-day celebration, there’s a LOT of room for plans to change or delays to happen. So, communication is KEY to keeping things running smoothly and guests feeling comfortable. In order to keep your guests in the loop at ALL times, we highly suggest checking out Guestie’s Text Alert Feature

With Guestie’s Text Alert Feature you, the soon-to-be newlyweds, will have the ability to text all of your guests at once with the push of a button! Last minute change to the ceremony start time? No problem. Compose the text, and send it to all guests. Problem solved! Who knew it could be that easy? We wish Guestie existed for all group trips and events, lol!

Have All Guests Stay In the Same Hotel for Your Multi-Day Wedding

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Okay, we know. This one is easier said than done. Not all of your guests have the same budget or timeline; however, in an ideal world, having everyone stay in the same hotel will really streamline things during your wedding weekend. Staying in the same hotel will make ride-sharing & coordinating with each other easier. It will also give you all a meeting spot before you head out for a night on the town. Not only that, but if you’re all feeling a bit too lazy to hit the clubs one night, you can take over the hotel bar together and have a great time without having to spend extra money on an uber!

Create an Itinerary Beforehand and Include it in Your Invitations

planning your wedding, having an itinerary beforehand
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If you’re genuinely interested in the concept of a multi-day wedding and want to make it actually happen, you need to start planning NOW! 

We think it’s a great idea to come up with a loose itinerary for your guests to include with their invitations. This way, they’ll have plenty of time to prepare, take some extra time off of work, budget, and make travel arrangements! The more information you give your guests up front, the more willing they will be to dedicate a few days to your celebration. 

Plan A Personalized Welcome Event 

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Want to make your multi-day wedding even more you? Or want to make your guests even more comfortable joining in a multi-day celebration? Plan a personalized welcome event as part of your itinerary! If you, as the host couple, are nature enthusiasts, you could plan a group hike or a walk on the beach. If you’re foodies, you could plan a group cooking class at a local restaurant. Show your guests a bit of your personality by making plans to do something that you hold dear to your heart. 

By booking a personalized welcome event–like a hike, a beach walk, cooking class, or painting party–you’re not only allowing your guests a glance into your life, but you’re also giving them an opportunity to spend time with one another. By getting know each other in advance everyone will arrive well acquainted and ready to celebrate as friends at your wedding!!

Make Your Guests Feel More Comfortable by Introducing Them Beforehand

introduce guests beforehand, men and women on beach having fun
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Spark the celebration vibes and make your wedding guests feel more comfortable coming to a multi-day celebration by introducing them all beforehand! You’re probably wondering, “hold up–how exactly am I supposed to do that?” I’ll tell ya! And it’s a LOT easier than you probably thought–you can just use Guestie

With Guestie, you can sync your guest list, add photos, and tag their common interests. Then, invite your guests to log in, meet and mingle! They can see everyone else coming, how you know each other, what they have in common beforehand, AND even play the Name Game to learn each other’s names before your celebration!

Not to mention, Guestie ALSO offers a group Message Board, so they’ll be able to communicate beforehand as well! 😉

Want to Learn More About Guestie?

Soooo yeah, have fun planning your multi-day wedding celebration,  and the more time you spend on it, the better it will turn out. Don’t forget to spark all the festive vibes with Guestie to help guests stay in touch and get acquainted beforehand!

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