How To Introduce Your Guests Before Your Wedding

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Looking for a fun & easy way to introduce your guests before your wedding day arrives?

An amazing wedding day experience is about everyone having a good time. The focus is on you and your partner, naturally, but it’s about your guests’ experience as well! In order for your guests to have an amazing time, they need to feel more than welcomed. They need to feel at ease, in the zone, and walk in like they know everyone in the room. We’re not talking “everyone loved the food and had a good time” either. We’re talking about looking over during your cocktail hour and seeing grandma having a drink with one of the members of your wedding party. Or your aunt and your college roommate getting down on the dance floor together. Maybe some of your wedding guests without a plus one for the evening even arrived together in the same uber! Because, why not?

In order to get that amazing experience and make each and every one of your guests feel like a VIP, you have to introduce them to each other before your wedding day. You can’t expect, that when the night of your wedding arrives, everyone to magically feel comfortable in each other’s presence when they don’t know who is who. Also, and we’re guessing here, but we doubt you want to spend your reception hopping from table to table to make proper introductions. When, in reality, you could be dancing cheek-to-cheek with your forever date!

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Pre-Wedding Events

Pre-wedding events are wonderful opportunities for your guests to meet each other in person. But not all of your guests will be invited to those events, will they? We’re guessing Grandma & Auntie won’t get an invite to the rocking bachelorette in Vegas. It’ll more than likely be your wedding party, and inner circle friends only. Furthermore, not all guests will attend each event that they are invited to.

It might be a bit much for a friend on a tight budget to attend your engagement party, bachelorette, wedding shower, and rehearsal dinner if they are expected to show up dressed to impress and with a gift in hand. You might also have guests who are coming in from out of town specifically for your wedding and feeling removed from all the action going on in the days leading up to your big day! So it’s kind of selling your friends and family short by assuming they’ll all get to meet at your pre-wedding events.

How To Introduce Everyone in a Fun Way

Once your wedding date is officially solidified (aka your venue is booked), you have the freedom to begin introducing your guests to each other through your Guestie event. Here, you & your partner can set up a fun profile for each of your wedding guests! On your guest’s profile, you can include their relation to either you or your partner, a recent photo, and a quick one-liner from the “hosts”. That’s you by the way! With their profiles in place, you can begin inviting them inside your Guestie event. That’s where the magic happens! They can begin browsing each other’s profiles to put their face to the name when your wedding day arrives. Your guests’ profiles were designed to help them learn how everyone is connected at your wedding. But also easily see what they have in common with each other.  

And because we know you want your wedding to be a full-blown experience, it goes way beyond profiles! If any of your guests are awful at remembering names, they can play the name game inside your event to gain familiarity with other guests. They’ll also be able to start conversations with each other through your event’s message board, submit their song requests for the night of your wedding, and receive text alerts! Because nobody wants to miss the shuttle at the end of the night, are we right?

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The part we love the best is if you have any singles you are hoping meet at your wedding, they can very discreetly tag themselves as ‘’open to introductions” so their paths are sure to cross! Lastly, because we know you have a ton on your plate already with planning a wedding, you can add your wedding planner, or trusted members of your wedding party as co-hosts to your Guestie event to help you manage it all!

The Result

Knowing your guests are having a blast will take the pressure off you! You’ll be able to enjoy all of the carefully planned details of your wedding day from cocktail hour through to your afterparty. All the while you’ll be taking in the sights of watching everyone come together in celebration, making meaningful moments, and feeling connected. Nobody will be left out, or sit at a table where they “don’t know anyone”. You won’t have to worry about guests devising an early exit strategy. Or wonder if they had a good time or just showed up to save face. Your guests will be able to create experiences together as if they’ve been old friends forever!

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