How To Level Up Your Wedding Day Dance Floor

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Want a lit dance floor at your wedding? One where guests are up out of their seats, dancing to their favorite songs until their feet hurt? We’re sharing our secrets to up-level the dance floor at your wedding reception, in the blog below!

Hiring the Right DJ

There are plenty of things to outfit the actual dance floor at your wedding, but hiring the right DJ is such an important first step in having an up-leveled wedding day dance floor! If you want your dance floor to be packed all night, you have to find the right DJ to keep the energy high and the crowd excited. Somebody with extensive experience in the wedding industry who has such smooth transitions that you & your guests lose track of the fact that you’ve been on the floor for the last hour!

You don’t just need to hire a wedding DJ, you need to hire a professional party starter! Once your wedding entertainment budget is finalized and you begin scheduled consultations with wedding DJs, there are a few questions that you need to ask in order to find the right DJ, we went over those and so much more in this post!

Song Requests

An easy way to get your guests on the dance floor is playing their song! Once you set up your Guestie event, you’ll be able to take your guest’s song requests easily through Spotify, and pass them on to your DJ. Of course, before those song requests are passed on to your DJ, you get to have the final say on the tracks that don’t make the cut! Your DJ will come to your event with song requests in hand, which will cut down on guests waiting to hear their beat drop after filling out that little paper song request form the DJ brought in. Skip the wait time for your guests and extra headache for your DJ and get your guests on the dance floor right after dinner!

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Hanging Decor

Your dance floor has to say “come on over and join the party”! It needs to be inviting, enticing, and welcoming. How many wide open uninviting, intimidating dance floors have you seen at events? Thought so! Making your dance floor a welcoming space for your guests means looking at outfitting more than just the actual dance floor. When you did a walk-through of your wedding venue, what did you see when you looked up? Was it wide-open empty rafters? Is the dance floor in the middle of where your dinner service will be?

Guests don’t want to feel like their dance moves might be open to judgment. They want to shake it like nobody’s watching! Or, at least we do! Carefully curating your dance floor means utilizing the space above. Will it be draped with twinkle lights for an intimate feeling? Colorful hanging lanterns for vibrant energy? A floral installation to carry on the theme of your luxe wedding day? Or will it be a mix of disco balls with other fun modern elements that says, this is where the parties at! Utilizing the space above the dance floor for decor will build in a sort of comfort for your guests to be able to let their guard down while dancing up a storm!

The Dance Floor 

Wraps, decals, monograms, checkerboards, and printed details will all enhance your actual dance floor. The design that you decide to go with will all depend on the overall vibe and tone of your wedding. But to take that inviting welcoming space you’ve created out of your dance floor and truly level it up, you’ll need a head-turning detailed floor!

Adding a full dance floor wrap to your wedding day will depend on the flooring of your venue. Typically dance floor wraps work best with laminate, marble, granite, tile, lucite and most hardwood floors. Also, double-check with your venue on any restrictions they may have in place about wrapping the dance floor! Most dance floor wraps are non-sticky and made from vinyl, so you’ll likely be ok. But, overall, dance floor wraps create an easy solution for taking your dance floor from standard to up-leveled.


You have a fab DJ, your song requests are in, your dance floor is wrapped, and you handled making sure the space above the dance floor looks amaze! How do you turn the energy in the room to max volume and get your guests in the mood to dance? Lighting! When you are in the final steps of hiring your wedding DJ, they’ll present you with the packages and add-ons that they have for lighting. Yes, lighting matters, yes it affects the overall vibe of your dance floor, and yes, you want to get any dance floor lighting options through your DJ!

Lighting will enhance the overall mood and experience to bring your wedding day dance floor from optional to up-leveled. There are literally endless options in the lighting department beyond a spotlight when it comes to the dance floor at your wedding. Talk to your DJ about the overall vision for your wedding day, the theme, and your decor. From there they can guide on the best options to help keep the energy high on your dance floor and the vibe lit all night long!

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Finish The Night Big

This one comes with a disclaimer because we don’t want any couple to lose their deposit or face an additional cleaning fee from their venue! Finishing the night on the dance floor in a big way is a fab way to up-level your dance floor and create a memorable experience for your guests! We love confetti cannons, dancing in the clouds, and cold sparklers to make it happen!

Bubbles are another amazing choice for a big finish as long as your dance floor is outside or otherwise capable of absorbing the bubbles. Nobody wants to end the night with a slip and fall! Of course, the big finish will all depend on the song you’ve chosen for the last dance at your wedding. If you still need some help narrowing down whether it’ll be a slow dance or fun disco hit, you can read through 100 of our favorite last dance songs to play at your wedding!

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