How To Level Up Your Wedding Dance Floor With Props

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Want to level up the dance floor at your wedding with fun props? Here’s how!

Having a lit dance floor at your wedding is the epitome of an epic wedding day experience for you and your guests! But, let’s be honest, the dance floor can sometimes be an intimidating area for guests. It has to be enticing, welcoming, and so unavoidable that your guests actually feel like they’re missing out if they don’t get up out of their seats and join the fun!

We talked all about how to make your actual dance floor look like a place your guests want to be, in this post. We went over floor wraps, hanging lights, and oh so much more. But one thing we didn’t talk about was props! Props are kind of their own thing, don’t you think?

Props on the dance floor do a few things to make the dance floor lit at your wedding!
  • They add in a layer of fun & goofiness for guests worried about their dance moves
  • Wedding dance floor props can add a layer of lighting (hello glowsticks!) and ambiance to your dance floor
  • Dance floor props can enhance your overall wedding day theme by taking it from highly visual to experience! (ex: Having a beach wedding? Include oversized beach hats as a dance floor prop!)
  • Wedding dance floor props are icebreakers! We are all about introducing your guests ahead of time to get the party started before the big day. To go all in on the theme of helping guests skip right to celebrating, a fun prop table will up-level your celebration
  • Props can double as fun wedding “takehomes”!
  • Wedding dance floor props give your guests something to do with their hands! Again, not everyone is thrilled about getting on the dance floor, having a prop in their hand helps avoid some of the dance floor anxiety
  • Dance floor props make for awesome photos! Being in the moment and soaking up everything going on around you while you’re on the dance floor at your wedding is something you will never forget. You’ll look over and see grandma waving her thundersticks and your wedding party and college besties will be at your side singing at the top of their lungs! Having a photo that tells the story of that memory, will be priceless!

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If we haven’t convinced you *just yet* how amazing props can be on the dance floor at your wedding, here are 7 props we love!

1) Cut Outs of The Couple!

This super fun prop will allow your guests to dance around with “you” or your partner. However, it will take some pre-planning to place your order and have it arrive in time for your wedding. We are on board whether you decide to go with full-size cutouts or just your head! Sounds crazy enough to just be that much fun!

Prop We Love: Fat Head custom cardstock wedding head!

2) Glowsticks

Haven’t glowsticks kind of become a wedding dance floor staple? We turn into kids instantly at the idea of cracking, shaking, and waving around those fun neon tubes of light! They are a great way to enhance the lighting on your wedding dance floor and can easily double as a prop for a wedding day exit! If you plan on using glowsticks for your wedding day dance floor prop, offer your guests a selection of glowsticks from bracelets to necklaces and handhelds! It’ll turn up the volume for maximum glow and allow each guest to grab more than one!

Prop We Love: Rings, wide bracelets, headbands, glasses and so much more, Glow Universe has an amazing selection of glow sticks for your wedding dance floor!

3) Thundersticks

You might be more familiar with these from sporting events! Much larger than glowsticks, thundersticks come in pairs and make a distinct noise when banged together. They are typically for use in a set of two. Thundersticks can be custom printed with your wedding date and last name, or pretty much anything! They also come in an array of colors, with or without a glow option! Perfect for any song that tells your wedding guests “now everybody clap your hands”.

Prop We Love: The sheen of these metallic thundersticks from Amazon would look amazing under a disco ball on the dance floor at your wedding. If you’re looking for a glow option, Amazon also has these!

4) Sunglasses

Hand in hand with glowsticks are sunglasses! We love that there are limitless options for using sunglasses as props. Obviously, we don’t want any injuries at your wedding so if your dance floor is going to be inside with dark or dim lighting, try to avoid dark shades and opt for slatted sunglasses or hue-colored glasses instead! We personally love the hue-colored shades for shifting your guests perception and experience on the dance floor!

Prop We Love: These fun frameless pink sunglasses from Oriental Trading Company will be a hit with your guests!

Pro Tip! Avoid wedding dance floor props that could potentially go wrong in the hands of younger guests, or a guest who has been hanging at the bar all night. Long plastic wands and lightsabers are generally a no-go!

5) Venetian Masks

Feathers, ornate details, and the bonus of anonymity on the dance floor! Venetian masks are a fun way to shake it like nobody’s looking. Pair them with beaded necklaces for your guests and your wedding dance floor will have a quasi-Mardi Gras theme going on that’ll keep the music flowing all night!

Prop We Love: Packed with sparkly sequin and gold lace trim, these shiny Venetian masks from Dallas Toys Wholesale will make a splash with guests on and off the dance floor!

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6) Inflatables

Is there anything more fun and absolutely hilarious than watching guests dance around with inflated flamingos, chickens, and guitars? Or really, any animal or shape of your choice! Its a crazy fun icebreaker and a quick way to infuse your dance floor with laughter!

Prop We Love: These pink and blue inflatable guitars from Dollar Days are a fun wedding day dance floor prop! Do your guests a favor and have them blown up with an air pump in advance.

7) Leis

Have you ever in your life turned down the opportunity to wear a lei? We just can’t say no to these fun floral necklaces! Leis make an amazing dance floor prop for a Polynesian-themed wedding, a BBQ wedding, a summer wedding, or a beach wedding. Pair them with glowsticks or thundersticks and your dance floor will be jam-packed all night!

Prop We Love: Try to avoid the plastic leis if you can, they get itchy around the neck and we love the idea of finding a more sustainable, reusable prop to give your guests instead. These bulk Orchid leis from Hawai’i Lei Stand are hand-crafted from fresh florals and available for shipping!

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